The Diner All Presidential Candidates Must Stop At

ABC News' Brad Mielke stops at MaryAnn's Diner and continues his tour of the first primary state's campaign trail hotspots.
16:40 | 10/20/15

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Transcript for The Diner All Presidential Candidates Must Stop At
Eight on and a nod in New York when last we left him. Our roving reporter in New Hampshire ABC's Brad Melky was carping on the and bank neatly knees diner. In Keene, New Hampshire this man might have one of the toughest gig in TV today. He is visiting five diners in one day common thing to eat. At least the station as he plays Brad you are now is Maryann. In dairy New Hampshire is that race. Let's write an hour and a half east of where we just work. At the end of today you'll probably feel this pull me down the road that investing is able to drive and it's. Beautiful day to dangerously outside but here the energy is very warm and cozy. Though Mary and it's kind of like another throwback diner. Pocket placing New Hampshire another one of those month. Obviously four candidates on the campaign trail right what's it like it died. Well he. You're exactly right throwback a lot of these places are throwback places right knowing their history the fifties and sixties. This place actually wasn't built until the 1980s but it's got the 1950s died in fact. If you look around here and all the stuff. We just turn the camera around to show you the seat. You'll see all the weaknesses after blue skirts on it had been purchased and her hair there's certain. So it isn't. Coke floats everybody root beer floats and it's definitely electricity elements that there on the wall and it's definitely throw that in fact that we business jukebox and actually put a few quarters ending in place to stay out. Get my arthritic India than the last one you are acting like they really went all in on this in 1950 being here to what new or different in this play. From Lindy where you were in the morning. Well it's closer to Manchester and Manchester is the place where all the candidates. Look to come in because it's been one large city in New Hampshire see action to find a lot more candidates. On a date debate on a day to day basis for the expert on this actually might be our the general manager here Christina injury only. Christina maybe it. Come over here with me. Welcome here here live on And maybe you could tell us actually what separates this place from your average New Hampshire. I. Complete turnaround actually clean clean and here's this year so it becomes it community anybody dollars and married and panhandlers on the way to variances. Everyone seems no end and I'm glad a lot of explosion last. I'm nineteen years. Politics Nancy and we have a lot of homes. Do interviews and whatnot so we actually had national me again as things get out of place that's how. How do you convinced him. I'm here by the way and not enough the restaurant down the road we actually don't do anything they come to us that it years ago I can't leverage and it was clumsy. In a segment where we. In other kinds of people would depend opinions and and dust can't. They don't pollen count. Eight we don't have to ask anything they come here we get help bosnians and apparently the man who. Oh his. GOP it obviously I can imagine some restaurants in the world probably don't wanna have a circus of a media coming in just you know. Does disturbing all the customers because kind of welcome to Kelly had a few regular accident. Back talent but they haven't seen before aren't you know they might choose to sit in section. Open up inside me that night for the most are people love the fact they could come in just the good fatalism and end up eating candy. It's great people like. That's great and done I think Christine is agreed to give us a little tour of the play solo home. All casino where should we start if you would like there's plenty of pictures here candidates' hands and other you know. Red Sox players who braved bullets turn the camera around him. And so yes and who we see and hear. Isn't it funny. I. Outweigh he had and help go look Howard Dean. It's Howard Dean of course we're right across the border in Vermont so I'm sure he was a familiar with the some of the area residents Bill Bradley yeah. So what does this really wanted this really picked up when did you. Start seeing candidates come walking there. Yeah hey probably he is and I peace we'll come. I. Suck exhibited against. Us there's Ron Paul of course the sun room and tune in as well. That's how metrics and thought I ended the first time. Also this is all the more this is the candidate just coming this year just as much as pristine. And of course Bill Clinton. Clinton actually cameras must come today. Place next week we. Had actually Hillary here yet she's not hall UC. Another case of Hillary Clinton not coming to a diner yet so incoherent on Larry Lucchino for other us. The hearing covering some kind of pattern here that I think is something we need to really into hey I'm sure you want to ask her. She mentioned that some of the regular sometimes go and hide in other foods when they see candidates coming if they don't wanna get in all of if people there actually talk about presidential politics as much as we talk about presidential politics didn't answer. Yeah let's ask us. She isn't you know you get these people that are hiding out trying to get away from all the humbled sometimes but you think the average New Hampshire right matters grand cedar. Talks about politics that he'd rather table meeting more than the average American. I'm this time here say yes because you know other out of place coming opulent. On easy on the news this year's that was yesterday's meeting obviously you know politics focus on being unions are just increased my top U. Kind of I would I was. The and I would agree on up from just my time here it does seem like in New Hampshire you can tell who's from here who's not because I ask somebody who they're voting for. Anyone from another from when the other 4948. States won't tell me but everyone from New Hampshire seems to want to discuss it with me and it's not a lot of thoughts on the topic Cella where where else are we go here. We Hannity working to prosecute let's. Now playlist to get than she blocks. Why do any of the candidates ever get a kick out of hand when their van happening in the past I'm curious as they play. Some yeah note to candidates ever plus attitude here. I'm really haven't anyone's thinking they might dancing outpacing all they know David sought to imagine Mitt Romney does he know busted a move. I'm not so much I'm sorry and that Romney was clearly happy hour. In the end he needs here you know they didn't even get off wages and Barack. Hundred pounds around. He notes. And that was CEO Jeff became national news people that were actually in mountain. London front man on a lot like the world. I like I just you and that telling everybody I heard. About this story this is actually come of the famous moments. 2012 campaign and we're Mitt Romney pretended that somebody has kind of pinched in London life. I don't let your asset no doubt the waitress and actually do that but it could happen to evident earlier than we thought it was kind of funny dancing Cuddy. This kind play a little joke and waitresses let us. She must have felt like this. You know as soon as he left the media Flockhart ask you can't sit. Green but it was it went everywhere it was area. That's funny and and by the way I should just point at the end outfit here is so classic he got via the Poodle skirts. A lot of allegiances have handkerchiefs and now and it hurts doesn't it pretty great great. So what else can show us. Aghast and that's not working. But it's not yet another dollars and yeah yeah absolutely so we gotta get. Yes we always want to see the pitching at let us know what to look pocket and posted on that and life you he has yet. I bet you this morning in the vehicle excavation that there hasn't had. And here me. I'm going hands disappear maybe you could tell them what's on the menu today what what are people what the signature dish what it's like to have the Hungarian. They like bananas out. I got out here. Across Graham who need it tomorrow morning place exits Boston hosted a breakfast crowd close around two in the afternoon. But that his people coming from an early breakfast and then. We are some homemade. Protect a presidential politics today give a favorite story of a candidate come through anyway was really fun to it to me. Find out what they. Accidents happen and we'll be just aren't like him yeah. Outlet is all that was. All right let's let's check out with a magic happen. Not so here's the kids and here's the dramatic end tonight if I come back here and take a look at the good. Well sort order books that are. That would get paid. They're famous for have a lot. The goblet has been grown here. Alan adds in some beautiful. I'll be here. Stated that all didn't have a girl. Hearing anything about. What can an eight. I think you're being fed. Along with busy day. Double check still. I think it's a banana stuffed French coast. That is what I'm looking for although I even got to say. But those pegs are looking. And who follows politics. Bush Doctrine. I'm South Carolina. Thank you ran high speed. So little. What ever. Areas telling a person in the dining. You guys gotta love. Yes I'm into a van after. In the race and I. I mean yeah. You're dining ever really thought this place I today. I need went here whenever anybody like Chris. When I'm Republicans Bob. You know I mean I know what was actually. Even after about baseball and I would ask you a little. Oh yeah there you go. It seems like on the Davis who should come killer six. I don't know that the Secret Service. Number but I got to try to come this French toast I think about hundreds what I should. Not ignite I don't mind. All right well. Let's see do think it is hands on some of that French toast and for endless parade. Grad as a very interesting scene without thinking again I hear him. You get to do a little bit aware and they account and are hearing it here first earnings look at. And it. Immediately I could sit right here. Absolutely so. Let's say I'm betting it looked up here are some of their famous banana stuffed French toast and history you come hero. I've been known. You senator regular film I'm here with Live right now come. What do you like about this diner compared do you know an average an average New Hampshire instrument road uprooting closer. If you room with whom. Observers agree. We've known through. I this sooner it is done and say oh my goodness we'll look what she has broad any war it's incredible and so what we've. Which might tell me again when that what is this again. Kids bananas upfront sounds and easy to Brittany and I sign. Spammers NASCAR race on the outside me. Yeah. Goodness all right we'll let me. Let me see if baggage we can give his own shot here so even years of investigation from after it. But that isn't a sentence or not to take is they give a bite is over Wendy's. I didn't say Brad your dedication. To journalism craft really really impressive today. You're going above and beyond. Thank you. Yeah you know I take this job very seriously. Ends. It's a tough gig but I am realistic and accurate here and just trying to ingratiate myself to. New Hampshire and learn learn Marcellus but if you'll excuse me here please just try this. I did not I do not manage to get a small nightmare that. That this Brad militant giving it the full alert and experience New Hampshire diner to diner all day today. When you say that the act yet. Pretty bad. It's fantastic to strawberries that whipped cream my buddy here just gave me an extra napkins as you can tell that I need to think that but I don't. It's a banana flavor and again I don't know how I'm gonna say no to eating this entire thing so I might need to take take the next twenty minutes here I'll see you later. Well if it's brunch o'clock so you take your time. Fuel up and we're going to be checking back in review later today I don't know how he's gonna find the room that somehow. But now he's got the re more diners to hit before the day is over. If you want to follow him you can follow him on Twitter at the Brad Melky and of course. Watch all his lab report here later in the day for now I'm on an about the New York we'll have more soon.

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{"duration":"16:40","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke stops at MaryAnn's Diner and continues his tour of the first primary state's campaign trail hotspots.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"34604145","title":"The Diner All Presidential Candidates Must Stop At","url":"/Politics/video/diner-presidential-candidates-stop-34604145"}