Democrats say witnesses carry strong evidence in impeachment inquiry

Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) says there is a tremendous amount of evidence in the public that warrants the impeachment of President Trump.
4:01 | 11/13/19

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Transcript for Democrats say witnesses carry strong evidence in impeachment inquiry
I want to bring in right now representative Mike Quigley who will be in that room he's a Democrat from Illinois. You'll be one of lawmakers pushing both these men today and represented quickly you know in baseball you're leadoff batter is the main U wanna get on base. Why did the committee choose to have both ambassador Taylor and George can start these proceedings. I think their key witnesses to this scheme ambassador Taylor and a mr. camp are some of the cream about a diplomatic corps. And I think in an extraordinary. Clear compelling credible and consistent way they tell the story of the president's attempt to. They extort an ally and a very vulnerable point. To profit politically. Are the Democrats ready for the Republican offense you know we know that the Republicans have brought in some of their heavy hitters including representative Jim Jordan. Who's gonna try to rebut anything you guys do out there. They're trying to make this as much as they can about politics and that the president essentially they've had an inappropriate call but he didn't do anything illegal. It doesn't matter who they bring forward to do the questioning or to act this is always been about. Deflection and distractions. That shouldn't bother the American people there is an extraordinary amount of evidence in the public domain. I think the White House call. The bulk of messages the transcript. I'm mr. molding these admission I think this just builds upon what the public already knows. Now rivers are quickly what do you tell me about. Represented ship and how we gonna open these proceedings he had a stumble at the start of this with the force public hearing we had it all the into this phone call. Are we need to seek see the same from represented ship or will he just stick to the facts this time. Well look I take them. Public should trust represented the chairmanship. Everything he does he is dishonorable and Smart and hardworking. A member as I have ever worked with it's it's been an extremely difficult task beginning with the Russian investigation. Leading into this. And I think representation it's as good as anyone we can't have leading this investigation. Rivers and quickly what's your goal in in your questions today what what do you want the American people to understand about this. I think that. What most members have done and that set some members have done in the past this make this a tree half minute speech. I think that membership with their egos aside and facilitate. Allowing witnesses to tell the story. And they did in the deposition. So this isn't about the members are questions. It's about facilitating. Two important people in the investigation. Allowing them to tell the story. That they talked about in these depositions. Touch me about the challenge to Democrats and other impeachment proceedings in other instances like this we had. A breaking with Watergate we had the president lying under both. With President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky what do you have here do you have a smoking gun here and what are you guys gonna hammer home throughout these next several days. I think you go back to the president misdeeds the fact he could do me a favor he didn't talk about corruption he didn't mention the word corruption once. In his July 25 column. He forced. He extorted. A very vulnerable new president. At war with one of our greatest adversaries. And he held off this will be documented in the weeks to come he held up a much desired White House meetings. And aid military aides that he would not release. For any other reason than public and congressional pressure. I don't think if the whistle to whistle blower had back come forward. That it would not have been released it would not have been released kind of a timely basis to make it effective to defend that country against Russian aggression. Representative Mike Quigley thank you for your time we know you're gonna head into that room later today to Stabile very long gave peace a thank you for giving us your time their representative Mike Quigley Democrat from Illinois.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) says there is a tremendous amount of evidence in the public that warrants the impeachment of President Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66971652","title":"Democrats say witnesses carry strong evidence in impeachment inquiry","url":"/Politics/video/democrats-witnesses-carry-strong-evidence-impeachment-inquiry-66971652"}