Democratic presidential candidate: ‘I was dumb’ for not listening to body

Bernie Sanders got candid about the toll of the campaign trail and admits he should've paid more attention to the signs his body was giving him.
3:41 | 10/09/19

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Transcript for Democratic presidential candidate: ‘I was dumb’ for not listening to body
As you know there was a significant development last week with Vermont senator Bernie Sanders suffering. A heart attack now he's off the trail in resting in till next week's democratic debates I want to bring an out of Kelsey has been covering the sanders' campaign. Adam it's good to see you and I just have to ask you how is he dealing. Good morning Kimberly well one week after suffering that heart attack senator Bernie Sanders tells us that he is feeling very good he doesn't feel. Any lingering effects are from that heart attack in which he had to have two stents inserted. Into his heart he visited a cardiologist yesterday I telling us upon his return to that. There was nothing out of the ordinary in his test that. Like I said he needs some time to rest and recuperate but he's feeling very good feeling a lot stronger than he was in -- weeks leading up to this heart attack. Admitted that he was a little bit more fatigued on the trail than usual but it's starting to eye in next week's high democratic primary debate and then the future of his campaign. After this heart attack. Adam I think we all forget how rigorous and demanding. DV schedules can be so how will he address adjust his travel and his schedule because of this. Right and and particularly rigorous for somebody like Bernie Sanders who regularly pax four or five events into one day I was actually with him in Iowa couple weeks ago we traveled 300 miles and one day he had four different rallies so he's somebody. Who who's been holding more events and more of these town halls and discussions with voters that other candidates. But he told us yesterday that that's something he thinks he is I'm going to scale back he's readjusting. I his campaign strategy going forward but again I should note that a readjustment for Bernie Sanders is a little bit different than it readjustment for another candidate for him a slow day might be two or three events so we're certainly gonna see him out and about all of these early states I would New Hampshire South Carolina. Just as much as the other candidates but perhaps not as much as we used to see him in the past. And do you think this will impact tell voters see his readiness to lead. Well I he was already the oldest candidate in this democratic field Joseph Biden Rick behind him I 778 years of age Sanders seventy Elizabeth Warren seven years. Old as well so it might or just be something that's focused. On Sanders a load I'd voters are gonna have to reconcile whether or not a win win talking about a shift in the White House whether it's a generational shift as well or whether they want to. A vote somebody in office who is of advanced aids like I talked about Sanders himself a kind of admitted this when he spoke with yesterday he said. I that voters are certainly gonna happen at the top of their minds but he was hoping that they're gonna look at the totality of his career how consistent he's been for decades now. I as a elected official and not just this recent health scare. And before we. No I mean on top of all of this we learned it as you know that his daughter in law passed away. You have very suddenly a sad story up here the Sanders family told us yesterday. That let he Sanders Bernie's son and his wife. Our Renee had passed away she was diagnosed with cancer just last week and then a few days later. She tragically died this the family I take it group regularly out on the trail with senator Bernie Sanders and see his children his grandchildren all together. They are certainly in mourning right now just an act Shura kind of layer of difficulty that Sanders is dealing with as he gets ready to head back on the trail. Yang incredibly sad but we are happy that he is doing well so Adam Kelsey right here in Vermont thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Bernie Sanders got candid about the toll of the campaign trail and admits he should've paid more attention to the signs his body was giving him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66166118","title":"Democratic presidential candidate: ‘I was dumb’ for not listening to body ","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-presidential-candidate-dumb-listening-body-66166118"}