How Donald Trump's immigration policies have taken shape

Professor Bill Hing takes stock of the president's impact on immigration versus prior administrations.
5:40 | 10/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Donald Trump's immigration policies have taken shape
Restrictions on illegal immigration have in fact made it tougher to come to the US under president trump those travel bans and visa restrictions refugee camps. Changes to asylum rules. Dell slowed migration way down and all of that was before the pandemic. According the Cato Institute which favors a more open immigration policy more than 90% fewer immigrants came to the US in the second half of this fiscal year compared to the first half. That's the fastest clan recorded history. Obviously because that pandemic for a closer look. At where we stand as a country on this issue we're joined now by professor of law and migration studies bill hang pressuring thanks for joining us. And yeah I just ask you general observation after three and a half years now president trumps rhetoric and policies on immigration. Gonna impact. Has he had and what could the Democrats did have a lasting impact sure when the Democrats that they got and be able to change. Well. From the very first days of his administration. The fear level to be honest with you an immigrant community. Just fight. Even before he Scott sworn him. I was getting calls by people for presentation. On the one and after him and it's important that statement that was. From the very beginning I am and of course since that time he's implemented so many administrative changes. From the Muslim band to the attempt to end daka. To get closure of the border even before the pandemic. Tuesday difficulties for people cult of death on temporary protected status. From all in parts of the world from El Salvador Sudan Haiti. So. Most of those things. Work done administratively. Fan so most of those things done administratively. It could be scaled back. By deed by an administration. And it looks like most of those things are on Joseph Biden's first hundred Day-Lewis and office. Of addressing. And professor in 2016 voters and I Gallup poll listed immigration as one of the most important issues for the next president to deal with second only to the economy. This 20/20 campaign season it ranks tenth so what do we know about where the public is on this issue. And what do they want to see an immigration system look like. Well and fruit fly. I want to address some of the things that were in the video before. Isn't the gentleman farmer who is complaining about undocumented migration. The truth is that. The numbers of undocumented migration. It was under the client's. For ten years prior to. Donald Trump taking office so we ran all time low in terms of the number of people that we're just trying to answer record to go he legally. The border. Snow in contrast of that. There was an increase in people trying to seek asylum. Also at a southern border but those are two different revered groups and so please. Fact is people see demographic changes happening not just in California or New York put in the south. Well that's. You may pose challenges to many folks that are looking around him hearing people who don't speak English and so. I think that's what full attitude interest and immigration because Donald Trump he use that as his primary Plame case. Seeing his campaign and twenty sixteenths. And your callers answers. Suggests on this segment before telling you. There's so many other issues on the table right now beginning with a pandemic. And economy. That Donald Trump hasn't been able to play the immigration car and as strongly as she did in the past. Well thanks for that lesson on the recent history there and I want to ask you about that decline in people crossing the border. Without. The authority of law and and the question that I have as it was that partly because of the deportations. The raids that we know took place under the Obama administration that that have been harshly criticized. And how what a Joseph Biden administration you think do it differently. OK so I I I eight I want to differ with you on and was in the video and you just repeated it seems that the raids happened. Under the Obama administration that's actually not true but and it's far from the in the big raises you have in your unit. I happen under the George Bush Administration. It's true that Obama became known as the border and shoes but it wasn't because of the types ovaries. That is that you have in your mind. Most of the people that got deported under Obama worked out the border for people who have been convicted of crimes that are cracked and I have long path. What the full bottle administration. It's the treatment of asylum seekers at the borders so in 2014. And 2015 huge numbers of unaccompanied minors. And and couple later with women and children fleeing from Central America to the board they came. Tens of thousands and 2014201526. Into a send your bottom administration reacted. By opening family detention centers it's all right that's my breath what the Obama administration. And and that was so. The basis for a for some of the cruelties that we have seen featuring the administration engaging and at the border. All right well thank you Burma's very important bill hang thanks very much for helping us out today. Sure.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"Professor Bill Hing takes stock of the president's impact on immigration versus prior administrations. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73664283","title":"How Donald Trump's immigration policies have taken shape","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trumps-immigration-policies-shape-73664283"}