Democratic and Republican senators open up about their bipartisan friendship

ABC News' Ali Rogin sits down with Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Chuck Grassley to hear where they find common ground.
15:50 | 06/19/17

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Transcript for Democratic and Republican senators open up about their bipartisan friendship
Entertaining hinting ABC politics I'm Alley wrote and we're here at the beautiful monocle restaurant on Capitol Hill. Welcome to opposites attract where bipartisanship. Is never a dirty word. This today my guests are senator Amy Klobuchar Democrat of Minnesota. And senator Chuck Grassley Republican. Iowa obviously we're in a restaurant and we're getting orders. And that certainly talking a little bit about the fact that despite the fact that you two are on different sides of the political aisle he still work together a lot. I'm senator Grassley the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and senator Klobuchar you're on the Judiciary Committee actually that ranking member that. Senate Committees that he tell me a bit about. The fact that you seem to have worked together a lot of legislation a lot of issues that are important both. Boy. Of course we Kidd for all I think. That I think that the main thing is that that the Judiciary Committee intends to. Issue a lot of bipartisan bills last year we had 31 bills more about a committee keynote got to a Democrat president. And obviously that wouldn't happen if we were fighting all the time I think the other thing is. People think that that Republicans and Democrats don't talk to each other but quite frankly. Nothing would get done the United States senate if we were working together because when you have fifty to a one party in forty the other new got to have sixty votes of move anything along. You know you gotta have bipartisanship or just nothing gets stuck. Right in and you know check and I not only Aaron opposite parties. We also are in states can have some rivalries liking but Bob yes that's true or they got 101000 lakes but there we got 5000 page. I'm not gonna decide. But here's the up in that I don't. He's what I sent right thing maintenance it's now the cool little hook. Well he if you if you had the big thumbs and I did you'd understand why you don't make a lot of courage it's O we have worked together really well. Number a. I hear I good your victory you know incidentally my drink yeah. Really more about our states and our political parties that would say they border each other's that we have lacked Molina. That we've worked together really well and prescription drugs we have a bill that we know we came up for a vote on the floor. That it would pass and it tells that big pharmaceutical companies that they need to stop. Paying off generics to keep their products on the market between Manhattan mark competition. Now that we were allowed on biofuels and act now we have a lot of corn and our states we're number one personally foreign affairs and. We're one for corn I mean hello Aaron ever went Richard Heath. We're number one phrase I was that yeah. Now we're expecting me yeah I have every Saturday and we're number one hand things though that okay if what we're neck. A hit but other than that we aren't we immediately get on. I she brags about the Minnesota state fair but that's because she's never meant the was well. I am so happy with my fair because we have the world's only batter past carving contest in the this can't (%expletive) weight and her court where they actually carve. Their heads their faces their battered passed out fighter and a revolving refrigerator and you just like the college. There was a while John Wayne and I'm Andrea Day that's true. I did not know that this conversation was going to immediately get into. Thank you what you might be V friendly and friends but you clearly have some friendly rivalry I think. Absolutely now it it's great it's great to. Other legislation she and I worked on besides. World war wanted to preserve. Rural hospitals or greater extent than we have in the past. She also has a bill in that she's leaving on but I'm co sponsoring whether. To provide. Shortages in the veterans administration. Where they have shortage of yours professional people warm weekend to do get more people recruited defeat ovals vacancies. Any seem like this is that your relationship or friendship is not the exception to the norm. I can you talk about how you know they're meeting war close relationships across the aisle that perhaps we see it read write well there are and part of his plan people. And the media when you've gone shows a lot of hunting trip hit. People against each other I think that's my issue it's a lot out that money that throws people apart and in fact a lot of friendships. And from me be. Prayer breakfast it's an important at no matter. Republicans that way. The women senators group you know and it apparently. Cars he never talked about the male prisoners or of course. But that group. A bipartisan group movements out that that's in it's no intent there. And it's just been for me I've worked really hard were passed out. The senate and senate race yet he votes for legislation and also I liked working with senator Grassley just bank. Since that might sound regional some people say something like this why can't you guys hit along meaning how come Republicans Democrats can't get along. I tried to tellem that sometimes I get along with some Democrats of plot better regular home with some Republicans. We they will go unnamed but it for the purpose of this that this live stream. Now despite nor similarities in a lot of ways and the things that you've worked together on. Some areas where there have been differences in policy views when it comes to mind that was big last year was the nomination of Merrick Garland to the supreme court's. You were on different sides of that issues that Tommy about. What that was like and why you are still able to you despite your. Your differences of opinions on things like that you're able to mean teen. A working relationship and that and a friendship. Well because you put those differences aside and work together when you work together when you disagree there's disagreements. By the even those disagreements. That you were mentioning about the Supreme Court as an example those are things you talk about. And and I honestly disagree. But do you still work together on other things it is going keep people from. Accomplish and what needs to be a cop it. Yeah I think for me that was a big deal I would've liked move ahead with hearings in May that really clear but then. When that is done after making things are you gonna just continue. At the fight over every issue argue are green with Mike in these rule. That 80% of the issues maybe you can find common ground 80% of the time. And that's what we tried to do. I think it's important that we have debates because the American people have to decide what they think about certain nominees are what they think about. Direction the country Chico and the problem right now on Iran saying obvious angry in. Yelling and and that angry rhetoric he actually the American people lose the ability to. Here some of the real issues because everything gets clouded in angry tweets as opposed and that. Nice. Chuck Grassley tunes like as soon appeared at the. You know I think that editor town meetings a year on this issue. Why he don't cooperate with the Republicans Democrats. More often. And I always tried to explain to whom that you don't like have already today. If you don't have some cooperation office market dot. But it's because in journalism and your journalism so you ought to guilders. Controversy makes no soldier disc if if it me and I were fighting all the time. You'd read it in Minnesota. I want newspapers all the tribal when you get along. It does make you know so people get a distorted view. A vote of the lack of cooperation. And I think there are some areas that we could move ahead on together right now prescription threats being one of them. This isn't just something few people are talking about a lot of the public's talking about it now. Funding for roads and bridges. Things like that I'm hopeful something we can do moron workforce training really in our State's division where the unemployment rate is slower. She just mentioned three areas where the president has positions that. Would get bipartisan support prescription drugs infrastructure. Things of that nature and workforce improvement and. I'm now while that all is true we don't want to sugarcoat it again and say that you know. There's bipartisan agreement on. Everything obviously right now there's a discussion on health care how to accomplish that in their seem to be pretty deep divides we have to get into policy discussion but. I'm wondering what it what do you think about that the disagreements seem to insist. I think right now there. From my perspective we could have agreement on changes that need to be made the Affordable Care Act you know exchanges were having. Issues in both of our states. Some of the small business rates the that prices for prescription drugs from my issue right now is that we don't. Know what this bill is that the Republicans are working on its behind closed doors. And that's why the Democrats are really pushing this right now as we think the public should have a right to know. When you talk. Look at that house bill that. President just called mean. Check out with a pretty good word. We don't have bill like that this. There's no Republicans say that they know more than she knows because it often been put on paper yet. And lowered its kind of a deal where we're not going to have an agreement they'll lose an agreement on everything are gorgeous artwork talked about. One section and T got that second third fourth and fifth and maybe the hundreds section agreed to. Because you've got to make sure that you've got something on paper that you will weigh. But I hopefully both she and I won't home very soon exactly what that bill is and the only difference between her. And I am on this point is is a Republican senators we have some import into what. And Democrats can be listened to anytime they want to but I think maybe perhaps. They see some allegiance to lose their health. The Affordable Care Act. The don't see that the same way we do was creating problems more than health problems it. Now shifting off the policy issues for a minute. Last week the horrific shooting at the Republican. Softball practice. That actually seemed to be a bit about. A turning point in terms of some of them had very heated rhetoric. That has been happening sought after that shooting a lot of members coming out about sides and saying. We all need to take a step back and recognize that we're all here or at the same reasons so can speak to that it seems like. You know the fact that you have this friendship. Again the it's not that this is I think that didn't exist before but is there more importance that should be placed on. And respectful rhetoric and bipartisanship in light of last week's events. I see Republicans blaming Democrats might be Democrats when Republicans but we've all got. Probably have to deal with the that is told him doubtful. And and it would help prevent the White House it was Kohn bell bit too because. People. Known congress' a bunch of faces 535. It doesn't stand out of a senator Grassley of senator over dart says something. That there ought to be some changes made like the president says or ought to be some change. If I was actually went to the baseball game a few days after the shooting and that was just incredible off foreign leaders Pelosi Brian. McConnell and humor without on the field actually look like they write to each other. That together and they spoke in unison then that game was a lot of fun and that often means nothing Democrats want McCain. Happy scheme that trophy to the Republicans and pass and to put it in Steve's office and I just hope that spirit. Will be brought in the on this game and that remembering that we're not fifteen teams one team for America in this kind. He's being well. Oh forces. Better whether it's with conflicts whether it is with. People that want to do us harm or whether it's just simply global competition. At that we need to function better government. In our last few minutes here I want it to switch to some of the things we were talking about earlier. You're both from. Mid western states and so I'm sure you find at as you mentioned there's a lot of commonality there there's also. Room for some friendly competition. But you look at the distinction. Traveling to eating your individual counties. Every campaign cycle can tell me about. Why you both decided to do that and have you gotten any tips from one another on how'd it how to make that easier or more interesting. I think he'd show a member of congress does that the way they wondered would I do would because I think. Representative governments at two way street those of missing elected we're one half of that process. Our constituents the other one half of their process. But if you're going to have represented in government and basis of it is dialogue with their constituents. I left my a tell me set the agenda I speak for about to witness told them about let them set the agenda. And and I always say that word together for our our half. Doesn't do much good can only mean only postal mail me. Keep it up when you can't see me I always like to tell people what Miley news me I'll report is like today 121000. Emails behind but I will get caught up will. There in February we were 30000 behind. This is like heaven is balancing the Coke if you like you have so much to it right out of it much reads I have 87 counties. Quite as men in his but of course it. An inspiration to me to go with that all of them every year and we'll see it yet when it checked humor you know annoyed at how well he won election. Eight ended and he had one on one hand was lost count any cent to his team. How come right lasting Connie it's pos plan practically everyone in and it Houston that was the problem it's an act itself. I think when you put yourself out there and visit these place packing plant and Acronis you've really good ideas for legislation. If you just get him. Now from the newspaper or. You know in a letter you really when it talked. And some of these people want between now and activists sent a letter. If you actually go out in the communities you find out something that's not working or someone that needs to have their veterans benefits store someone that it's having and at issue with that student loans and they don't really can't you. We're stop by but they will come by if you see him even if it's not any meeting could even be parades anything you just have to get out there. And that's fine what's gone. Portions of the diamonds surround by reality the real America is Iowa Minnesota. Turn it Horry and. Bet that that's a perfect way to end the thank you so much senator Grassley senator Klobuchar I'm Alan Rogan this has been opposites attract where bipartisanship is never a dirty word. Thanks for tuning in in check out ABC digital throughout the day.

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{"id":48134790,"title":"Democratic and Republican senators open up about their bipartisan friendship","duration":"15:50","description":"ABC News' Ali Rogin sits down with Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Chuck Grassley to hear where they find common ground. ","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-republican-senators-open-bipartisan-friendship-48134790","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}