Democratic Delegates Protest Fracking

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks interview delegates from the floor of the Democratic National Convention.
5:00 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Democratic Delegates Protest Fracking
So air bags here on the convention floor and standing with a bunch of members of the caller rat a delegation. We're in full force tonight biggest there it sits today. So yet and tape over your mouth no voice but I guess you did have a date explained to me what you mean. Colorado where Colorado when they're earning 65%. Yet. 41 delegates to when he Hillary. We have had no points. We had when we try to sign up easily people take their signs up and put them up higher so we can't even get her message that process. We have been threatened to have credentials stripped me. So it's not exactly snag disruption. There's so many young people that come on board on his campaign and lower earnings. They have in May nothing. Just grants highs. We're angry very angry and did that yesterday. Again no toys. I see a lot of TDK's. Giant that constant theme. Of this convention. But also a lot of signs about cracking I think you guys like it's particular to California in particular to the brain scanners movement. Particular to today. Well all of the about Colorado Fisher because we name cards right track team. All over the place and it's very surprised our governor has not come out and extracting. We're strong at this time we do not have time current environment is staying there. Our planet isn't. I want it for these young people I want my grandchildren I want and use like hear all of RP nine I think I've heard oligarchy. Attacks right. Right now we live in an oligarchy are politicians they don't care about us they even understand us. I just don't get how people could even think that the aristocratic class could even. Understand and middle class or the alert lives here here here as an elected member and Democratic Party do you consider yourself. A Democrat. Not at Democrats are gonna treat us like this. What has been the most shocking things you this week. I don't even know where it began when he went yet. I'm shocked by the letter writer came to be added a lot of but it is an innovative. Thing some. It's been it's been rough we're kind of an alliance in right now. Let Colorado we stand in solidarity. We are altogether. And we're gonna continue this fight this revolution. And no matter who is president we're gonna continue to fight to collect. Local progressives to that builds on our president's desk that'll pass our platform that we want. It. After it lacks continue to be engaged in party politics. I don't know about this party back on the be engaged because I'm gonna give a voice that people don't have a ways. And and ask you guys. Today we're gonna see it that it. Cakes are advised residents also have nannies and Tim Kaine was formally put in nomination earlier. They were gonna see and speak for the first time here today and on the issue of the DPP has been an amazing example. For progressives. In regards it an unease and it's in Kate Snow. Are we gonna see more protests vocal protests from you up tonight are you feeling about him came. What what's the response you're that a big part of YPD signs. Tim Kaine is a slap in the face to the burning progressive movement. Anyway it is so centrist he has so many policies that actually disagree win. Hillary Clinton's opposing policies many of her policy she is stating we don't actually believe she is honest about. So to have to move to a center as the TT tech. Is not going to bring us further and it's going to push us and away. I was saying to the president yesterday. One payment progressives have absolutely that it got sixty and in doing is getting TTP. Instill basic nomenclature right. At Camp David DDB like Randall road. I have people that we run into better ticket to that they're killing tokens in the metro stations in the subway here. I had his regular people town bartenders at TGI Friday's. Or asking us about TPK. People all over the city are asking us regular working American people who really didn't go to was are now asking back. Hate you can see it out of delegation here is hired out there attitude or is. Important highest price being black flag matter acts I see eight renewable energy science. A lot of color a lot of passion still here tonight on the third day of the accident. And Martin O'Malley is making mistakes.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks interview delegates from the floor of the Democratic National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40942471","title":"Democratic Delegates Protest Fracking ","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-delegates-protest-fracking-40942471"}