Democrats respond to pulled GOP healthcare bill

"We are very proud of the Affordable Care Act," Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said.
2:03 | 03/24/17

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Transcript for Democrats respond to pulled GOP healthcare bill
Good afternoon. I'm very proud to be here with house democratic leadership. The unity of our house democratic members with very important message to the country. That we are very proud of the Affordable Care Act yesterday as you know with his seven year anniversary of the president signing the bill. And the American people express their support forest that message became very clear. To our colleagues on the Republican side of the and I. Today is a great day for our country to victory but acting on the floors of victory for the American people. For our seniors or people with disabilities. Act children. For our veterans. In the and a also it's not just about the 24 million people who now wound half the author of the health insurance it's about the 155. Million people who receive their health benefits. In the work place. Still not the assaulted by some of the provisions that the Republicans put in the bill specially last night when they removed the essential benefits. Package. So again this is pretty it's pretty exciting for us yesterday anniversary. Today a victory for the Affordable Care Act more importantly for the American people. Tomorrow is that's the cheap 51 anniversary of president. Of that the reverend Martin Lisa king junior. Saying in the speech that most equipment to Cliburn. Quotes often to us that of all the reforms and inequality. Inequality in health care is probably the most inhumane. And can sometimes lead to death. And that is the spirit in which we came into this debate. Honoring the balance of our founders of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness a healthy life and liberty to Priscilla has been so it's a batter. Country it's at an act and the vision of our founders it's a bad our faith. And it's about. The unity of the Democrats. United buyer values.

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"\"We are very proud of the Affordable Care Act,\" Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46359314","title":"Democrats respond to pulled GOP healthcare bill","url":"/Politics/video/democrats-respond-pulled-gop-healthcare-bill-46359314"}