It seems like Donald Trump 'has surrendered': Biden

"What happened? Now, it's almost July, and it seems like our wartime president has surrendered, waived the the white flag, and left the battlefield," Biden said.
20:28 | 06/30/20

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Transcript for It seems like Donald Trump 'has surrendered': Biden
Who owns a few minutes. Movement of we should do right now and then be happy to questions. For weeks. We receive a warning signs. Numbers don't lie. Infection rates are now going up in more states than there are going down. We're not 125000. People in the United States have lost their lives. And those numbers new infections continue to grow up a lot of great. Once again is confronting the simple fact. That we were we able to solve the economic crisis without a rigorous public health approach. They're not acceptable. Despite the administration's propaganda that their response via cause for celebration. Despite president Trump's request that we should slow down testing because he thinks it makes him look bad. The Cobo in nineteen is still here. The daily threat to American health and prosperity is continuing. It didn't have to be this way. Month after month as other leaders in other countries are the necessary steps to get to mark under control. Donald Trump failed us. Look afterward. As Rick Davis urged him to step up and do its job. He failed us. Just look at the record. In January all of the others sound the alarm that there over their core of a crowd of arts opera. Dropped all the country that probably not to use quote totally under control. Then everything will quote work out well. In February. I warrant. About the fair you get information. That we needed. From the Chinese Government. What I said was the president should demand she produced the evidence demanded. Drugs said quote. We're in great shape. Reported China's president said it was quote doing very. Well. Remarks. I sent forth a deep table where detailed plan for. 500 federally funded testing sites across the country as well as guaranteed emergency paid me. Later that month back called for a full it'd mediate use of the defense production act. Critical critical for delivered supplies over vast basically be. Trump accused health care workers publishers spot it yourself or is doing a Max. That's what he said health care workers are stealing a glass that's Laurie don't have. In April. I released a planned to secure the supply chain. For personal protective equipment surged nationwide testing where that is through right parent Debbi testing board. Lawrence. And nationwide health corps to focus on contact tracing. Tribes suggestions. American citizens Jack disinfectant into their body. Today. I condemn the false choice between preserving public health our economy. I urge the administration. To focus on the basic public health measures like testing. Soon enable us to sustain economic recovery. Drops response. He pushed a real pretty without regard to safety called testing quote frankly. Over rate. This blog I outlined to pat the reopen our country safely. And sustainably. The provider workers small businesses schools state and local governments. The tools resources and guidance that they wouldn't hate. First proposal. He said a cut off date for federal funding to testing sites in several states. And actually want to court. To take away health care for 22 million people by trying to get rid obamacare. And now. Donald Trump is in retreat. Remember. Back in March when I call. And he called what talked about the need to act like we reward the virus be called himself a war time president. Remember when he extorted X exhorted the nation. To sacrifice together. Quote in the face of this inevitable. And invisible. Enemy. What happened. Now it's almost July. It seems like our wartime presidents surrendered. Waive the right flat white flag. Left the battlefield. Today we're faces serious threat. We have. The media. After media as one country. But the president gave no direction. It pits us against one another. We can continue like this. Half recovery. Have to be worse. We can continue. Have to worry about us and half rejecting science. We can't continue. Half with a plan. And half just hoping for the best. No we won't defeat this virus. With the piecemeal approach. Lifted restrictions. Prematurely. Increasing. The volatility. Of the crisis. Raising. The likelihood. Of needing to reimpose restrictions. You know until our science catches up to reality. Until we have better treatment for those who become infected and only are safe proven widely available vaccines. We have to continue to do all we can't. Miss it people on the government to keep our fellow Americans safe and healthy. Today. Releases appointed. To the steps I believe Donald Trump should undertake immediately. The bill along the road map are released back in March. That would have saved lives and have been adopted. It's a plan to save lives in the months ahead. Once again. I encourage him to adopt this plan in its entirety. This is too important for politics. First. Test the test the test in. More tests it is not only how you find more cases of corona virus Mr. President. It's how you stop. The corona virus please. Testing followed by rigorous contact Traci. Quarantine. And isolation protocol. For those of it explodes. People are. Wait he worries from miles and miles long in baking hot cars. We drive through nasal swabs for the fun of it. They're doing so they can protect themselves within more importantly they know and have this mask on there protecting others. The protecting others. We know we're not. Where we need to be intensity. There are still hospitals and nursing homes or don't have access to the test they need. Testing is how we see what's happening in communities all across the country. It's our eyes on the ground. Without that testing we're flying blind. That's why it's so important to have reliable access to testing everywhere. We need to increase federal support for test. That includes doubling the number of drive through testing sites. And keep increasing your. Children newborn why. We should create a paid dearly testing board to spearheaded nationwide campaign self every worker. Everywhere he's called back to the job can have the confidence that they and their fellow workers are not infected. You know experts agree that we need more contact traces. To track the path of this fire. Individual states like new York and California already hired and trained thousands of traces. We need to do more. Including hiring at least 100000. Federally funded workers to perform contact Traci and other public health tax. We should begin to be trained now. Second. Every single front line workers should have the personal protective equipment that they need to be safe. Five months into this crisis. Health care workers still are forced to scramble for the home supplies. And after we use these Mattias censorship. Hundreds hundreds of health care workers have died from cold Monte. And tens of thousands have become infected. It should be zero. On both counts these health care workers they have the right equipment. You know how we use many moons and this is still still. Don't have what we need. That's why we have a defense production act. You know Mr. President use your authority was to present music this week. Scale up to production and 95 masks. You know the steps you take you so far. Haven't gotten the job done as president. Fix assure you to PPE for health care workers before you tee off another round of golf. We can't just look at where we are on a day. Really these masks and gloves and face shield for the foreseeable future. We need to be ready we know boys comedy. Third. We should be made easier focus on treatments and vaccines. We should be leading. A coordinated global probes on the sides. What disregarding experts were all pushing dangerous to disprove drugs and sister treatments. Some progress toward treatment and vaccine but the administration hasn't been transparent about how they plan to mount a faxes. Enough doses to make sure. They're equitable distribution scale I hope they're doing it now. I call for a while ago that's providing 250 million dollars have a plan. Now. Exactly how they're going to distribute this so every American has access wherein and if the vaccines available. They may be doing that we have no transparency. That is see mr. Chris. The White House and report weekly whose progress. We can't end up in the same. Scratching. Distribution problems. We had tested. We need to make sure the customers aren't being gals are neutral nuclear pieces purses. When their developed. They act immediately restore our relationship with the World Health Organization. All its shortcomings. And missteps around coping ninety. This is why WHO was traded. It is essential to coordinate a global response to read a pandemic. In the United States should be needing that response as we had in the past. Cohen routine will likely worsen. At the outset of the flu seasons. We need to put in place measures now now. To ensure. The seasonal flu vaccine can be readily available in unison safety to those who need it. Under social distancing guidelines especially for seniors. Four through. We need real plans. Real guidelines. We've uniform. Nationwide standards. Which chart our economic reopening. Whatever we've been doing now is not working. The state by state approach to only produced confusion and slowly progress. You know you all reported to CDC. Tried to clear guidelines. About what stages. Of reopening should look like. The administration delays scale back those plants. We need clear evidence. Clear evidence based steps that states can adopt now. Both the standard must be met in order to safely proceed with further openings and the repositioning of social justice signals. We cases began to rise. You know this is not rocket science. We need to support schools and child care programs so parents. If and when they can return to work are confident. That their children will be safe and cared for. You know we should be holding providing. Stickers say safer shoppers. This certification to stores have proven minimizing their customer's risk and exposure. Reps who made it clear message. From the very top of our federal government that everyone needs to Wear mask in public. Period. Period. Where any mass. It's not just about you. Its departure for hammered. It's much remains experts are neighbors. It's like your colleagues. About TP other people say. It helps you yes that's not keeping other people say. It's as simple measures. There's also wound was the effective ways. We can do the right thing. Maybe convenience. May be uncomfortable. For us the right thing to do is in America. Protect. Your coworkers and neighbors. Finally. We need to protect the populations most progress. Our seniors. A black and brown populations. Native community. That are being hit the hardest. Vulnerable population preexisting conditions. Know that this continued growth in case loans causing a lot of fear and anxiety. People especially older Americans. And those who loved ones in nursing homes. I get calls all the time there's simply scared. Or frightened. This is this take control on physical. It's an emotional cost as well. We can't expect vulnerable populations are quarantined indefinitely. Without support. I want to know. That their health and safety. Will be my responsibility. To find the press. And I will not abandon. You know. These are five. Fairly straightforward steps. Through helped defeat this pandemic. If you suspect. A lot of these steps are the same sorts of things I was talking about a march. When I released my first Covert nineteen response. You'd be right. It feels like. You're hearing the experts talk about the same issues for months. You be right. He's always been steps the government needed from place to meet the threat. Statewide lockdown. It's so many Americans lived under from months. Returned the bias time to get our act together. Instead of using that time to prepare ourselves. Donald Trump squandered. I rearm. Within three months later. Were hardly better prepared when word march. Infections are on the rise. The threat of massive spikes that overwhelmed the capacity for health care system. Is on the horizon. Americans. Anxious and how to work. Are fearful. Their lives and livelihoods. Donald Trump doing next to nothing about. Mr. President. Crisis is a real is real. Crisis is real. And it's surging Mr. President. Your promises and predictions and morsel thank you. Pull out of thin air. And on doing the country doing good. Make him lose even more faith in the government. America knows this crisis isn't behind us even if you go. They see what's happening. Even if you refuse to mr. press. They know we need a coordinated national plan reading it now even though you don't suppress. And won't do it. Called herself Richard Reid. We don't need cheered rated Mr. President we need a president. Mr. President. President. Will level the American people present all tell us the unvarnished truth. President will take responsibility. Instead of always blaming others. President will listen to the experts. Follow the signs. Allow them to speak. President Lee. Be an example for the nation. Wear a mask. Keep your distance. Limit the size of crowds. Mr. President this is not about you. It's about the health and well Beatty the American public. America people. Don't make enormous sacrifice over the past four months so they could just waste. Waste their time. You can waste all the efforts they have undertaken. Which in the night references great season tweets. They don't make this sacrifice you can ignore the science. In turn responsible steps like Warren mass into a political statement. And they certainly didn't do it Mr. President. See you could wash your hands and walk away from this responsibility. Everywhere it turns. This nation needs a truly. Now it's not one. America needs of. President. Whenever a child does or does not do. We can't noted day with the state of the Covert anti pandemic will be next to you. When I'm almost certain I would hope I turned out to be wrong I'm almost certain. It won't be over. Why should have you no longer be elected president. On the day I'm sworn. Under great to work implement all aspects of response to me don't. A lot more to say about my day one Coleman nineteenth agenda in weeks or code. My response to begin well before I take the oath tomorrow. We'll start. Sue these elections decide. I'll be a prison respects. Stories. Long. Censor your ability to speak directly to the American people. Normally I don't really reach out to doctors and vowed to bask in the continues incredible service. I'll half and they want ready to go the best medical experts and scientists. To advise on our response. Maybe most important. I listened to them and let them speak freely. Long work with the governors and mayors of both parts. From every state territory drive. Proposition folks were always together. You're gonna fight this together. Will emerge from this stronger because we did today. I'm confident we came. We've got bush 20 my god protect your troops.

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{"duration":"20:28","description":"\"What happened? Now, it's almost July, and it seems like our wartime president has surrendered, waived the the white flag, and left the battlefield,\" Biden said. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71537399","title":"It seems like Donald Trump 'has surrendered': Biden","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trump-surrendered-biden-71537399"}