Democratic Debate Preview: 'Strait Talk' From the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH

Matt Dowd and LZ Granderson on what to expect in Saturday night's ABC News debate
3:00 | 12/18/15

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Transcript for Democratic Debate Preview: 'Strait Talk' From the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH
If there. I haven't help. Help. Oh. You have sort of thing that they ever practically going to. Story here as red arrow diner I came here last time I was here was. Fifty years ago when bush came. We were running in New Hampshire. I was here I made and it is eight. 88 destination place for politicians and celebrities as we can see yes we get Paul Newman's that would fight that they put me here because president. The yes Anderson of course of course mind is blank because they're waiting for an eight foot all this time Roy Jones next few I certainly didn't. We did. Sweet governor Richardson who who ran here in visited here and our buddy Al Gore Al Gore. When happier here and I came here I was here units and based on Wednesday. Eight. Barenaked Ladies it's a destination place and their fans for a couple of issues that we're about to get one oh. Including the mode of weekend term carpet companies I've heard about that about the vacant I wanna know whose idea that was I want to know who rules that it robs that. Somebody somebody really Smart I just wondered you know the only melody. More bacon bacon wrapped in Texas as a heart attack after. There weighted act so politicians are probably right we have a debate tomorrow night yes and Hillary Clinton very standards are probably coming in today. Right that you believe you company gave a forcefully act under rats. We think they should be doing. Well our team with Hillary should she's declining some dynamite it's. It is easy and chilling out with the locals who get these huge problem of course people because she's not approachable but not likable. I would just go and to be with the people the last thing I would do. Spit in my hotel room and it just magically appear onstage for debates are I think Martin O'Malley or do it here. I think he's wrong routes army service. I don't exactly like puma are my own and operate out of certainty it is true. We here. At Torrey. With. The more. Ways than. But. How citizens and themselves. That's very hear from please please. It is anybody's votes as it does not undermine that you care government. That degree or their bottled Marie. Or suckered sportsmen. Are here. Eight. Where you experts predict there. That what we feel we have the pocket. Of us. Phillips one. Okay how did make that work. If we if you know her. Rob. Only right that huge proud. Minor controversy related to the access of the DNC's database that all the candidates and democrats' idea to use in order to. Make phone calls and although it has a huge amount of information. Hillary Clinton's folks excessive Bernie Sanders folks asked that access and I assume Martin O'Malley effect that it seems there was a stop work wage. That allowed to step up Bernie Sanders campaign accessed private information right. Hillary Clinton and so that's what we would be today. And so it looks like Bernie fired that person right and this and said this is that we our prove it but he's been shut out. The database as of right now. Right and as you listening we're talking earlier in part look at that there was actually are represented campaign. That alerted. A term the problem. Right so what it was as everybody else like sort of the penalty internally and wanted to do the right Bain and things of that being punished now for something they've handled themselves. And I thought the DNC response if any overreact it would shut them completely out right after they actually cared thing here is your problem. And I think so. I think there I actually happy you know and it's my candidacy whatever I think they say listen you guessed it exit. Will figures that will let you guys keep using that database. Hillary Clinton I thought should of this rose above it instead I'm sure they did nothing sounds like they're fixing it let's move. It's sort of releasing that long when how do you eight or apple. Of his. Here's shrouded and people don't like Unionists. If you're still shrouded in Dayton notices to ask you want to do with Little Rock they have the concerns when enforcing policy. Absolutely I think that for a proud if you're already the favorite is thirty points out. You're a big big dog in the room. Why do that played nights. I don't get that against maybe Houston wanna think any chance at all. They're probably mad at each run and he's actually running very Cohen in this debate. He's behind. He's he's unbelievable. 800000 dollars averaged thirty dollars. Yes more support people realized or supported public now that everybody. We don't courtroom we're here and now we closed the port. He's didn't really work report at his rallies to drop is yet and he can actually win more primaries or caucuses in twelve Republicans running. He will win more primaries and caucuses book Hillary apartment. Well fortunate but isn't. Which had. He just released an ad today which he problems with the other. That's all part of the debate yes. You have and then compare them to Donald Trump owns television appearances. So every single time. Don't trust open it was that day to go back and show where he actually seen it that's there's really strong maybe two months ago you know this might be different conversation altogether. So so that's. Bernie what we were. In. Doubt right now and one thing something you burn. About that here. Yet the well. Though it handle this well. Look there's there's. Or chairmanship. Where does that are there. Lucas and you can Michael. Or the other day in. You know all of it counselors make it across. The. What you are either paid twinkies they're I think it through the regular. While. No. List that we were on more. You came here alive loved it so much to work here yet. And regulate. Well the environment. Spiritual. Way. The the way it's in her customers'. Needs to rest. Me appreciate. Here opinion Nader got something enters. Here's. You know. They don't want it hear it straight face. I'm very. The oh you prop. Mary again. The rumba us. Detroit. Won its. Probably were acquitted. Helping you do something. I'll. We settled lot of that are in them. Oh. And it. Six your not. Cold readers. Our members. What are we what is. Lucas well.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Matt Dowd and LZ Granderson on what to expect in Saturday night's ABC News debate","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35853123","title":"Democratic Debate Preview: 'Strait Talk' From the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-debate-preview-strait-talk-red-arrow-diner-35853123"}