DHS chief: U.S. faces 'pandemic' of cyber threats

Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen said Americans are now facing a "pandemic" of threats from cyber-spies and cyber-thieves around the world, echoing a warning she has made before.
2:52 | 10/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DHS chief: U.S. faces 'pandemic' of cyber threats
We are witnessing a resurgence. Of nation states threats. Countries such as China hiring in North Korea and Russia are willing to use all elements of national power to undermine us. And the overall threat from for an out the series is at its highest levels since the Cold War. This is not a fair fight either private companies nor citizens are quick to oppose nation state pretzel and a it's a DHS is foraging nationwide partnerships to protect our country. Which weeks ago until the mid terms top of mind for most Americans is a Russian interference in our 2016. Elections. This was a direct attack on our democracy. We should not cannot and will not tolerate such attacks nor let them happen again. In the past two years DHS has retained in hand with officials in all fifty states in the private sector. To make our election infrastructure more secure than ever as sharing intelligence. Thawra deploying cyber experts to do voluntary scans and secure systems and permitting best practices. But and it turns next month our network heard this month next amount. Our network security sensors will cover 90%. Of registered voters and on Election Day we will be out in full force and hosting a virtual nationwide situation room. Two sister partners. DHS is also undertaking new partnerships with industry injure agency partners such as the FBI. An international stakeholders to counter foreign interference in our democracy. And to prevent out the series from infiltrating US companies and critical industries. For cyber attacks now exceed the risk of physical attacks don't get Iran terrorists criminals and foreign have a series continued to threaten. The physical security of our people. But cyberspace is the most active battlefield and it extends into almost every American home. For instance the viral spread a volatile malware has reached the pandemic stage. He worldwide outbreak of cyber attacks and cyber vulnerabilities. We saw last year in both Russia and North Korea unleash destructive code that spread across the world causing untold billions in damage. In response the White House and DHS have released new cyber strategies outlined how we are changing do we read you business. In July we hosted the first ever national cyber security summit grant announced the launch at the DHS national risk management center. This will service's central hub for government and private sector partners to share information and to better secure the digital ecosystem together. We're also driving forward ambitious supply chain security efforts to Jennifer upstream weaknesses are operating at downstream consequences. And perhaps most importantly DHS is working with their partners throughout the administration. To hold cyber attackers and cap off. The United States has a full spectrum of options some seen others unseen and we're party using them to call out cyber adversaries to punish them. And to deter future bad behavior.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen said Americans are now facing a \"pandemic\" of threats from cyber-spies and cyber-thieves around the world, echoing a warning she has made before.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58405202","title":"DHS chief: U.S. faces 'pandemic' of cyber threats","url":"/Politics/video/dhs-chief-us-faces-pandemic-cyber-threats-58405202"}