Democrats release impeachment deposition transcripts

Democrats release testimony transcripts as four White House officials skipped their scheduled hearings on Capitol Hill Monday.
27:41 | 11/04/19

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Transcript for Democrats release impeachment deposition transcripts
Yeah. Everybody around the repairman Devin Dwyer ABC news headquarters in Washington it's great to have you with us on this Monday a lot of breaking news to get to at this hour impeachment investigators have begun releasing transcripts of the depositions. They've conducted over the past few weeks with top trump administration officials. About the president's dealings in Ukraine the documents are now the first chance for you. For the public to read for themselves the testimony. A so many of these officials today we got. Two win these documents released by the committees investigating the president and our investigative reporter Catherine folders this year she's been poring through. The text of these depositions. Over at the White House reporter Jordan Phelps is there to get the White House reactionary do restaurant you Catherine. But today we learned. It got to read for solves the testimony of Marie Ivanovic is the former ambassador to Ukraine. And also a top official at the State Department what are we learning here. ES toys. Poring through all of these documents allow a lot of this mean we had known publicly but what what it does this. We get to see what they sent for themselves a little bit of it is redacted. For a confidentiality reasons but I'm. But we've got to read it is the wants her schedule we've learned from me Ivanovic for example was. Really the extent to which a Giuliani was in her words back channeling. With foreign policy for Ukraine through the State Department and from the from the killing. Aids a Pompeo really he he. Allege that Rudy Giuliani was the one who led in this campaign. That led to Ivanovic is Alastair so. Much of the focus still on Julian Giuliani in that back channel. That he used for foreign policy to Ukraine through the State Department which both of them testified that they found inappropriate. So the outside the State Department around officials that'd been their for a long time and that they can also read the Yvonne of its said that she had felt threatened. By some of they are conduct of these officials threaten that something might happen to her she didn't comply. And with that with the president's. Word are we go from here watt and why are these transcripts. Coming on now is I think the timing of the release of this transcript signals that. The committees of three committees that are doing this investigative work are potentially wrapping up their depositions behind closed doors there. Releasing. What they said we don't think that the call to many more witnesses you've seen in the White House isn't an adrenaline talk about this but didn't comply. With a for people who were supposed to appear today so they shift told us today that he will roll out these transcripts from these from these other officials have testified behind closed doors were going to see. Two more tomorrow Republicans of course are saying that Democrats are. Cherry picking these transcripts in the tying up calling police released for some time exactly they've been calling for the release and now. The committee is releasing them and we get the scene of ourselves ahead of public care. That's right and in the House of Representatives voted last week Jordan Phelps to move towards. Opt public impeachment hearings we expect that to happen in short order but Democrats. Have been trying to squeeze in a few more private depositions which they say is important date and ensure the integrity and in minutes investigation. But today the White House blocked those tell us about that. Yet DeVon a little bit of a victory for the White House here because. As we've been talking about in previous days the White House hadn't. Been able to hold back some career officials that work within the administration from going ahead going up to Capitol Hill and complying with those peanut. But today seven we expected to hear from. For political appointees within the administration but they complied with what has been the White House order for them not to go up there. Hiding behind this legal argument that. You know berries the people are copy between two co equal branches of government that the White House doesn't want him to go sit there. Waiting for this to play out before they get called up death and of course. I Democrats could see you to bring this to court to get these people to come up to testify but we know they're not willing to wait. Because that would be a lengthy process and we expect this to continue to milk forward but. This of course could be a sideshow but a little victory for this White House in what has. Being it just eight pouring out of testimony on Capitol Hill in general against this administration Batman. And those four officials we have their names on the screen they're not household names but they are key players in what happened in the White House. With respect to funding for Ukraine that funding that was held op. After was approved by congress and what happened to those transcripts of the president's phone call. There are some allegations that John Eisenberg you see there he's a lawyer he was one of the ones who helped hide it on a secret server. The allegation mean that there could potentially have been some kind of coverups of congress of course wants to hear from those. House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff a Democrat says he's not gonna waste any time waiting for these people to come up to Capitol Hill take a look. This will be further evidence of an effort by the administration to obstruct the lawful constitutional duties of congress. We're not gonna delay our work that would merely. Allow these witnesses and the White House to succeed where their goal which is to delay deny obstruct. To pepper how soon will we actually see public hearings in and you know and then what ever happened to demand that there were Mormon that started all this the whistle blower will we hear from that person. At a well from sources that I had spoken to I believe and they believe that the public hearings phase of this is likely going to start as early as next week. Out of percent to notices earlier so we could be learning about those this week. And was ordered to the whistle blower and I think it's important to note that this whistle blower through their attorneys has said. That. He or she is willing to answer questions from Republicans in written form of a probably gonna come up and testify and before the committee Republicans of course. Are saying that that's not enough including the president as saying that they want the whistle blower that's a testifying had to come and testify publicly or running on my business group president from. Didn't didn't want to is an analyst Robert Mueller but did if they did respond in writing he should have. Appreciate it very ironic and I I think Republicans they are making this story more about the whistle blower now there an you've kind of seen a shift in strategy they want him to come up they. This person they say the person who started this from the beginning but the reality is that all of these witnesses and most of them. Behind closed doors have corroborated and serviceable of the count. And Republicans don't didn't necessarily now want to focus on the facts that are coming out and lose their positions but just about getting the whistle blower settlement and test. We're getting a clearer picture of all the evidence gathered so far in this probe and a public hearings counter folders think he's so much captain's report in Jordan's reporting is online. And you can also read the transcripts for yourselves. As these documents come out over the next few days next. Our two major development today in a fight over president Trump's tax returns the president as you know is the first president in modern times. Not to release his returns to the public. But today a unanimous federal appeals court said Trump's accounting firm has to supply the eight years of returns. I've requested by New York prosecutors in investigation they are doing in a possible financial crimes. Our senior investigator reporter Erin good terse he is in New York he's been on the story today joins me on the phone an errant. It would take a step back present why are New York prosecutors looking for these returns were they trying to find. Given these returns are being sought by the Manhattan district attorney's up as part of an investigation. In two hush payments made it stormy Daniels. And Karen McDougal to women who have alleged. Long denied it bears with president trump before the campaign. And the question is whether those payments may have violated any state law. Related to also buying business record we know Michael Cohen. Went into an overdose hush payments are violating campaign finance law without court a federal investigation and it. Now Manhattan prosecutors are looking into any date law violations. And they say they need those tax returns to determine if there was an Iran doing meanwhile Jordan Phelps the White House says the president. While in office is immune from any criminal prosecution but. There's sort of a catch here right in it in their appeals court's decision today they see this isn't actually about the president but it's about his accounting for. Yet DeVon built with the White House in the president's personal or is making this really sweeping argument here that the president is totally immune because they say. Up his rare constitutional responsibilities as a president from any sort of prosecution while he's an office. That we heard for the president's personal lawyer to a secular their sake the decision of the second circuit will be taken to the Supreme Court issue race in this case goes to the heart of our public. The constitutional issues are significant. So Devin this by no means the end of this legal argument the president's legal team. When you continue fighting here taking this all the way to the Supreme Court. And Arum looking ahead to the United States Supreme Court. Do what what indications do you have about how. This will be dealt with there what will the justices look at when they get this case before the. We'll look I don't think it's a foregone conclusion don't necessarily pink shirt and an actually hear it now of course they'll be hard pressed to. Because it comes directly from the White House and from president trumps legal team but there are some real interesting constitutional. Questions. First the federal appeals court. Wholeheartedly rejected. But at the blanket immunity that corrected and trump what's claiming from any step along the way of a criminal process. We know the Justice Department believes a sitting president cannot be indicted but the federal appeals court says you know a subpoena for tax returns. Is a long way from an indictment and it was a car quickly. Legitimate request so you're the Supreme Court agrees and and you really is no precedent here. Clinton vs Paula Jones what's a civil matter Richard Nixon even was forced to turn over. White House keeps as you know DeVon so there is some precedent. For a president being forced to comply with subpoenas but how much immunity sitting president might have Aaron Crow more court. Criminal procedure that maybe new ground for the Supreme Court if they decide to take up the case. If it makes it there but a significant development nonetheless this federal appeals court unanimously ruined the president does have to turn over. Eight years of returns Erica jurors hear senior investigative reporter think he's so much shored Phelps. I think you from the White House next to the race for 20/20 in a new ABC news Washington Post poll showing the field. Down to three at the top at least take a look at the new numbers. A front runners Joseph Biden air act 20%. Elizabeth Warren tween 3% Sanders seventeen and here it is people to judge rising. Having a bit of a moment at 9% a new salute if occasion here in the three way race as we head. Into November one year out from Election Day journey republic is here a Johnny these numbers are significant is that a new high rent for Elizabeth Warren and ABC Paul. And like you said it's a solicitation of a trend that we've seen all the way going back to July she's risen steadily especially in our polling each went from 11% in July to 70%. Now she's really right there within striking distance of Joseph Biden. And that's something that you know like us and we've been seeing this all throughout the summer and Warner has really been aggressive. In the early states as well you've seen a rise in Iowa to and is. A lot of talk lately about Joseph Biden sort of leg keen falling behind both in fundraising and in some of the polling in the early states but would does seem to keep him afloat in our survey is his. Are are his numbers on electability take a look at this. ABC news asked voters who who has the best chance to be trump these are democratic voters. And look at by a wide margin to abide. Right then you see and that's something that's sort of bullied his candidacy all throughout the entirety haven't you seen. His campaign all day today Sarazen and tweeting and out and telling us what we're looking at these polls this is the best evidence as to why Haitians don't pick Joseph Biden now we should also know though. That that number that electability number they don't who can best be trump has has also been declining for Biden and you've seen Warren dean elements of that is Spanish listening to and I. Some change their perhaps in this head vs heart jags debate we've seen inside the Democratic Party practically thinking may be glad that they love Elizabeth Warren took a look at this when we asked democratic voters who best. Understands your problems. It's actually Bernie Sanders. Topping out when it's 30% mayor Tom there's a surprising. Well that's something I think you've also seen at the core Bernie Sanders campaign. Like that's his main pitch to voters was interesting to see there is that competition between him and warn you seen that spell out and number are different ways you see now within the battle over Medicare for all you see Bernie saying what my plan is actually more progressive. This is a sort of another way that that burning in Warner really kind of been circling each others who pass connects to the working class. Who bass actually sort of self that authenticity to those orders it and finally I just want to point out. Our viewers a number that struck me as significant here on this question of qualities in candidates we talked to electability who best understands. My AA have my issues this one who's the most honest and trustworthy in the democratic field right now look at that's. Biden Sanders. Neck and neck there are but Elizabeth Warren notably down and impurities in the broader field as well one of the lower. Percentages is that woody woody really can. And that's something that especially is coming to focus in the last week since she released her plan to pay for Medicare for I think a lot of her democratic rivals including. Bernie Sanders in including Joseph Biden and a lot of other people in the democratic field the plan and say look. Let's look we're just not being honest to you about the numbers and I think you see that reflected now in the polls of people are still hesitant to say you know the little one has always plans but. He she really being honest about the numbers to back up. Johnny thank you so much let's go out to Iowa now we have full team coverage. Out on the ground after a whirlwind weekend out there shine Haslett who covers the Warren campaign Justin Gomez. Is there on the booty judge bus trip and are serene shies in Los Angeles where of course the come on Harris campaign. Is Anchorage Alastair review the shy and because as we just heard a Johnny say there Elizabeth. Warren under a bit of pressure now since she has. Both come out as a front runner and released details of her Medicare for all planned she's. On the defensive big time. Yeah it's been really interesting we've seen a new phase of the campaign kick off basically since that elegy to hear also the same day. She finally announced that plan to find Medicare for all it really is a warrant on the defensive. Five times last four days we've heard her deliver this. Sort of altered some speech where she talks back how she is the one who will fight for voters and other Democrats aren't she's calling out. In boulder ways than before other Democrats will just not fight for these debate ideas that she's putting for it. And it is an attempt to get out in front of sound as criticism that we've seen lobbed at her most often. That she had so many plans that the ways to find it requires lots of fun and that people just don't simply believed that she can get all that done. That being said it's not just other Democrats who're saying that's it's other its voters its voters and New Hampshire voters here Iowa almost every and then she does get asked you know how will you work across the aisle with Republicans. If your elected. And also how we win over Republicans to get elected. They're bashing has had what we hear from the voters. Let's them do this does does she convince them Cheyenne because rank. We we've we've yeah I mean you document aimed a lot of these people who they they come out of these town halls they say we love you Elizabeth Warren but. Cash I just doubt that you can get this done deck when she answers that had of those people respond. That's a huge it's huge question circling her campaign the voters that support her say. We like that they ideas were here for the big ideas I asked one voter about whether or not she actually thinks Medicare fraud can come to fruition in the way that Warren has laid it out as voter was in Des Moines for the holiday dinner and then in Davenport volunteering. For Warren's campaign and she said. You know meaty it's not gonna happen the way we're related Al and is she quoted orange she said but. Three minute and then another motor had actually printed out that planned and circled a lion and not lying was you don't get what you don't fight for. So I think the idea here is that they like the idea that she's laying out and Daryl K with the fact that compromise might be a part that. Lot of voters still trying to make up their minds a lot of them at least in our poll as well still open to changing their minds as we head into. Our caucus season Chan has thank you so much it's over adjusting Gomez now who has been and that. Mayor Pete did Buddha judge bus tour through Iowa Justin. Boy he seven quite a moment now you're in Spencer Iowa and 7% nationally in our poll would take a look. And how he the mayor is doing an Iowa he's tied for second. Yeah and the mayor is really building up that momentum DeVon it at DLJ dinner on. On Friday night he really. Tried to deliver a message of the post trump presidency and that's kind of the message that he's delivering out here on the trail throughout the town halls that he's held this weekend. And the rallies that's really the message that he wants voters. To understand what is the country gonna look like after trump and how. Mayor Rudy judge can actually take it forward that's what you want them to understand and when I was in the crowd talking to voters this weekend at. There are telling me that they are still trying to wind down their choices but when they see mayor Pete. Up on the stage they see somebody youth for they see him as intelligent and just somebody different than the other candidates in the field. Here's a little bit of what some of them are telling me. Not really sure what it is about and I just feel like he's very seems likely be very personal area open minded. He seems to have killed two. A wide range of people. And I think we just need somebody who's a little more reasonable right now. It's extremely Smart isn't routes dollar is speaks six languages. Handles himself so well. Hi I just think he's a breath of fresh air. He stands out from some of the other Democrats. What we get here in Iowa were more. We stick to our values and some of the Democrats are. Proposing some things that hurts the hunting some islands. I don't believe he. I believe he's more center I believe he's he's lovable guy you can let's talk. Better. And ensure that things to note from that other group of voters are also saying that. They are also considering Elizabeth Warren. The ones here there's so kind of candidate shopping but there. A little skeptical about Medicare for all which is why they're looking towards me or keep we to judge who has a Medicare for all who want to plan which keeps private insurance and plays. And there also just wanting at the end of the day. Any Democrat who can defeat Arnold company general election. Justin Gomez and Spencer Iowa force Justin thank you so much for your gray reporting Johnny. It's just fascinating to hear from voters first hand this again this this dilemma that so many in Iowa are facing right now which is being like a lot of the platforms and these cans but they don't that they can. Connects acute exactly and you seed. At sort of net net hesitancy that it reflected in our poll you have over. Half of voters you know Democrats that we pulled over 50% of them say based they would consider another candidate. You know and 65% of Elizabeth Warren's supporters say they would consider another where. Wit let's talk a little bit about where the rest of the field as we know mayor Pete to Marianne Williamson John Delaney who were in need ms. subs single digits in our poll. They've still fighting they're still fighting they needed on the ballot in New Hampshire today they officially. Will be in the New Hampshire primary on the death or the stragglers like Connolly here she is really slid noon our poll now she went all the way down to the 4%. This must 5% in the recent poll and you've seen her in an almost entirely refocus her her her entire campaign are. Three inch obviously has lot of reporting on napping is really seen a shift in recent listeners. Management and let's go to Los Angeles to get a check in on commoners as campaigns are in shock. A man this is a big swing for her she came out of the gate in double digits soaring. Powder how do you take it in read this this this pretty epic plunge. Yet plunges the best way to say DeVon limo or surprising thing about this poll. Is her numbers back in July she would 11%. And now she is that she'll that is a dramatic drop for the California senator. The people I spoke tuna feel they think they. If you build it ship a clear message she frequently talks Donald Trump. But they say they know all candidates don't like him they want to hear more about what she will do for some also say they don't like that she attacked Joseph Biden in that first debate. Especially want to making clear that actually have a similar position on busing today. Now other people say they have concerns that she could not defend her record against healthy Gabbert at that second debate. One person even told me she can dish it but she can't he get on the last week for team it's completely shifted focus to Iowa. Initially they were depending on this state right here California her home state to carry her through. Thirteen real life they had to put. A lot more effort into that first state it really does generate momentum. They're doubling resource is there are now they're even sending staff from other states there they are slashing their team in their Baltimore headquarters to pay for some of those expensive ad buys an Iowa. The closing down three out of four offices in New Hampshire to make all of this possible she also kept canceled her trip to New Hampshire they're in this week. We caught up with her about that just a couple days gusts that Ellison. We are I am committed to to New Hampshire but we had to make. Did difficult decisions and so yes I'm fallen in Iowa because I was the first day. BC at raffia but the morale under campaign both people don't you wanna talk to reporters right now they want this story to turn around but that is gonna take a lot of work. Her team is currently financially in the red. She's spending the first part and this week fund raising. And it's or to Nevada for more campaigning course Iowa seven. All right she's in it through Iowa's during shot in Los Angeles forced thank you so much and Jenny were Holbrooke or political for a pink striped sweater season and it's clear in the newsroom it's a chilly day. Here in the nation's capital next to the growing national security concerns about the popular social media act act act tick tock he's made millions and American teenagers and young adults. This is of course the shoe short video clip sharing service used. Cobb by a lot of Americans but it is the fact that it is Chinese owned that is causing a big concern particularly here on Capitol Hill were. Officials are raising concerns about censorship in data collection possible national security implications. And for more on this town drummer Louis Smith met sockets with wired who it covers security issues at their Louise thanks for coming in. Downforce what the C big security concerns are here do you think there's much to it. So consumed camps the birth cabin of censorship concerns right like our. It is take sock it to our parent company is Chinese start up ice dance. Are they censoring. Out stuff like Hong Kong the opinions are independent user data bank is information about US. Users blowing by Dan and the Chinese are got candidate you can earn. Lawmakers tack here and whether bell actually pan out and out. And what what's the companies and about it. So take a trend that they don't store any data on US users in China and actually sort all the US and it. Backed up in Singapore. They say that their content moderation team is here in California and the US and that they don't. You know allowed the Chinese Government to influence that men and you know for now it's kind of it is weird investment in. This weird investigation in congress that it's not here just a straight national can security investigation. They're actually looking at how to talk acquired at other popular social media music. Which stayed and then shut out and reaper and to top two years ago that Nydia imported about being united did. Is looking at acquisition and whether that was proper. So as a techie read an on this Louise out where where do you come out right now. Do you use tick tock do you recommend parents should let their kids used ticked up. I used to talk GAAP as a ground reporting an and I think that right now we don't have and he. You know. Solid evidence showing that there are any national security concerns here and editors are more basic things that parents can be concerned about. Gordy talking to you on this where they communicating with earlier this year to talk with buying by the Federal Trade Commission or collecting information on users illegally who were minors under the age of thirteen at adding that more kind of a ready. More current concern right now is national security in China or risk getting kind of more collection of the ongoing street war. And concerns over while way the other tech giant and of course their cellphones and so your Diebler data networks that are under fire as well fascinating story Louise. I'm at sockets at wired thank you so much will continue to follow your reporting Luis. Finally today the World Series champions today paid a visit to the White House here in their hometown there it is on the South Lawn of the White House the president. Had some warm things to say about his next. America fell in love with the Mets. Baseball they just fell at level in that space well that's all they wanted to talk about. That an impeachment. I like that's baseball much more. And the president there. Making a reference to impeachment saying loves them that's more would take a look at this moment that went viral on mine it was when. And that's catcher Kurt Suzuki took the left turn their put on and make America great again had to look at that hug from Donald Trump it was a full embrace. From behind. Hi I'm the president. A little bit awkward fit her. But nonetheless the president showing some love also received. A Jersey from god that's first baseman Ryan Zimmerman as well which he will now. No doubt display in the Oval Office all the players were there today from the team except pitcher Sean Doolittle he said he couldn't do it because the president's rhetoric. You remember the president was acting in five of the World Series in Washington where he was cheered and mildly booed. In the stadium there but the president. Keeping a smile on things and today very gracious host to the Washington Nationals hats off again to those World Series champions here Washington thanks to you for watching us here in the briefing room on this Monday we're here every day 3:30 eastern time 530 and 630 as well download the ABC news after. To follow us 24 sevenths Marxist live commercial free right there are any app as well on Devin Dwyer Washington. To see Rebecca tomorrow.

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