Former DNC chair Donna Brazile discusses allegations about Democratic Party in new book

Brazile, a former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, talks about her experience through the 2016 election and why she decided to write a book about it.
9:19 | 11/07/17

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Transcript for Former DNC chair Donna Brazile discusses allegations about Democratic Party in new book
Brazile makes a lot of shocking claims about how Democrats blew the election in her new book, "Hacks: The inside story of the break-ins and breakdowns that put Donald Trump in the white house." And we can't wait to talk to her about it. Please welcome Donna Brazile. So what is this? What is this book? Tell me about this book. It is my examination of what happened last year. 2016 will go down in history as one of the most disruptive political seasons that we've had in a long time. As the interim chair to the democratic party and by the way, second time. There will not be a third time so everybody can believe Donna Brazile -- the D next to my name next year will be dance party. Maybe you'll join me. This was a very terrible year for the American people. We were hacked. I stepped up as chair of the party because of a hacking, because someone went into our server, stole our e-mails, stole our data and created havoc. So my book tells the story. It's my story. Everyone else has told their story. You might hear more stories 3wu9 this is my story of what happened. And you have every right to tell it. I hope so. Maya Angelou -- thank you, thank you. The poet Maya Angelou said one of the greatest burdens is an untold story. I told the story also, whoopi, because I'm afraid that it's still happeningment we haven't cleaned up our house. You can't go to Best Buy, Meghan, and get anti-wall ware when the Russians are whahacking you. We need a president who says this must stop, we won't be hacked again and our elections are going to be free from any foreign interference. You do know that this book is being used against the party -- Say it. I'm trying to say it. All right. Against everybody. So people are upset and you know, you understand. So explain why you didn't realize people would take the idea of Hillary bailing out the party years -- or whenever she did it as something that was bad and robbed Bernie of his ability to be president. I mean, that's how -- that's the message that's being put out. Right. -- In your name. First of all, I never used the word rigged in my book. I said that -- I used the word cancer in that I was uncomfortable with the cancer that I found when I became chair. Look, I was in office, I didn't know how deeply in debt our party was, okay? And when I learned that Hillary was bailing us out, I want to call her secretary Hillary Clinton but I also know her as Hillary because I have great affection and respect for her. When I learned that Hillary was bailing our party out, giving us $3.5 million a month to keep us floating, I appreciated that. But I wanted control over, whoopi, was that if I raised a $1, $1.50, I wanted to spend my money without asking permission. So that was -- so whoopi, when Donald Trump last year said what the hell do you have to lose, it's August 19th -- Against African-Americans. And by the way, have you noticed what color I am? Yes. I know, baby. This is what black look like when it's 57. What I wanted, joy -- Okay, all right. But what I wanted was to fight back. I knew Donald Trump was doing more than just trying to rattle African-Americans. We had been hacked so I knew he was playing a game and I wanted to respond. And I had to respond with a column. I wanted to respond with ads. I wanted to respond with posters. I wanted to respond with more activity across the country. That's what I tried to do and that's why I said, Bernie, guess what, I found the cancer. I'm not killing the patient. I'm not killing my party because my party was more than elected the president. It was the United States senate, the congress, and let me just say there were things on the ballot that people probably didn't see. I saw Obamacare, I saw climate change. I saw a kid growing up in poverty like myself who wanted a white house and a president who would care for them and that was Hillary Clinton. I wanted to win. I didn't want to sit there and be a figure head. Y'all don't think I'm a figure head. Have you spoken to Hillary since? Of course, I did. I said that in the book. I spoke to her in February. That was a while, a long time. She's not on my speed dial. I love her now. I got all the people, but I -- let me just say this, I gave up everything last year when I got that phone call, I did not want that phone call. If there was ever a time I should have said I'll stay unemployed, but that's not who I am. I'm a fighter. I'm never a first choice but I'm the person you call in to clean up the mess. I always say I'm the daughter of a maid and a janitor. Who else do you want to clean up a mess. I'll clean up somebody's mess but I think not clean up our democracy if we have a foreign government interfering and the president of the United States will not help to clean up our democracy. With all respect, not to interfere, but P you're highly critical of the campaign in this. Of course I am. I think there's an impression that it's only the hacking, only James Comey. You say there was no sex and no fun I believe happening -- You got to the real juicy part of my book. Yeah. You know, we have this thing in campaigns that everybody likes to do a little thing, you know. There's no sex on the campaign, that's a bad campaign, that is very true. See, you know a little about politics and campaigning. I said it was antiseptic. It was antiseptic in the sense that there was no rumbling and fumbling and no passion. And I wanted passion. Passion is what you need in a campaign. You just can't go out there and say go out and vote. You have to say here's why Hillary Clinton will make a better president. That's what I was referring to. Donna, why are we just hearing about this now though? It couldn't have been just you that knew that these things were happening. Why is it taking so long for us to be getting the news that all of this stuff was going on behind the scenes because so many of us were busy defending it, saying you guys are J suspicious and you're like, no, there's something going on here and now we find out there was. First of all, for many of us who received our briefing, I know when I received my briefing from the FBI, I got up the next day and I said, oh, my god, why am I going back to the DNC. I should be going to the Pentagon. Megh Meghan, your father's campaign along with president Obama was hacked by the chooinds. This was hacked by the Russians. Are we waiting for the noirn north Koreans, the Iranians. Who else are we waiting for? I found a lot of dysfunction, a lot of hdiscourse. My job as chair was to try to clean up as much as I could and I let it in good hands with Tom Perez and the others who are now doing a better job. We've been friends for a long time. I know you're a straight shooter. But I think what Sara's getting to is you allege in the book that Hillary Clinton basically owned DNC. She owned the party. She controlled the party, and that that was to the detriment and the fairness of the primary between Hillary and Bernie. Is that true? Yes, I put out in the book and I said there was a joint fundraising agreement that all the candidates signed. We had five candidates but there was a separate memoranda of understanding. When I came to the conclusion that I could not spend the money, I could not direct the resources, and I was having people who did not have the kind of experience I have on the battlefie battlefield. When they were telling me I needed $2 million when I said I needed $8 million -- Those were Hillary's people. I used to call them the high command of Brooklyn. I'm not mad at them. I was disappointed. I said I need $8 million to fight Donald Trump. I wasn't asking for $80 million. I was request $8 million. By the way, I didn't mind raising the money but just let me spend the money. Get to your book for a second because you threw a lot of people under the bus. The DNC is mad at you, Robbie Mook is mad. I'm not sure about Hillary. I saw Mook and he's upset. Here's the question I wanted to ask you, why the timing of the book? Today is election day, why are you giving red meat to trump's side. A lot of people ask me that. Why not have it next week? Joy, I didn't, quote unquote -- I said my launch for my book when I sent in my proposal. I thought, you know, in the year after a presidential election that's when you have a lot of debate and dissent. Everyone is writing books. Mr. Biden's book is coming out, Mr. Sanders, Ms. Clinton's book. By the way, I thought she wrote a great book, historical, memoir and a campaign. I wanted to tell my story about what happened. I wasn't writing to make someone upset. Look, I cried for everybody. I wanted to prevent this hacking from happening again and I want to see the democratic party a stronger party, more effective party and make sure that our country is never attacked again. Hold on one second. Donna Brazile is going to stick

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{"duration":"9:19","description":"Brazile, a former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, talks about her experience through the 2016 election and why she decided to write a book about it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"50991258","title":"Former DNC chair Donna Brazile discusses allegations about Democratic Party in new book","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-chair-donna-brazile-discusses-allegations-democratic-party-50991258"}