DNC Chair: Dem convention will be ‘coming to you from all over America’

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez discusses the upcoming convention, Joe Biden’s possible running mates and the chances of Democrats flipping key red states.
6:56 | 07/30/20

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Transcript for DNC Chair: Dem convention will be ‘coming to you from all over America’
Chair of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez thanks so much for joining us their pleasure to be with you again. So the Democratic Convention just a few weeks away of course it's going to be entirely different without those thousands of delegates in person but. What kind of specifics can you tell us about the plans for that week in what Americans can expect as Joseph Biden officially accepts the democratic nomination. I think it's going to be a really exciting week gets going to be different from. Prior conventions but I still think it's gonna be inspirational it'll be anchored in Milwaukee vice president will be. Accepting the nomination in Milwaukee will have. Really exciting. Array. Distinguished speakers and Milwaukee and will this'll be a convention coming to you from all over America. And I think that will be really exciting and and we made sure to put public health first. To be safe. And I think we have done that very. Effectively and will continue to do so. Unlike the other side they've been all over the map and that Joseph Biden doesn't need his ego massage. He wants to talk about. The challenges of the moment his vision for an America that works for everyone. And Joseph Biden of course weighing that critical decision selecting his running mate we know that he plans to choose a woman but. Think the current climate in our country how important do you think it is that he select a woman of color. Well I think he has an array. Incredible choice there's a deep bench and and he himself indicated that there were. I believe for African American women than he was considering and whoever he chooses is going to I think meet the moment because. Right now it will first of all by definition it will be historic we're gonna have our first female vice president next January 20 and that is remarkable. And every single person under consideration understands. That we have three panda Amex right now we have. The kogan pandemic we have the economic recession which is more akin to a depression right now. And we have a civil rights pandemic and all of them are I think. Really really well suited to you to meet this moment and I will be excited about any of the choice that he makes because there's a deep bench. And the vice president is Yunel is ahead in many polls but it's still early there's been some talk about whether Democrats can actually expanding electoral map in and compete in states like Texas and Georgia. Is that realistic given a limited ability to campaigned in a pandemic or should the biding campaign and the DNC will focus on. On putting resource is in to states like these. While we take none of this polling for granted the only poll that matters is on November the third I am heartened by what we. Scene now and and we've been making investments dating back. Over a year and a critical battlegrounds and and the vice president because his appeal is so wide ranging. We are seeing the field expand there's three there's really three types of states are these focusing on he's we're focused on making sure we retained. Those states we won in 26 team like Virginia and Nevada a few others like that. Making sure that we flip states that we did not win in 20s16 examples of that obviously. Michigan. Pennsylvania Wisconsin. Florida. And another other states that we haven't won for some time but I think we can absolutely. Win those states Arizona nor Carolina Georgia. We won Ohio in 2082012. And the vice president is doing well there is doing well across. All of these states because the American people want a uniter and sheep they want somebody with empathy and compassion they want. What a dreamer and a doer and I think that's Joseph Biden and they want someone. Who isn't trying to divide this day in and day out they're tired of the Tweeter NG bailout problem solver in chief because big problems right now. And lastly before you were DNC chair and labor secretary you ran the Justice Department civil rights division in the Obama administration so. Just to get your reaction to a message the president put out today ending a fair housing rule put in place by Obama the president tweeted I'm happy to inform all of the people living their suburban lifestyle dream. That you will no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighborhood. Your housing prices will go up based on the marketing crime although down I've rescinded the Obama biting a FFH rule in joy. But that seems like a play for white suburban voters what's your reaction to that and how do you think that Joseph Biden should respond. While this is distracting Donald and his words we just crossed that a 150000. Deft threshold. In the corona virus and he's out sweeting. It's not even dog whistle politics because dog whistle. Are subtle there's nothing subtle about what he's doing. Let me be clear I worked on that rule I'm proud of that rule the fair housing act was passed in 1968. Roughly a week after the assassination of Doctor King. It provision of the fair housing act calls for. Every locality not suburban America every community in America must affirmatively further fair housing and other words. We need to create opportunities. In every corner of this country remember Donald Trump. He built his housing empire where his father on the foundation of housing discrimination and he was held accountable. They used to put a C on their applications for housing which match someone of color. There was no subtlety to Donald Trump and his father's discrimination. Today's discrimination. It is more subtle and that is why we have these provisions in the fair housing act but make no mistake about it. What he's doing here is no different than the caravans of 2018. And you know what. It's unconscionable. People understand. That this is not right this is not America and by the way one of that remarkable things in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder. Was that the peaceful protests. Not only took place in cities they took place. In urban suburban and rural America because we all understand. That when George Floyd can't breathe our democracy can reap. Donald Trump is trying to turned the clock back to Jim Crow. And our voters are having none of it. Boaters. Across an ideological spectrum that's why Joseph Biden. As such a diverse and eclectic coalition and his reaction is very clear. The fair housing act reflects the values of the American people. Inclusion and opportunity. For every one. Everywhere that's what that rule was about. Shame on Donald Trump but. No surprise there. DNC chair Tom Perez thank you as always we appreciate your time. A pleasure.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez discusses the upcoming convention, Joe Biden’s possible running mates and the chances of Democrats flipping key red states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72064325","title":"DNC Chair: Dem convention will be ‘coming to you from all over America’","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-chair-dem-convention-coming-america-72064325"}