Democratic presidential candidates talk climate change

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates presented their environmental policies in a town hall Wednesday evening.
3:03 | 09/05/19

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Transcript for Democratic presidential candidates talk climate change
Speaking of climate change a seven hour climate change town hall last night. Posted by CNN gave ten presidential candidates the opportunity to show where they stand so want to bring in our Rick Klein. NRDC bureau. Rick it's pretty remarkable that there's even focus on this for this long so what were your major takeaways. This issue is gone mainstream in the democratic primary was striking to see how many areas of the candidates disagree agreed with each other there they're racing essentially as a dollars to combat climate change is no question about the cause. Or the need for massive federal intervention to try to turn of the round in their view. That is striking also because it puts them so squarely at odds with president trump whose campaign continues to raise money off of plastic straws among other things the president. It easy is an avowed skeptic of climate change. There is no skepticism inside the Democratic Party did disagreements really are just on how far you go and how much you spend to do something about it. Our rates so was there anyone that seem the lake you know their plan was the one that people were more most attracted to you. I don't lose any way to scientifically judged based on that I think it's telling that Jay Ainsley who put his whole campaign on climate change. Got shout outs from basically all of the candidates and a number of candidates. Elizabeth Warren Kabul Harris people who judge they all have plans teed up and ready to go tied to this last night on knowing that it's an issue that tough. It is likely it covered in the democratic debate on ABC next week. Our Ed and I can't leave you before we talk about Joseph Biden on cold air last night. Let's take a listen to what the former BP had to say about all of his gas. The last few weeks you've confused New Hampshire for Vermont said Bobby Kennedy and MLK were assassinated in the late seventies. Assured us I'm not going nuts. Follow up question. Are you going nuts. Look good reason I came on the Jimmy Kimmel shows because I. Any gas that I have. Made tonight many gaffes like every politician I know past. Have been and not about the substance of issue been about. Other want trying to talk about what other people don't don't you know I I I I don't get wrong. Things like you know there is. We re should lock kids up and in cages at the boy. Border. So Rick was Biden's defense enough we'll this matter to his. Voters all of these gaffes. Humor helps and I think poking fun at himself without line is probably the most effective way that he can guilt that as a candidate beyond just going out there and doing it. What it hasn't mattered so far to it to people to support Joseph Biden anecdotally is wells appalling his support is basically where it's been from the start. The question rests with voters whether they. Believe the explanations are just frankly don't care and and believe in the more brought explanation the vice president has given that that it did he tells really don't matter nearly as much. As how you're communicating what your policies are what's in your. Hearts are right Rick client NRDC bureau and of course if you guys wanna see all of these presidential candidates you can all one. The debate coming up next week on September 12 in Houston.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates presented their environmental policies in a town hall Wednesday evening.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65409565","title":"Democratic presidential candidates talk climate change","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-presidential-candidates-talk-climate-change-65409565"}