Director Spike Lee Defends Upcoming Film 'Chiraq'

Chicago city leaders want name of film changed, arguing there is more to Chicago than gun violence.
23:13 | 05/14/15

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Transcript for Director Spike Lee Defends Upcoming Film 'Chiraq'
The live event for you now house film director Spike Lee on the defensive discussing his upcoming film shy rack. Which is already sparked some controversy in Chicago city cleaners there. Are asking that they change the name of the film which compares gun violence in Chicago to a warm zone in Iraq by the way it's supposed to be a musical common. Let's listen to Spike Lee responded those critics. Get ready to talk about this film Shaq racked expect currently filming we have. In the background there you can see actor John Cusack. Director Spike Lee himself and there are a number of other us celebrities. Slade is to be in this film there is worth it Jennifer Hudson will be in the movie Jeremy hidden and the number of other luminaries. Spike leave though falling under a lot of criticism for calling the movie tie rack again comparing gun violence and Chicago's south side. To the war zone. Iraq and heavy criticism from Iraq manual in Chicago as well as other city leaders there who. While the name change they say it is unfair to target these communities. Which have a lot of good things going on. Simply focus on. The bath violence there. He clearly supporters behind Spike Lee will be interesting to see. What he says about this village of poverty. Brought so much controversy it appears that there has. Family members and victims of gun violence there tuning one would think support slightly. Damp. Her Lowe's Chicago let's listen. And was happy to Chicago. The Dave. Chicago Gracie. I want to thank. My brother. And vessel is it wrong we'll. My related please thank. You. Let us. Use this great isn't it agencies minus. A bright clear and park. Close. They England. A lot of things in his senate about the stone. But people who know nothing about. A lot of people have it. This so called title film. Again know nothing about him. So we don't do is. Trophy it. Then. Say what the American. There's still make. That people doughnuts. Not people because judging from afar. Any game. Don't know what the hell is wrong. Here we are gathered today. With. The easiest all game behind me in front of me. We want to tell. Chicago. Illinois. That just United States that are left the world. Why. Does stone. That. So. Settles fee is here. And we'll bring over the Mike. My brother. Reviled. My movie. Thank you start. Personal Aziz spice gonna deal with the movie. When he comes America true the it is it is speakers. Given that movies review of that. As fire has ads make sure they're secretive and he's not going to take any questions. Eritrea as speakers it would take any questions at the end. First I want to read a statement was brought out by. Joking no probable. Moeller silence for tonight's game. Bridges the next game you the last statement and it's yeah. You're joking no. I realize that titles in Iraq could be perceived as a quirk occasional violence. But the reality of what is happening in the city of Chicago. Is not something that Cuba should hide from. I'm confident spike will present a thoughtful portrayal of this city. I'm honored and excited to support the film. And it continued movement for positive change joking no Chicago school. Let me say this. For Zoe it was a reality. The reality is and a first 134. Days of this year since January 1 2015. There's been 780. Shootings. In the first 134 days 780 shootings. 660. Porsche 116. Q. Last night there were fourteen shot in the city. Three prevail. That's nearly six. Day. Being shot in Chicago. Since January 1. We must face the reality. What's going on not just in Chicago we're going on across America. We can I prevent. We cannot become a new until we cannot ignore we cannot deny it. Violence is real error. And we must face the reality we must face the reality of guns in America. Where it's easier and so meaningless to get done that a computer. We've got to deal with the reality of guns and the proliferation of guns in this country and goes on making money off again gone. We can't ignore this reality. This is true of the reality. These stories of pain and tragedy. We're not graduation numbers out but to a cemetery to visit their child. We're not painting a C. We're paying a reality there is different girl and his car. I can't think of a great person did faces reality. This summer with the history and a body of work I'll slightly. Nobody should better at that base is three it is who can't miss practice this. Program is his best president and group and his will. Because outrageous and deal with issues. Is an African American director and one of the best practice in America. Who did. American community. Who's hiring for the African American community dealing with the African American issues. Sound real right to me. Offers solutions. That's all for peace and it costs ought to look within ourselves and how it is out. This horrific tragedy in America brings you know. The parents are resort paint were natives. And. Lee. And us. There will be needed it isn't. We went is that but here is in that is unpleasant situation. Well it is my Mother's Day yes and they. We could play. He's not yet and it's easy we have all the calls it. This play out their back then my. Look like he is not here they say he has lived here Mother's Day. So we. Easily foresee as it is is and we parents here but there we have all the polls I. Way out there. I this rapid and positive remembrances. So actually I can't even in prison or is it that they. Well why is what I say and it is that you put I think it's CB house. Ask you live save my children we. They have real life and I think it. You mentioned than price surrounded. He atheism was shot coming out China's. Hundreds anything that houses and making this is my son Randy no no ground say is that I have an idea Padilla's. Playground. How he was coming home schooled on the Bosnia. Food it needs he would not be saying that he was you yeah you know if you don't rise to vote where he was. Yeah yeah comedy. She I don't know I didn't know and can move from a bridge she was here you have more. What sign here oh yeah yeah yeah. In his inches tall US and feel we have. My own work here. Every house and enlisted in the heart and send your. He was at home of the week it. And countless. Emails and what does this he's yet as few as one out of here is so you know. He's even op it's I could be no. I. Right image. Any good reason I didn't. Working in her. Players. Yeah. That's. Over. Retorted include. And hiding floor. Right now. It's take I didn't hear or we played well you know there. There had been I think is going her way home he. Its turnaround. King I can't happen a week later again and come home and airy and runner in every country. So for me it's not reality. And hit the screen here gain. We the death rate in this country Myanmar agreed not to. Eight global and then I run intention. It that we Alison. Hayden. Hewlett I think different people and this is rated who have heard. And things that aren't we were really good anything its rights. Dell or. It is real. Yeah. Electrocuted and a very active and I heard. Did everything right we'll ladies here in Michigan university. Graduate. Later than. Not if three months later I don't want tickets Range Rover. I didn't get around. These are real situation that we do anyway so it iron age that I would they did. To tell someone else's freedom and eat my. Every country it's real. Climate change and yeah. Kids think in Chicago the Ada. And brilliant as street and. I'll be very. Despite Columbia until he when he was up. We met. And he loved me and his. Johnny the only reason to do this film is to help save lives. The bill was at Chicago but it could easily be any urban Americans that he where poverty and violence in desperation whatsoever present. This bill stands in a long and fine tradition of American films of conscience. And are good are anyway works valiantly to shrink again. Between words and symbols and the truth people live work every day and field underneath there's yet. Politics consent that you be opposite times and it has a different agenda and politics politicians can be vehicle has a habit and I get. Heart must be courageous. And anybody who wants a more peaceful America will understand where the heart of this film kids. And speaking personally there really is no controversy around this bill themselves manufactured political controversy. You people say it's controversial and at a press repeats it. But controversial who it nobody talking to here. Put it this way I am 100% sure. That the great city of Chicago. Can survive don't conscience. Just like it did transformers. Yeah. I think there's oh yeah. All of Chicago and I would never do anything to hurt it and I'm very proud to be in this film stand. We've later this fight and the people saint Sabina. And we will try to do. I would like to introduce. The spikes co writer. And professor. The University of Kansas. Had a room. I will say yes as an honor to be with the experience here. Lou. That a Kansas City contributors accuses. Here's city. As the same problems the Chicago. This this week that we lost. Several babies these shootings you can see. As well as status fight and I have worked for years. To make this. It's a film about hope. It's a film about peace. The woman justice. Is still taking ownership of the problem. And we hope that this film can be. Chicago better we hope to convey his city better. New Orleans. New York. LA Baltimore. We hope the film who can bring is ultimately. One thing. Now we welcome. Want to know. And I Mattel is paying. I think that. To me artists. Every us artists I love. Let me hate school and no it's right. Musicians. Don't make it back in. Dave hold a mirror. What is happening in the world. And he Dudack. We have no fear. It if you fears and how did those who ride. And in clothing. That means wait wait wait back I mean do right. There were people use it is still it was a close rights. All wells and there. That black people who Romo. People wrote that this film. Without David Dinkins. From being the first American Media news it. It was a whole budget thing. But those people interviewed on the wrong side his right. And it seems to have vision right and you look stupid and cult side of his. We're repeat. It. We us. I don't yeah we reiterate. What. Reagan say it. Last night it may thirteenth. India's oh. 2015. Fourteen human beings. Musharraf. On the news were very Hussein we were murdered her ride. Learned does not. They did gain Bradley gaining the name. Please call but it is. It's murder. Is Kate in someone's life. And is a ripple. I've made many trips as U preparations. Am choosing Warren who live here it is 630 flight from LaGuardia. When his ended their intent Fannie and although I feel. Wanted members of a reduction. He and his brother. Was shut down. Global. And is. That's not the way when it means. That's not what you wanted me. Someone's family and I. This and his driver. When his son Julio cinecast. We have to stop the madness. This insane. There live don't go that OP don't drive time they'll go toward. Is nothing to do about Chicago. Lose it or is it come. Monthly. Yeah I don't mind. Stuck with the booty who. It is not about just don't know about Chicago. Luz in business. Will go back to the right thing I can. Want to let me this isn't the right thing was then. Spike. In that deal was. The destruction of property. Why was it mores of the time. Cells in his piece we have burdened down. But those critics that none of them all the local life right Maria and I hate. City habitable wild ride this Phoenix it's CBS. Welcome. Let's not put it property. And problem. Or human life and I has put an end it now viewed that tape in question. Look at people look. There's not a joke. Is not and gain. Isn't real life and death. And that's what we've been approached his bathroom close. Albany united way it is in about them and I don't. Like I discussed below the street. Been doing this is 1986. And I ride this cycle. It doesn't let his belt. Did not think it does well thank you. They clothes iron over it. This is serious business. We need not play well. And no one wants to be in Denver. Right. It is as well right now. We like 81 minutes. We want to shut it down and grind this out. So. I love Chicago yeah. You know. Wait for the movie. Comes out. The only elected Clinton wait seated first night. Great Boris right. There's great balls. We list the wait but Moya beat you read how many people got shot. I'm going to kill. And as he will beat you know it's. You'll get he says. Today. So much. And that is who the mother. And I hope that this is. Bait. They haven't movie director Spike Lee responding to criticism. Over his upcoming movie shy rack which describes. Or compare his gun violence in Chicago to the war zone in Iraq he was supported there by manly many family members. Who were victims who were family members of victims of gun violence. He was also joined by day local clergymen. And cast members John Cusack of the movie promising that even though it is supposed to be musical comedy. That it will do you listen very serious issues and it will be a work of hope. And justice will be sure Iraq is excess expected to be released. Sometime next year and keep up with this story in real time by downloading ABC news act and starting this story for exclusive updates on the go. And I Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"23:13","description":"Chicago city leaders want name of film changed, arguing there is more to Chicago than gun violence. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"31043128","title":"Director Spike Lee Defends Upcoming Film 'Chiraq'","url":"/Politics/video/director-spike-lee-defends-upcoming-film-chiraq-31043128"}