This Dog Wants Your Vote for President

ABC News' Serena Marshall meets Monti, the chief canine officer of the Jefferson Hotel.
10:24 | 08/29/16

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Transcript for This Dog Wants Your Vote for President
Welcome to eighty yeah giants dreamers and the airline and the Jefferson Hotel lately telling yeah. I think yeah. Lexington going to the god. To do that reform. When. I guess it that it has. Presidential candidate. Picked up so much momentum in the unrelated the main goal is happening. Yeah well in the. Seven counties. Organization locally called partnership. Well and that's how we've been. Zenawi garden. And I I'm. You can't tell you guys wariness here they had his custom made Americans are. Instant smash it happened naturally it's. Good morning depending on. Does his campaign is a Smith in the right direction. And we have similar campaign iTunes and we're very concerned that those diplomas free they couldn't rule I think I don't you know. Hippie long waiting they. Yeah. Conditioning we're individual schools. You know we were goodness well continent. Eight lowland neighborhood. Sent in dogs and cats living together. That inequality. Just generally the campaign slogans as the dole campaign slogan is a Smith in the right direction. They. Yeah definitely right and yeah. Yeah. Two bourses recall it. We're happy with the tonight dump tank may have it is the largest bull. Yeah audience I don't sound glorious chaos in connection that they. Maybe the hold Lawrence and yes. Yeah. Cost whose vision. It running lanes and his experience and Boston vice president and the only yeah and here Huff who devoted canine connection. Little. What it paid on call. It is another million in there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Anything could do yeah. Straight out to be. And her age. Grill rack. Yeah. Edward Kennedy connection we breed Golden Retriever and lab poetry lose. And we had to bring them to become service dogs and leases with veterans who was really need this to mean needs. Service members are being treated. Manage stress. And have them learn how to help train the dogs for bill and. Dawson acting. It's. Me. Reed hospital and is okay. But for this service. We need your help. He's got to help free this. You. Strange song. Claiming that it was hearing. Men and women are coming back from so yeah. I caught him. So there we're doing some research. We'll be directly measuring changes in blood Luke walks through soon and having dogs. Helplessly hopelessly. In her own business. And help improve sleep in a very dramatic way with the process of training the dog six a lot of defense of these. Played on. The oldest of literally learn patience and the practices and training that creates an opportunity different bases and. I know he is scripted and he was actually sitting right here on mainly on his neatly yeah. That that is. It's that connection. Okay good experience that represented city in various implicitly if this connection its 30000 years. We have a history of Kirkuk holding guns. The dog days immediately seek out that human connection because of getting the same faucets loose in the same chemical. Combing through here and they're accurately assessed this year and a. Yeah yeah yeah. Andy yeah. Little bit about insisting you didn't bother. That the world all of my name's. The father. And it dog who won the thought of the year as. World book of this and it's like I say that's the dog of the world and god. He is part of nineteen. Jack yes president and you're just joining us yeah. Monty is running for president great earrings and had yeah this. Yeah is responsible Homeland Security area. Date got any kind of job. Since that throwing. Sun and we have whiskey dual zone comes from the send up Big Easy on it. Okay. It was all right yeah. Utility buildings correctly suggestion by telling me this is what we have a. Yeah countenance look at buster's straight day. I really want is. And it all goes well that's all of those who. Morning. Yeah. Forget. Up varying. It in the right direction. We brought you. It's part of your yeah right if you that was. Duty in the marina where he is part of it. Warrior yeah. Just yeah games. Yeah. For a monthly. Yeah is beautiful and you're right where you're. Oh yeah. We're not gonna. Amazon. While I was Americans and so on and back noticeable relief. Yeah. Eighty he came back. No I think big part of that was his learning how to feel emotions. So it's tough to be angry all the time last night and thought yeah. Battery powered by. An outlet yeah. It says yeah. I knew. Well after I was hurt my brain injury. Based on time as a snowstorm on an angry. Carry on. James. Other dogs like him helped me and learn why can't you can't be back way I want closer and it's certainly no actually standing room like this. It's. Yeah. Yeah yeah right. OK. And we'll clean. You didn't mean yeah yeah yeah second. Or are you. Yeah. Man and in that tell us what yeah. Area. In his yeah. There is not anger again. Mountain Jefferson and you're in DC and not monthly for friends I did not hear about it. That right there have been meetings point the president. Yeah. He doesn't have a First Lady. The granite and about. Long time ago we couldn't put them on I'm gonna. I'm good yeah. And then he'll begin. Candidate it's amazing staff around him and other yeah. He's really gone through Lancaster Richardson and now what happens is that we have guests in the hotel suitable and they'll come down. Eyewitness News in this you know people who have instantly. Which eagle. Yeah. And I'm not. Now that most local bulldogs. Yeah. No cars look. MoneyGram resident.

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{"duration":"10:24","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall meets Monti, the chief canine officer of the Jefferson Hotel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"41728964","title":"This Dog Wants Your Vote for President","url":"/Politics/video/dog-vote-president-41728964"}