Donald Trump Promises to Make NATO Fair

A look at what Trump has said about NATO on the campaign trail.
1:31 | 01/18/17

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Transcript for Donald Trump Promises to Make NATO Fair
Those obsolete NATO's absolutely I'm fine with nano I think it's wonderful. Meadows optionally I love the idea that I think that aspect. Now I'm not an expert amenable to have a lot of common sense and a great business and let him at what protecting newspaper the nothingness wanted to depends we have too many countries. There are paying their way. We are paying tremendous amounts of money. To secure our other nations many of the country's that would protect a NATO that weren't bobbled aren't saying there. The bills. Only five of the 28 member NATO countries. Meet their obligations to spend. 2% of GDP on defense OK let's say it's fine to defend its good. In a realistic mrs. McCollum delinquent these people who delinquent. At a map would picking up 73%. Of the cost to defend them. But they have the body. Some of them have item on. Why should that. Nobody asks don't you know I don't paint nobody asked for the money. I guarantee you. Don't forget this was done for the Soviet Union it really wasn't designed to terror. We evidence that is called terrorism and then not equipped for terrorism or even have the right countries for terrorism. We have no choice this is in thirty years ago this is in forty years ago. We are going to get our allies. To pay. The air fare she.

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{"id":44869703,"title":"Donald Trump Promises to Make NATO Fair","duration":"1:31","description":"A look at what Trump has said about NATO on the campaign trail.","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trump-promises-make-nato-fair-44869703","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}