Democratic Duo Putting New Pressure on Hillary Clinton

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio lay out agenda at National Press Club.
3:00 | 05/12/15

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Transcript for Democratic Duo Putting New Pressure on Hillary Clinton
Developing now democratic due out senator Elizabeth Warren and New York City mayor build the block Neil Lane health policy suggestions which put new pressure. On democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Hi I'm Caroline Costello in New York senator warned speaking now in Washington. Let's listen in. Public transportation. To promote equal access to jobs and opportunity. Changes. Like making sure that every child has an opportunity to get a good education. Without drowning in debt. Changes. Like ending the squeeze on working parents by investing. In paid leave in child care in universal pre K. And after school programs. Doctor stiglitz also takes on the very hot topic of trade. Now it's too bad that a Nobel Prize winning economist isn't even allowed to read the current trade deal. Until after congress votes to grease the skids to make sure that it passes. But doctor stiglitz report. Shows that over and over. American workers have taken the brunt. Of bad trade deals any argues that we need to make changes. To restore the balance in trade agreements. So the playing field isn't tilted even further. So that he isn't tilted even more in favor of big multinational. Corporations. And against workers. Of course that's going to be tough with the current trade deal which was developed in concert. With more than 500. Nongovernment. Advisors. 85%. Of whom were industry executives and industry lobbyists. And now this trade deal is getting the full court lobbying press from those same giant multinational corporations. This country is in real trouble. The game is rigged. And we are running out of time. We cannot continue. To run this country for the top 10%. We can't keep pushing through trade deals that benefit multinational companies. At the expense of workers. Government cannot continue to be the captive. Of the rich and powerful. Working people cannot be forced to give up more and more. As they get squeezed harder and harder. Fixing our broken system won't be easy but we know what we have to do. First. We have to acknowledge. That when we invest in us. In our kids and an art infrastructure. We invest in growth. We have to acknowledge that markets need rules and consistent. Reliable enforcement. We have to acknowledge. That our elected representatives need some political her age. To work not just for the lobbyists and the lawyers but for the American people who sent us here. I want to offer special thanks to Joseph stiglitz. And to the Roosevelt institute. For your work. The middle class. Is on the ropes. And now is the time to fight back. I believe. In the working people of America. And I believe. If we show a little backbone. If we show a little gumption. That we can rebuild. America's once invincible. Middle class. And I believe. This is the fight with happy thank you offer him. How we want to bring in I ABC political director Rick Klein now in Washington. Rick to block do is expected to speak as well but first let's talk a little bit this is an interesting political picture. Many want senator Warren they've said to run for president there's been some talk that mayor bill to Bellagio could be posturing himself. Two run what do you make of all that. This is not about influencing The Who the candidates going to be I think everyone in that room pretty much knows that the democratic nominee is going to be Hillary Clinton Elizabeth Warren's and running either as mayor to block you know. This is though about if influencing the debate influencing the issues at influencing the policies there is vast why disappointment liberal circles over President Obama. A lot of that has transferred over to Hillary Clinton. And so you take this issue of trade right now and liberals progressives in this country feel like they have a powerful. Issue and a powerful case to be made. To try to move Hillary Clinton to the left it almost given up with on President Obama as this. Fight plays out so that's why you have this extraordinary and a clash of the titans in the Democratic Party. Because they realize that there is it limited window to influence policy. OK and in that effort to push Clinton. Further to the left Warren and applause he originally wrote an op Ed in the Washington Post full of policy suggestions can you chocolate and about this. Yeah and there unveiling something that they're calling a contract with America. Four liberals what you were called Davis conflicted with America 1994 Republicans uses the win back congress. This is a little bit different because this is less about when electoral victories in it is about influencing the debate inside the Democratic Party. So trade is a big piece of that so is the minimum wage so more financial regulations and reforms. Sort are as things like student loans so that there is a that it is a debate that's been raging for some time inside the party over economic issues and how best to channel the anger the populace and out there right now. Over the fact of the middle class isn't getting ahead. This is an attempt on the left to try to move that in a direction that they can tape. How can build a Bosnia has stepped up to the analysts and to. Street Louis cardinals who participated and the great work in the Roosevelt institute. Gives us now a new and more powerful platform. The kind of discussion we have to have in this country kind of changes we have to make. I also want to say personally doctors it was thank you so deeply for your support your guidance along the way in the work we're doing in new York and beyond. But senator Warren said so powerfully. That we have a moment we passed have to grasp it provides saved the very concept of the American middle class. Her portrayal. Of that trajectory since 1980. It is sobering and invigorating at the same time. And I give her such credit for the powerful voice she is in this country. But she reminds us. That this is a condition that was created. By the wrong choices in the wrong policies. This was not an act of god that put us into this situation. These were bad choices that we can undo and we must undo. As senator Warren's leadership has been extraordinary. In calling out both the problem and the pathways to solution. And she's doing so much for this country. Now. The watch word today this to think boldly. Part of why I love about this report. Is it doesn't talk about half measures it doesn't talk about. A small problem that we can address quickly it talks about it foundational problems that we have to acknowledge. And then address boldly. And you can hear in the voices of people over this country. Desire for solutions. That are much more fundamental than many of those that are typically discussed I think the American people. Get their circumstance. I think we've heard more and more evidence since beginning of the great reception that people understand something has happened in these times. Unlike anything we've experienced before the Great Depression was an even more profound economic shock. And yet. Borrow from the very name of this institute at the time of the Great Depression actual solutions were not only being debated they were being implemented. We've great energy. First. He states and cities around the country and then there and presidential administration of Franklin Roosevelt. So within years of that shock a current. He saw actual tangible profound actions to change the playing field. To address the problem at its core to not accept. At a crisis was out of control beyond our reach him by the way I remind everyone in this room. Solutions innovative. Again first state and local level including in my State of New York in my city of New York. And then at the national level by the Roosevelt administration those solutions and so many cases. Were brand new. There wasn't a playbook there was something that was tried and true for years and years that we're going would conventional measures they have to create. For crisis they've never seen before. And they did it boldly they were willing to experiment they're willing to say we cannot accept the status quo we must try every tool at our disposal. And that's the genius of the new deal which framed the success of this country even to today no matter how many efforts have been made. To roll back what was good in the new deal it's still positively pervades our nation today. We are in another one of those times. For which the conventional playbook isn't pertinent. Because this time. Or middle class has declined not only because an immediate shock when over decades. And differently than what we experienced in the early 1930s. The solutions are not on the table practically speaking in this town Washington DC. There's not a serious effort being made. To actually pass legislation that would address the circumstance of American working people and that would restore the middle class. Great Depression was a greater economic crisis a more profound crisis and yet. This is a crisis that is going unaddressed more profoundly. And it can't be addressed with half measures. Which is why doctor Stevenson and Roosevelt institute on something today that we will I'm convinced. Framed the debate for years ahead. Because of pointing out what it actually looks like to confront the challenge of our times. I. Can tell you about this from a local perspective because I've lived. All right start talk about the tail to cities it wasn't because. It was a snappy phrase. It was what we were seen before our very eyes. I heard it from every day New Yorkers and so many ways over years and years. The communities I serve you could hear tend to believe that people felt they'd come unglued from their mornings economically. And they certainly weren't sure at all. Where. Our city was going our nation was going the economy is going they weren't sure where their own lives were their own families. Were going to end up. And that tale of two cities became so profoundly evidence just listening to people's personal experience. So we put together a vision. City of eight point five million people. It's that we ever use every tool we have every. Thing at our disposal. As one city to reach people and start to turn that tied. And yes we knew it would take so much. And we knew it would take. Actions beyond our borders. But was had the only way to address a crisis this magnitude is to begin. What a great. Brilliant realities of Franklin Roosevelt was he understood you have to begin somewhere you have to start down the road. In our city we have tried with all we know to start down the road. Whether it's full day pre K for every one of our children after school programs. The things that actually lighten the burden on working parents and prepare for more fair and equal future for their children. Our affordable housing plan 200000. Units of affordable housing over the next ten years not for half a million people. Actual way to address the number one expense. In the lives of New Yorkers. Or what we did just a few weeks ago. I think doctors to it was for his support in our endeavor we said a city just like a nation should actually call out of goal. For addressing inequality. And wish it over the next ten years we will rise up 800000. New Yorkers out of poverty. That is within our grasp. Particularly if we could get. Policies we need our state capital in here in Washington we could get 800000. People out of poverty in one decade. What could be a more profound contribution. To addressing inequality in our city and our nation. This is what we set out to do. And we've always known. That was only a beginning. Because the lessons of 1930s and lessons all over the world of how are you actually address and equality structurally consistently show. The national government has to play a role. It has to play a profound role. And that's why this gathering is so important. As providing the framework. Now. Lest anyone think. This is an academic exercise. I would say it's quite the opposite this report. Is as practical or sharp and clear as any you'll ever see and it literally gives us both inspiration. And steps for. And what we need to always do is link it back to the experiences of our people because I can say. It's not a romantic idea that we once had. A vibrant. Middle class. That is not only does statistically proven is proven and all of our experiences think in all of your lives. Live your family think of those times you gathered around the dining room table at a kitchen table thing. A decade ago. And a few decades ago. How people thought about their circumstance once they reached a middle class. All over this country the assumption was when you reach the middle class it was for good. And up next generation could do even better. And Ari grew up with that and the families program -- with that. We've been listening to New York City mayor builds a blahs EL along with us senator. Elizabeth warrants speaking in Washington in about policy and efforts you influenced democratic. A presidential candidate Hillary Clinton we want to bring. ABC political director Rick Klein back into the conversation now where we've been listening to mayor to Bellagio. You know we've discussed that this is sort of an attempt. At these two politicians to. Push Hillary Clinton further to the left we know the plot you has a close relationship and history with Hillary Clinton so just to walk a fine line here. This is so striking apparently build the plot CEO was Hillary Clinton's campaign manager back when she ran for the senate in 2000 they are. Very very strong political allies for him to go up they are today and be praising Elizabeth Warren's leadership. And talk about the agenda that just isn't being addressed right now in Washington even though we're six and a half years into the Obama presidency. Yet that is pretty incredible stuff filled a lot deal has been careful in not endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. I should note it's not because he wants a run for president himself although this speculation about that it's not because Elizabeth Warren's gonna run either it's not even because he's gonna endorse another candidate this is about influencing the debate and again what's striking here is we are so deep into this democratic presidency relatively liberal president by all accounts. And progressives and liberal voices like senator Warren like mayor quasi elect the folks at the surrounding themselves with. And is lobbying day today in Washington. Feel like they have not been given enough to an eighty to move things further to the left. This is a pressure Hillary Clinton will face for the entirety of this campaign. Even though she is overwhelming likely to win the nomination she has to be careful how far she goes in listening to these voices because. Frankly this is not where elections are won in this country. Liberals are important and it's an important part of the base and you wanted to be on board. But Hillary Clinton is gonna look constantly for areas to appeal to the middle of the country because this is not the predominant sentiment. That populates battleground states just as just for one example. And Rick to block you is in DC now. Then he's off to California he's some heat in New York City right now from some people who say he needs to be focusing more on the Big Apple. New York City mayors have a tendency to do this at a they almost immediately see themselves as national figures whether or not. They at national ambitions as Rudy Giuliani and and Mike Bloomberg to a certain lesser extent. Had both of those men by the way had very big profiles outside of the confines of the city of New York. Mayor applause you have talks some of his advisors about this they saw his election and it's kind of a watershed moment. For progressive politics for liberals in this country and they see him. As the mayor of the city at eight million people as among the them the most influential potentially progressives out there and in the unlikely coalition of folks that he brought together the fact that he had New Yorkers reacting to years of Republican and independent leadership. I had suggested that there's some larger residence and we've seen in in in in mayor's races and smaller places as well. So mayor of Los EO is going to take on this national profile people sometimes mistake that with presidential ambitions I don't think that's what we're talking about here. But you're right in New Yorkers sense of where mayor colossus should be spending his time. It's hard to justify the trip like he made recently to Iowa where the day in a happy spending in Washington of the time he's spending. In California. But they he's an activist art and he sees an opportunity to to move the national candidate and move the national conversation. Inside and outside the Democratic Party. ABC's political director Rick Klein in Washington thank you so much for joining us thanks Alan. All right you can continue watching mayor replies your speech on our website And you can keep up with the story in real time my gallon ABC news app and storing the story for exclusive updates. On the go. I'm Caroline Costello in New York.

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