DNC chair talks about huge election night victories

Perez discusses what the two major wins in New Jersey and Virginia governor's races mean for the Democratic Party going forward.
2:55 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for DNC chair talks about huge election night victories
Stop talking about tonight is victory went to be your party tonight would not only as strong victory for. Up north and in the ticket but tonight with a victory for all. The health care the right overall and out of that lets you. Revenue I don't believe that. We should come together as a nation not try to drive wedges. The progress of Terry McAuliffe and job creation of point 7% unemployment rate and for the Democratic National Committee. What I love about this night is where. The race is now. About north but where were within striking distance of ten. It would be very you guys also rated very aggressive campaign in either the Virginia Democrats were outside liberal groups. You guys also raise a nasty ads it's not going to be the model for future races are you gonna fight fire with fire. Well you know let. Let's see what the person. Decided on that are on the Donald Trump campaign and I don't believe in unilateral disarmament when you start dividing people as he. He tried to start out of the moderate. I'm gonna go in the gutter. That's exactly what he did taught me about what. But what does this mean Mino burger bar you guys about some tough. Tough days recently with the allegations that and some of the revelations at a Donna Brazil's book. What does this victory you for the party does it to the kind of move you guys pass that and made which a better place. I've been out in Virginia for many many days many many weeks ahead and let one person in the last four days. Did not work in Virginia's starting last Friday ask me about Donna Brazil. There were asking me how he got to protect don't care how we gonna grow this economy going gonna move forward and tonight's election not only in Virginia but in New Jersey. And elsewhere across the country Democrats. Are went. Mayors races that want to governor's race we collect reelected Mark Canning and the key message here is when we organize every. We let our values and when we have great kids. Up north of the Ziggy Hood. That's what we. In the Commonwealth Bank but that's what we need across America downside to that the last were anything but a healer and the voters. I want to entertain me for just for a second state your political strategist and you revising Ed Gillespie. You think he made a mistake not campaigning with president trump or do you think that helped him. You know I've had collapsed and showed his true colors toward the end of this campaign big heads. But the guy is. Corporate lobbyist when I think about glass inevitable and wrong. I'm not that good for America and it Enron governor would not be good people are. Virginia said he was fatally flawed in my mind from the outset but they want but but what they did so well. People's past history. It's the best determinant of what they'll do in the future route northbound has always been working poor communities and Ed Gillespie's a husband mark and nobody is.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Perez discusses what the two major wins in New Jersey and Virginia governor's races mean for the Democratic Party going forward. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51001909","title":"DNC chair talks about huge election night victories","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-chair-tom-perez-speaks-huge-election-night-51001909"}