DNC chair talks primary debates

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez explains why addressing pressing issues on the primary debate stage is important.
3:46 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for DNC chair talks primary debates
Joined now here by the head of the Democratic Party Tom breast some great to see you they always do as you can surfers and Cameroon and always just around the corner but Dave Matthews debate I'll. A lot of work to do just over forty get to that point but we have two big new double header debates under our belt how do you feel about this process he had. A lot a lot of work we are still very and here's why we talked about issues here this as the place where. Marco Rubio and jobs famously talked about hands is right this tiny place right here is tiny hands. And what we talked about tonight was health care and Moxley yeah. Let psychological link below and mostly docked about. Was how do we address the climate challenge how to Leah. Make sure this economy works for everyone how do we address the issues that keep people up at night and yes or their differences of opinion among Democrats on how to get from. Where we are now on health care which is about you know 90% 85% of the way up the hill. To the mountaintop pretty startled. It isn't dirt and sharp differences how do you guys navigate that does it hurt the party as this debate is is that to be that health care debate drags into January and I. I I think this is exactly what primaries are about their about differentiation. There are some candidates who believe that the best pathway from Haiti for 5% to a 100%. Is due. Abolish. The they're private health insurance and been replaced with the single Payer. Billed Medicare for all model. There are others who believe we should build off of the Affordable Care Act you're there oh advantage you have a public option you have a position I hate that's up to the voters head to decide. And here's a thing though. This is what. Primary debates are about voters if it if you believed dead. One pathway is the way to go you know that there are numbered candidates who support her pathway if you think that never pathway is there. Then you go at that pathway and that's what. That's a primaries are about I think. The American people. Understand it and here's the most important about health care. We're all trying to get to the summit of the mountain. We have a president right now I was just say the people give a preexisting condition. I'm gonna get ready your health care and I got to do a thing about prescription drug costs other than give up. Big fat tax cut to big pharma so the differences are stark. This is our what do you say to individuals and Democratic Party who believe that this debates to be more unity. Edison media attacks do you think that the city where unity or do you think this is helping bring more attention to the candidates and the Democratic Party as a whole. Well we go back to July of 2007. Did gogel live democratic primary debate in July of 2007. You'll see an absolutely spirited discussion between. Candidate Obama and candidate Clinton. A lot of discussion about the war in Iraq. And there was spirited in many of those same questions were answered afterward. Everybody on the debate stage yesterday and today understands it's not about them. This is about something bigger than them and I'm absolutely confident will come together because everybody knows what the singular threat as and that is the man in the White House. Zimmerman has today's ever allowed about race how do you think that places that Democratic Party strategy as a guy's moved four inch plates when it. We believe that America should work for every. We won we believe this zip code race. And geography. If anything not none of those factors should affect your destiny and that's an America that works for everybody mister chairman before we let you go we got to ask your expectation for the next debate these first you have been historic double headers. You think we're gonna get down to one night coming we'll find out in the end of August. Because. That's when will know who makes the next debate stage we're prepared her to be got to get.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez explains why addressing pressing issues on the primary debate stage is important. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64718869","title":"DNC chair talks primary debates ","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-chair-talks-primary-debates-64718869"}