Donald Trump distances himself from Rudy Giuliani in interview

The president denied "directing" his personal attorney to meet with Ukrainians in a phone interview with Bill O'Reilly.
4:22 | 11/27/19

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Transcript for Donald Trump distances himself from Rudy Giuliani in interview
First an important updates on the impeachment inquiry. Congress might be out this week but nonetheless they're pushing forward in the fast moving impeachment inquiry. The House Judiciary Committee announced a hearing next week. They're gonna talk to legal experts about the constitutional standard. For impeachment and joined by two of our White House reporters to help break down all of the news Jordan's belts here at me in DC. And we have Rachel Scott who's in mar a lot of who's been traveling with the president there you are Rachel. I know that you are also with the president his rally just last night he at some colorful language on impeachment Rachel what was that all about it. They act colorful to say the least very out language that I unfortunately cannot. Repeat here to our viewers on television but. The president essentially sets you he is support last week case closed he believed after all of the impeachment hearings last night for the case is closing that this. In the Democrats pledged to up and the point one election they think that he thinks that they aren't happy with the results for the 2016 election. But the strategy of this is quite interesting here right he is. Making his supporters believe he wants his supporters to believe that this is not just an attack. On his presidency but this is an attack against all of them together he believes. But the Democrats are pushing this agenda without any evidence and he specifically report or he risks typically. I drew attention to some months testimony Borden summoned testimony what she said that. The president told him that he didn't want any quid pro quo when he said listen after I saw that on television he's I want to turn off the TV because it would. Case close Mary Alice. And we know that was not called ambassadors Sunderland said. Jordan he. Also made a point yesterday I have sir surprising everyone by trying to distance himself from his own lawyer full I was price or reduced price and that what was he trying to accomplish. Mary on I don't think anyone who's been watching this president Bernie is significantly that time was surprised but you're right and what's significant I think we actually. I have a clip of it ready to out. Were always very. Giuliani doing in Ukraine on your behalf. What you have to ask that you moody but movie utter uttered even though. He didn't direct tend to go to Ukraine a do any thing or put our. The directive but he needs. He would say he is a war here birdies a warrior. Yet Mary house of course this was very significant because this is the first time we actually heard the president try to put some distance between himself and Rudy Giuliani. I think he did something similar over call with Michael Collins back when this stormy Daniels scandal on those heights. Payments started breaking started to distance himself from. Him after he had been so close. And of course this is something we know he's been on Rudy Giuliani's mind as well. He recently said that he has an insurance policy if the president decides to throw him under the bus. We're out here later sank to his being sarcastic but no doubt this is a cloud hanging over the president's personal lawyer out of president their distance himself from Giuliani. Thank you never know he was not too. But we saw that ref transcripts from the White House where the president. And sense of the Ukrainian leader tucked it talked to my pal gritty he's the one that knows what's up. Yes important silence at this thing think that at Rudy Giuliani with epicenter about the S and he was told work with Brittany. Were also. Hearings and more from anonymous I know that you wrote a story just today about. That ounce and an insider in the white who's who's out of the new book said that he or she might reveal their identity. Yeah this person that they don't intend to stay anonymous for Everett actually eighteenth that they intends to go public before the 20/20 election. They said the president we'll hear prominent in their own. Name at that time they also. Said this was during a Redick chat that this anonymous operative last night said that there are other people in the administration considering adding their own voices. Out of this shared concern about the president's fitness for us that's really interesting I know you have a piece of on that right now. And we celebrate tolerance of foreign let you go you're gonna be there with the president. In Florida over the holiday what does he have planned. All the president is now officially in a Florida resident rates are you last night's rally was it was that pinned his homecoming rally here is so. We know the president will be enjoying some sunshine I can imagine it's quite warm here Mary Alice and I'll be spending the Thanksgiving holiday here. And well I am jealous of the warm weather that looks apps a lovely thank you Rachel. Thank you Jordan.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"The president denied \"directing\" his personal attorney to meet with Ukrainians in a phone interview with Bill O'Reilly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67357006","title":"Donald Trump distances himself from Rudy Giuliani in interview","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trump-distances-rudy-giuliani-interview-67357006"}