Trump's Campaign Manager Describes Goals for RNC

Paul Manafort on what voters' can expect to see on the opening day of the RNC and throughout the week.
10:48 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for Trump's Campaign Manager Describes Goals for RNC
As John said the team tonight is make America safe again in the context to make America great again in which overall thing with Kim convention. Are cool all week is to present a picture go trumpet is broader than just the campaign image that people looked well developed probably. Primary season we recognize is the key part of the purpose of this convention to that it's the opportunity to introduce the candidate to broader spectrum of American that'll be paying attention at this convention. We also understand that since mr. trump has been not active in the political arena prior to his committee Kennedy about a year ago. That these and he. Biography of the man while is no salute topical standpoint. Really is not period. Well known to get into the the components of his bill personnel of his of his. Salute the gold overall convention will be present mr. trump. Not just as the political figure running for office but his father is the businessman is the as the compassionate human being that he is when the spotlight siren when he was running for president. That being said the goal of the conventions therefore is to. Be more than just a number of political speeches by candidates. Or politicians who have served in office. As an outsider mr. trump really. Is it is. Foundation of support came from the people in the states not from Washington of special interest to support his candidacy. In that will be evident in the in the campaign and in presentations of the various speeches. In try to achieve this objective we really have got. Three different groups today speaking today as you heard from some of the comments of John Larson. You have certainly the family personal aspects that it through level on the trump. Few people who know him personally will be talking about it. You then have some people who have been affected by world events will be speaking to some of the issues that will be relevant to make America great again. Completely congress' significant than to have some political figures talking about Stempler policy. As we develop this program you know the route three parts that we won each night to talk one is this that is the it is who don't room it is. The person not just in the second is to talk about the failures of the Obama Clinton administration. In setting up the issues in each of the relevant. Blocks that we're stressing that two this year this time making America safe. As two pieces to it folks certainly the international peace that the point of the campaign. Points campaign. Are making relate to certainly that rise of terrorism the equity. This functionality in the Middle East lack of leadership being presented by other Clinton administration round the world. And the consequences of that week or failed leadership. That's so that's the second port third point that will be stressing that the in the course of the week. Will be the an indictment of Hillary Clinton as the ultimate establishment candidate. In a year of change though shall clearly represents the change candidate harps which does that Hillary Clinton. I don't know his establishment candidate but she's the epitome of the establishment. Her 25 years of public service collectively can ninety's. All the problems that she's campaigning against the problems that came on her watch with her involvement in. And we find it ironic that thinks that she says a broken that she wants to fix. Are usually thinks that broke the last eight years during her term in office before policy standpoint. And during the eight years of of the Obama Biden administration. So talking issues of her character over failed leadership of a for personal issues where bush years put personal interest of both political interest or issues levers of power. As secretary of state to advance the interest of the Clinton foundation or other certain donors of hers. We'll all be discussed during the course of the week because all of them we believe relate to make him. Talked about how the system's not working. And in the fourth and final piece of the strategy have to is really to unify the party and bring it together we think you party is getting unified. We think that the appointment of governor princes of the running mate for mr. trump. His even accelerated what was already quickly accelerating unification process. During the course of the last several weeks mr. trump is. Want to Washington. That with all the Republican leaders as well as all Republican members. In both the senate and the house. The response of those meetings viable are overwhelmingly positive. Most of the and I ninety over 95% really. Have come together. In supporting the candidacy. And many of them will be here this week and it'll be evident that. Both elected officials in Washington the grass roots as represented by the delegates and really exporters. Mr. pence as well. Coming together and it's true that from our standpoint these vital pieces is to show that unity of the course of our program. The types as political speakers that will be presented we'll speak to that that unification coming together so forth themes. Introduction of the full biographical. And biography of mr. trump. An indictment of the Obama Clinton years. A presentation of Hillary Clinton as the establishment candidate was all over her character flaws. And that unification of the party. Tonight's program will deal with with several of those pieces. In making America safe certainly the early part of the evening when we talk about but gutsy and we talk about. The failed foreign policy. Issues of the administration it will we'll speak to. The Clinton Obama. Time in office as well. And really is part of the figures of Secretary Clinton. The city's second part of the removing Jews over the four public salute domestic polity issues that relate to it. Immigration will highlights of the domestic issues which we think. Era that are key to to say that differences between the two parties. In the evening in our live it to the primetime our 10 o'clock. Mr. trump will be joy who will be accompanying. His wife to this to the it's Q. That we fly and it together though come to the year's state to the arena together. You'll you know he will introduce or tonight. They had. She will speak. They will then after comets. Jointly leave and go back to New York he'll be coming here formally out Wednesday. But he did not want he wanted to be here for. The speech that is what's gonna give his wife speeches to beginning of what I would call them. The family testimonials that it will described cultural demand. It's part that we think this is historically. I've never been a part of a convention where the family moved and used this extensively to show. The inner part of the personality of the candidate. Because it'll be broad based over the course of the week it's not wonder Q speeches. We think it's important part of that I after after. Mrs. trump speaks. I think part general Flynn will speak and he'll talk to the issues. Failing issues of the Clinton Obama foreign policy. And will be. A one of the important speeches of to where the indictment of the failures will be prosecuted. And it finally the last segments of the speeches at 1030 with senator Ernst. Congressman zinc union. She's Beardsley. Will do. Into weave the international in the domestic. Failures. Of the injuries that the consequences that's American society of leadership of the world. That's it for the program tonight as far as the program this afternoon. We expect the platform to be adopted. Any changes. The platform reflects the Donald Trump impact the traditional platform of the Republican Party. To me document itself is pretty much of this saved his most Republican platform's open. But there's been some added issues components to it. That reflect the issues that mr. trump has raised during the course of the campaign. Specifically there's there's peace in the platform that deals with building a wall. As posted to secure the border is also building a wall. In the trade section leader there's discussion about having better trade deals and need to. To negotiate good trade deals which police portraits troops' position. Trade. Another section leaders call for the repeal of the giants are members cruises. And legislated in the 1960s. And puts restrictions. Five on three of of C four organizations. Crew and church organizations. As far as what their free speech rights are curbing those rights we call for the repeal. We also call for reintroduction of the platform last Eagles concrete barriers between what big things can do it tried. Did the voice that voice over the crisis that went to the house and they do we believe that the Obama Clinton years. Have passed legislation that has been favorable to the big banks recently CO Wall Street money going to earth. When they know she's just him there champion and others supported a fully. We looked worse we're in the small banks main street. It's federal legislation. That affects. You know some of the mistakes made and peeled list the list of mistakes made and imposing. Dot break. It platform reflects those things additionally there's very strong Israeli Israel that. Apart piece that talks about one statement talks broke token clerks are secret relationship with Israel. It's probably the strongest position that's been taken the Republican platform on Israel in the law. It's in the rules of either as you know the rules committee was rather than non event. We don't expect six. Rules. The afternoon session which begins at war 1 o'clock in the ends at 430. His way and those three reports adopted and then the program which begins at 8 o'clock we'll deal with the substantive messaging. Related to a talked well.

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