Democratic Delegates React to Sen. Kaine's Speech

ABC News' Josh Haskell gets reaction to Senator Tim Kaine's speech at the Democratic National Convention.
6:03 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Democratic Delegates React to Sen. Kaine's Speech
Emotional moment there from a gold star family introducing president Obama's video we have a little bit at time to get some reaction from it means. Hillary Clinton's pick for VP what you think role. Here had a great speech multiple he's a guy that is not alone could everybody has said that inventories are so amount in Miami. For the first time and he was good was motivating it was great that there he has one. A few one niners. It was going to be wouldn't recover days in office you know he's it was used to having me this perfectly. And I feel that is pretty. Very strong review prepared positions. Illustrating. And it. Including the you know I thought that he hasn't seen any innocently got away into the Essex and now our camera takes it back into that they were very happy was embraced me six and I think the it was a great object from on the senate. His new job. It's tell us what it means you being a Spanish speaker that Hillary Clinton's case or speaks fluent Spanish he uses it frequently and it's not. Just something that you'll learn from this election's been speaking with limited Spanish. For years the you know was when I wondering how everything you make decisions. I don't know him as we're about well I've met him in Miami. I wanna get to know him better and I believe. Someone that can speak the language as a way that he does. And so when somebody that I didn't do it because of the alleged beating learned. He went through its one year in Honduras and it was difficult country out of Americans. If people dying who leads that he really cares to peace it's hard. It's into all of the communities and we as a Hispanic and this nation every we have corporation what you. Our congress also a briefing books when Jim came brought out that Donald Trump. Depression. Believe me. That surprise you do you think he had imminent and that and I had no idea we've received so wouldn't characterize it when I was there. And that's why I'm saying you know these Hayward Jim. The the public. Rather quickly. He had them know while diners like that we believe. But I don't believe me. It's gonna he's gonna lawn. Very much I think everybody's night. Everything comes out he's among. Leave me. We're just a few minutes away from President Obama you what do you hope he says about your nominee Hillary. To help her get elected in November. I think it's but at least he's animal one that she could very capable. Because if you brought and one of them were mostly want to fight. Yours is not as ever rival. President and no one can actually do that she isn't great competitor people who was you very strong communities and people I was putting children's and James Hughes a trusted all. We need to have occurred. Will be his candidacy. That he was stuck sitting here. And when you. Final game making a decision okay. Some of these he thinks he was there with him it the socially stuff. What is also so people president of anything about your concerns. And he appears to be euthanized because of that type things at once he was 45. To talk about. I want to thank you so much for talking to us live and exited so proud of sharing your opinions about this case it's resume battle but I just want to show us how pretty much everybody except per hour and I are really engaged right now and eulogies for Obama with video at ten minute video I'm going over Obama's presidency introducing. The problem is that there recruits are critical surfing we entered with him around this video will be. The last thing we've seen here it's more explicitly provided. If you want to. He is just cause is just down. Osama bin Laden people urgently than sunscreens right now it is didn't quite hear some people or even teach and video is pictures. Of the video itself. Very intense video right now gold was three stands. Decision. This is. She was rolled. His prisoner exchange does. Joseph Biden air reading this part of the video right now. There were times. And bringing just one other person from the Florida don't. Occasion to talk to a smooth threat after button and opened fire. Sitting at a school you tell us your name real Clinton in obtaining. Imports this year. Can you tell us you're watching this video I was looking over you were glued to this team be. But what do you think this is meant to convey to those here tonight. President Obama against us so tired. He's competency eaters make good. Better when the peninsula strike him do things residents when he Polly's incident. I also didn't slow. It's often that's. I knew he tries to do the right thing I was. About six months a little bit less for President Obama left in offensively. This is clearly in his moment of reflection by. As every delegate he's told us here a lot at stake field. There's a lot of statements like utilities hope that President Obama says. It gets mad I hope he says that we as a Democratic Party. The streets are. Our debt out. Us. These facts free. It's tax free movies and he is compassion free and I don't want and and I think the rest. We'll let you go back to watching this video right now you so much for talks to us citizens digital.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell gets reaction to Senator Tim Kaine's speech at the Democratic National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40947934","title":"Democratic Delegates React to Sen. Kaine's Speech ","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-delegates-react-sen-kaines-speech-40947934"}