Democrats take control of House as shutdown goes on

President Trump says he is prepared to continue the federal government shutdown for as long as it takes.
3:44 | 01/03/19

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Transcript for Democrats take control of House as shutdown goes on
We're gonna start with a little to throw back Thursday four or Nancy Pelosi because she is. Speaker once again to on this there is a Karen Travers is in DC for us at the White House. Where there are a lot of developments from that and the Pennsylvania Avenue and the other Karen. Absolutely Ken is 813 and the government shut down and the new house democratic majority is being sworn in this afternoon Nancy Pelosi. We'll take the gavel and once again service speaker of the house and tennis it's an incredibly diverse group of lawmakers coming in some saying the most diverse ever. You've got a lot of women now serving in congress 25 women in the senate more than 100. Now in the house. And a lot historic firsts is to take some of the Mott you have the first Muslim women serving in congress the first Somali American woman the first native American women and of course. Alexandria a cost CO courts has the youngest woman ever serving congress at 29 years old. Lots it look over there with this new group of lawmakers coming in it it's that festive day in Washington when new members are sworn in. And then you have that added element with a new majority taking over in the house. And it is a beautiful picture indeed to see such a diverse crowd there and so many women included vast majority of those women. Democrats let's talk about the shut down. And 95 minutes of our lives that we can't get back right there at the White House the president sort of like filibustering this this shut down in essence. What's the latest that we're hearing right now. That intended how many times as the president weeded or has said publicly that he was all alone in Washington for the past week and a half everybody lab town used here for the Christmas and New Year's holidays that perhaps he was just excited that people around yeah you sound like somebody Arnold had been no phones off and sock like ailment buddies are back. So in they had that cabinet meeting at midday yesterday in in the Providence. Met behind closed doors in the situation room with the top leaders from both parties. From the house and senate and we don't do this yesterday it was billed as a briefing on border security it was not been billed as a negotiating session but of course it turned into somewhat. A conversation about how to and the government shut down after that that briefing the Democrats came out to talk to reporters at the White House. And they made it very clear they're putting a lot of pressure on the president and senate Republicans to join them in their efforts today. To reopen the government here's what democratic senate leader Chuck Schumer had to say yesterday the White House. We asked them to give us one good reason I asked him direct. I said Mr. President give me one good reason why you should continue your sharpton's. A piece of the eight cabinet departments. While we are debating our differences on Homeland Security he could not give a good answer. Said Ken is what the Democrats are going to do today in the house is past two pieces of legislation one. Would find all of the agencies impacted by the current partial shutdown through September 30 except for the Department of Homeland Security. This second measure it would fund DH jester February 8. There is no indication that the senate is going to move forward on either of those bills nor the president would science to what Chuck Schumer was saying yesterday is. Which put the president in a corner here why not just sign that bill that reopens. All of those other agencies as we heard yesterday from that Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. They say the president is holding those departments and all of those federal employees hostage because of border security. That indeed and if it makes it until January 11 will be the long gas shut down and government history which is saying a lot we've had quite a few from the last two decades or Karen Travers in Washington DC.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"President Trump says he is prepared to continue the federal government shutdown for as long as it takes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60140645","title":"Democrats take control of House as shutdown goes on ","url":"/Politics/video/democrats-control-house-shutdown-60140645"}