Democrats reach trade deal with President Trump

A farmer from upstate New York shares the impact of the USMCA trade deal moving forward.
4:53 | 12/10/19

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Transcript for Democrats reach trade deal with President Trump
Nancy Pelosi and top Democrats emerged N Capitol Hill. To announce an agreement with president trump. On his US MCA trade deal that's a trade deal that were replace NAFTA and the United States this was a big moment a bipartisan moment in the midst of this firestorm. R&R Jordan Phelps is back with us from the White House because Jordan concerns from labor unions were the big. Sticking point in all of this does appear to be resolved at least for now and we're expecting a possible house vote on this big deal in the coming days. Yet DeVon a lot of winners here at particularly for those farmers who have been concerned about losing access. To two of the biggest export markets for US farmers that now takes away that and certainty for those farmers so a big victory for them. A big victory for a lot of the industry involved the big victory for president trump who said. That this is the best and most important trade deal. Ever for the US it's also of course DeVon a huge victory fur Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats a lot of winners today at what's so interesting. About this stabbing is you might wonder why Democrats would want to hand such a big political victory to the president but. If this huge demonstration that they can. Two gunmen and walk at the same time DeVon that they can both impeach the president and work within the same time. And really takes away this big White House. Argument app until this point with all this impeachment which is that the Democrats have not been doing the business of the American people. And made this impeachment inquiry DeVon. This is something that Nancy Pelosi. Can I hold up and show that the Democrats are doing both of those things simultaneously. And the president of course as you say delivering a windy his supporters in that radio Jordan Phelps thank you so much. From the White House so what does this mean for US farmers and businesses that do. Our trade with Canada and Mexico I'm joined now by Nathan should and in he's a co owner of Dutch hollow farms. Which is. Is it dairy farm in upstate new York and it's great to see Nathan thank you so much. Mexico Canada we should tell our viewers two of the four largest. Our trading partners when it comes to dairy products in the United States give us your reaction. To the fact that it looks like this US and see deal is is gonna go ahead. Bob well not just area but called agriculture wheat exports suit to keep our industry going. In Derry specifically 16% of the doubt we produced here ends up as exports. So we have to be players at the table trading with all the partners out there he said. Mexico and Canada are to ever largest. So anything that happens that disrupts the ability for us to its export is going to hurt us in the short term. Weakened pulled meld we can produce Melchior seven days a week. But 48 hours that reproduce it ask have a home otherwise we thought that we lose money. Which made those ominous threats from the president over the course of this negotiation to shut down the border. There particularly troublesome I know. I for so many farmers across the country but this does is a burst of good news what does it mean for you. We're business wise concretely is this gonna. Ultimately increase your exports has again reduced tariffs tell us about what impact do you expect a tavern your business. So the industry but industry as a whole half steep increase our exports at we expect the industry to growth in a weird we oversupply. Domestically we produce more milk than what we need here so there's gonna be future farm's future young people want to get into dairy farming. We have to be able to grow our export market to give them space to grow as well as established businesses the chance to to grow and expand and meet the needs that they're gonna have a future. And you see this is a big improvement on NAFTA Nathan. I mean it's it's it's getting rid of some and inadequacies of the past it's it's changing things it's fixing but. We have to do something we're gonna move forward if it in a week we Campion and opposition so getting this done. Allows us to have some hope about moving forward to the future. Good news for you have finally going to weigh in on the politics of all this there'd been so much infighting. On both sides of the aisle over this deal other trade issues of forced to trade or went on the China right now. What are your credit with getting this done what do you see as the is the politics of this this US NCA. I guess it's hard to want to pick a winner a dead and this shouldn't be political doses. Americans in rural states across the country this affects all of us the should be bipartisan in nature. And I think I think this is something that everybody I'm so let's let's not choose a site lets us call us when we can move forward with. I like got to win and a divisive time is a win that we will take to the bank needs and shouldn't in co owner of Dutch hollow farm in upstate New York thank you so much sir. Great to see appreciate your point of view.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"A farmer from upstate New York shares the impact of the USMCA trade deal moving forward.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67638128","title":"Democrats reach trade deal with President Trump","url":"/Politics/video/democrats-reach-trade-deal-president-trump-67638128"}