Democratic Senate candidate would meet with Trump

Former Democratic Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen extended an olive branch to the president saying he'd like to work with Donald Trump in lowering the prices of prescription drugs in America.
3:05 | 10/17/18

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Transcript for Democratic Senate candidate would meet with Trump
I've tried to make a point during this campaign. Making it point that I'm not running against Donald Trump. I'm trying to run through to support people. Tennessee. And to do what is in their best interest in the each occasion whether it's something the president is forward hamster Republicans are forward and mr. Democrats are. Or anything else. Ministry of state of my willingness to. 22 to work with him. And so I actually want to present idea today that I actually think that he might find interest and and something that that we could work together on. Given that it's an idea this business like them. It's got some America first. Aspects to it and finally it's it certainly is something that a lot of people who he would consider his base I think would find very. I would find very helpful in their own in their own lives. In the subject that I want to talk about his health care and specifically. The cost of drugs and health care. And it is now a 360. Billion dollar business in the United States here's the idea. That I have for president truck. I say first of all. You are an excellent negotiator. We know that you wrote you wrote the book the art of the deal certainly have a lot of successful examples in your background. Me and you're I'm sure familiar with the idea. Most favored nations clauses. This is something that started out in the world. International trade where you said to a country. Here's the arrangements will mate with you on terror ups but you promised more if anybody else better a better deal four that. Either use all the time and business I'm sure that president trump has incorporated those clauses in in treatments of his own I certainly yeah. I certainly have. We are likely in this country. Almost always the largest purchaser of any one of those drugs in the world. That I just described. We are four times the size of Germany for example and I'm sure much larger purchasers than and they are. So it will be a pretty simple and straightforward thing to say look. We in this country forget all the nonsense and everything else. We just want to most favored nations clause was picked him wealthy countries. Round the world. I'm not trying to measure this against some Third World country that. Drugs are being provided inexpensively to protecting us compare with France Germany and Switzerland in the UK in those countries. Which one of most favored nations clause which we are willing to pay. Whatever it is you charged as long as it's his scooter prices are given if you're giving to any other country in the world. Very simple and straightforward couple small changes in the laws and we could we could immediately immediately do that.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Former Democratic Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen extended an olive branch to the president saying he'd like to work with Donald Trump in lowering the prices of prescription drugs in America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58554796","title":"Democratic Senate candidate would meet with Trump","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-senate-candidate-meet-trump-58554796"}