DNC Chairman on House win, Senate loss

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said Democrats would restore "checks and balances in Washington."
3:00 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for DNC Chairman on House win, Senate loss
Ring in time for rest right now the chair of the democratic. National committee. Chairman Chris congratulations. On the house. House you lost the senate what went wrong there. While the map was historically challenging George and so we knew going in do it that it is going to be a tall order. We still got a couple races out west in Nevada and in Arizona that I think we have a real shot at and that that goes to show. That we're really here you're starting to see places like Arizona. Turned purple because there's a real opportunity there you cyan Kirkpatrick. When that C down in Tucson. And we've become a fifty state party again I mean you you look at Kansas and we picked up a seat there and we picked up the governor's residence there with Laura Kelly. Four out of the five governors flips from. Red to blue are also women so your point about Tony eighteen being the air the woman. That's also true in statehouses as well so. I'm I'm bullish because we needed to have a check and balance. In Washington we always knew the senate was going to be a tall order but we were confident about the house and California hasn't reported anything yet in terms of their results and I think we're gonna pick up a number of sea just south. His repeated the same phrase we heard from leader Pelosi check and balance what is the number one thing you want to check about president tried. All we need we need accountability I mean remember when Barack Obama was president the definition of a scandal was when he wore a tan suit. I mean here how many agencies have had leaders who've either had to leave. Or frankly should leave because they've been engaged in at a minimum ethical misconduct. And possibly criminal misconduct. Is a culture of corruption. That in golf's this administration and we need that accountability but what we're going to be frightened for their right at the outset as leader Pelosi pointed out. Is infrastructure. Protecting people preexisting conditions pick you sure we can create good jobs across this country that pay a decent wage. Make sure we protect our dreamers we're gonna go right to work and the issues that matter most of people I've heard a lot about education. From folks you saw that upset victory in Oklahoma. In the congressional race tonight well we helped flip for state house seats there. Last year and and the big part of the challenge in Oklahoma is George is that there's tens of thousands of school kids who go to school four days a week because Republicans. Have cut funding for education through the bone. And so that's why people are willing to take a look at the Democratic Party because we're fighting for the issues that Arab realistically can anything actually get done given the fact the Republicans and increase their majority in the senate. Well I worked for Ted Kennedy in nineteen ninety five's to 98. It was divided government after 1994. They said that you're not gonna get anything done. And we got a minimum wage increase there was immigration reform there was welfare reform there was a hate crimes bill. There's a lot of things that got done because. The Democrats were willing to work hard in a bipartisan fashion. Leader Pelosi said tonight we are absolutely willing to do that it absolutely takes two to tango. And the question presented is going to be will this president and will Mitch McConnell be willing to stand up. Two they are far right flank of the Republican Party we will stay well. Which Democratic Party wants that we saw such diverse he can't see that you saw some candidates would be very very progressed extremely aggressive other candidates trying to go right down the middle. Of the road. Can you get them together into common agenda into the bay into the common party. Again getting back to my former boss Ted Kennedy up and said. You know if somebody asks you what wing of the party you belong to tell me belong to the accomplishments swing because you want to get stuff done. Everybody got elected on the democratic side we want to make sure we protect. Health care for people so that if you have a preexisting condition you can keep your health care we wanted to do we want to pass an infrastructure bill. So that we can put people to work we want to we want to make sure that people who go to public schools. Regardless of where you live have access to quality public schools there are so many things that unite Democrats whether you're the new member from Kansas or whether you the new member from queens. There are so many things that unite us and those are the things we're gonna continue to work on. It seems like Florida's breaking the hearts of Democrats again and Republican this is going to be governor of Ohio. Again to such key states in president's race in 20/20. Coming up. What's gone wrong for the Democrats in Florida. Well we've got to keep organizing and we came up just short in that governor's race. We put a lot into it I think one of the first things I'm gonna do there is a ballot initiative there. I think it was referendum for amendment four to allow one point five million people. Who have been permanently disenfranchised from voting because they have a felony conviction. To get their rights restored and it passed it passed with a solid bipartisan majority. I had to make sure that people who paid their debt to society can vote. We saw this in Virginia Terry McAuliffe led the way there we've got to make sure that. We expand those opportunities in order to continue to work hard in Florida and elsewhere and I'm heartened by the fact that. We won five seats and there's another four or five that are still in play as you and I sit here. At at 1230 or 1240 East Coast time and and that's a pretty good year for Democrats that's a very good year and and against Michigan. Huge state very very important Illinois he. Very important Maine New Mexico. Kansas and then again we're still in play Wisconsin's a dead heat right now. And so I'll see what happens there so we got a lot more work to do and we've made a lot of progress and and these are twelve year elections because. They'll be in charge of redistricting so I'm heartened by that. And we're gonna keep fight and then Ohio we're gonna keep fighting and in Florida and a lot more votes to count. Chairman press thanks for much. Pleasure to be with you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said Democrats would restore \"checks and balances in Washington.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59022223","title":"DNC Chairman on House win, Senate loss","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-chairman-house-win-senate-loss-59022223"}