Donald Trump Details $5.6M in Charitable Contributions to Veterans' Groups

Trump details the fundraising for veterans.
4:25 | 05/31/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump Details $5.6M in Charitable Contributions to Veterans' Groups
I have raised a tremendous amount of money it's almost six million dollars and more money's going to come and I believe over the next two. But it raised almost six million pounds. All of the money has been Pena 22 killed got 200000. Dollars. Achilles international great organization. 200000. Dollars much of this money was paid a long time. American hero adventures. 100000. Dollars. Americans for equal living. 100000. Dollars. America is that dogs the veteran canine. Corps. Ink 75000. Dollars. Am vets. 75. Thousand dollars armed services YMCA. Of the United States. 75000. Dollars. Bob Woodruff Family Foundation think they do a good job 75000. Dollars. Central Iowa shelter and services these are all vet related. 100000. Dollars. Connected warriors ink 75000. Dollars. Disabled American Veterans charitable service trust. 1151000. Dollars. Fisher House Foundation great people 1151000. Dollars. Folds of honor foundation. 200000. Dollars. Foundation. For American veterans. 75000. Dollars. Freedom alliance. 75000. Dollars. Green beret foundation. 350000. Dollars higher heroes USA. 75000. Dollars homes for our troops. 50000. Dollars honoring America's warriors. 100000. Dollars. Hope for the warriors. 65000. Dollars. Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. 175000. Dollars. K nine's to warriors. 50000. Dollars. Liberty house. 100000. Dollars. Marine caught a law enforcement foundation. 1100000. Dollars I gave a million dollars. A great group. Navy seal foundation. 465000. Dollars. Navy Marine Corps relief society. 75000. Dollars. Knowingly and wounded veterans ink. 75000. Dollars. Operation homefront. 65000. Dollars. Partners to patriots. 100000. Dollars. Project for the patriots. And was still vetting them by the way the check is ready to go but they don't have all of there. Appropriate fact we have down here will be released to them upon the receipt of the hires determination letter the only one. Which we hear their fantastic but they have to give us that final document is what I mean by that yet to have all the documents of what you can given the money. Project for patriots 100000. Dollars. Puppy Jake foundation 100000. Dollars racing for heroes ink 200000. Dollars. Support soon land soldiers. 100000. Dollars task force stagger foundation. 50000 dollars. The mission continues. 75000. Dollars. The National Military Family Association ink. 75000. Dollars. Veterans airlift command to 100000. Dollars. Veterans count. 25000. Dollars veterans in command ink. 150000. Dollars. Vietnam veterans workshop ink 75000. Dollars. Warriors of Freedom Foundation. 50000. Dollars.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Trump details the fundraising for veterans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39504843","title":"Donald Trump Details $5.6M in Charitable Contributions to Veterans' Groups","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trump-details-56m-charitable-contributions-veterans-groups-39504843"}