Donald Trump's Victory Speech in South Carolina

The Republican presidential candidate's family joins him on stage to thank supporters for his win in the South Carolina primary.
13:59 | 02/20/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump's Victory Speech in South Carolina
Well I want to begin by thanking the people. Up South Carolina witnesses say. And who. He's a special people. You know we get little boost last week of the place we all remember New Hampshire we can't forget it that shows so we love it. And they sent to deal with a very good feeling right. Here so I really want to thank you in my volunteers all of these people volunteers and and they travel legalize it what you're doing it now they're going to taxes are they going rollovers summit going to Nevada. I'll be going to do about it would make you the big speech to mark Atlanta. And that we're going right to Nevada and I think we're gonna do terrific there and the SEC is going to be very very excited we expected to bury. You know. I want to just say thank you to my family it's been. Not easy for them they don't see me anymore making speeches all the time. And I have a great family I really have a great families I just want to thank wallet. He bobcat you know we have a hospital ready she does didn't case in South Carolina look at have a baby there's nothing wrong with that crowd. Could be any it could be any sex if they could even be before I'm finished everybody's. But you know she insisted on being here was so important to a rocket system being used to. Goodness it Don. We have a wonderful. Lieutenant governor who backed is very early in the process. Okay. You know Henry right. The South Carolina. I will take him over the governor any time because we law and. Okay. He can handle that he's stuff. Who's very tough Tiffany Aaron Lara and Smart idea body estates. The it. Just signed to save. An amazing case. China ended today's sentiment husband he was working very hard and he loves you we love you. And to legally without hats tool in the that. An it was see what happened here. I. And rep resenting some very very wonderful children. Ibaka just said. Thank you south Carolina at this is an amazing amazing night. The momentous and since the beginning. This campaign has been unbelievable and that's because. My father's message resonates deeply with so many people's. Our family we're incredibly. Where incredibly grateful to each of use and thank you for being here to support us. And I will say this my father is an incredibly hard worker and he'll be working for each and every one influence. Get and. Thank you very much. Thank you him and so. You know I was watching upstairs and who is really amazing to be watching what I was watching and some of the pundits and overall fare. Too much but. A number of the pundits at well. It of the that they drop out if view and scores to get it's going to eat. These geniuses they're geniuses. They. That adds people drop out to get a lot of those votes also you know as a. A. It's. I didn't punitive very very well I think we do very well I want also congratulate the other candidates. In particular I have to say. I had to edit market did a really good job and they got they did quite well as I understand. I had. Just of just one minute drama once act right get it. We got. Our Martin Martin will be back but I just want to congratulate the other candidates is nothing easy about running for president I can you. It. Means issues. It's beautiful. When you win it's beautiful and witnessed. We are going to start winning for our country. He it's. Our country as it when an emblem doesn't want. We don't win with the military we can't beat us as we have great military but we can't be prices. We don't entree you look at what Jain is doing to us what Japan does to us what Mexico is just killing us at the border. At the border with strayed. Mexico is. Absolutely. We'll do the Waldo aren't what do the wall. Rick withdrawal and that way. Who's gonna make the law. Mexico is gonna pay for the law. At its very easy to get the politicians of that kid get Mexico to pay for the well I think. 100%. We have a 58 billion dollar deficit with Mexico the well is get a twelve billion dollars okay. Believe me they will pay one of the officials actually what of the ex officials from Mexico. Had a news conference any amounts that we will not meet. All orders the company he is they came to Meet the Press these people who don't have respect it. That game. And they made that he's. Not paid for the Walt do you have. Yes the wall just got beat dollar. I. And I Mexico. Mexico pilots. Many of these countries that ripped off because we have leaders veteran but it and don't know what they're doing I love. These great I have thousands and thousands of Hispanics. We're going to Nevada. I'd be I lead with Hispanics are bleeding. With Hispanic they may I ask them. The prop and minerals. The problem is that the leaders of these countries whether it's Mexico or Japan or Vietnam which is just don't a big number now all of a sudden. Or. Big one. Dick Gregg. Abuse of the country that I think I've ever seen financially. She died at what they've done eyes. Is the greatest single step in the history of the world if jobs they'd get our money. That everything would bring in our jobs back votes were breaking I got back. It. And I we've met so many. We've had so many incredible endorsements and to me getting the greatest businesspeople to endorse me is very important car like on indoors me so many others have endorsed me I'd wake. Greatness is all. It just trying. And when she wants to come and negotiate ticket and it is not the political hack which is what they have now. They got hit with the best business minds in the world and we in this. Okay. So. We're gonna do a lot of beautiful work way to determine it obamacare it's going to be detonated scored the. To be read you know that it's going to be replaced you can have much better helped earn a much smaller cause because obamacare if you look. Looking increases in your obamacare 1853545. David 55%. It. It's not working which could go to plant that's going to be so much better and so much less expensive. So while. Second Amendment by the way is still room loves his Second Amendment thank you fellows. This room. Loves and cherishes the Second Amendment we aren't going to protect our Second Amendment. I. We. Are. Whip. Oh. And the community. What education locally that. They wanted they don't want your watching and it's out. Weeds. And Asian more. Days. Per pupil than any other nation in the world not even close more per pupil second place doesn't even exist so different. Ranked number thirty you have giant. US Norway Sweden didn't mar. Add the you have number eighty the United States so. And what the bottom of the second happen. Knock map. Okay. We are going. Military which because a number of the people came down at a number of the pundits and watching tonight. We love our military. We love our millet. And by the way we love our police are apparently sparked new red. Us. They are not being treated properly. With the bill military. Nobody no good -- draw so powerful that nobody's ever gonna mess with those votes. At where a guy. We're going to buy equipment that I generals are soldiers that everybody in the don't want win. I equipment that because political. Because they. They give campaign contributions we don't get. Equipment that they want not equipment that. Bystanders and congressman like what. If. And the reason I can say that is odd self funding my campaign I'm not getting billions of dollars. From all that these. Adding millions of dollars from these special interests and lobby is to dollars. That once they get it they literally do whatever the politicians want that's not happen. And we're going to take care of our debt we love that that being a parent with care about. So. We're now off to Nevada. And it's a great state we have great people we have great people in our nation no matter where we go. I went to Mobile, Alabama 35000. People we went to Oklahoma recently twice. 1000 people 1000 people. No matter where we fill up the arena is all they hear the other day we had a 9000. We added 101000. We have people the only thing that crowds at the walls that we. And we have to send thousands of people away. Easy. Guide magazine last week did an incredible company covers right they said. It's a movement and that's what it is it's a book with regret. It. Within regrettable I you. And wet that we know honestly whether we go to Dallas or whether we go anywhere he is you go to LA you go anywhere you say our. Are incredible and you know our team. What a team you know right. Right. The. But. What. Maybe the greatest team of all done right. At the word actually is going to come off with etiquette adult name because what's going to make America great again right. And they'll instantly because I've gotten so many. I guess this is when you animal with all of these rooms in all of these speeches and I've met so many people but the so incredible. That I've been saying make America great again. And it's going to be greater than ever before that the potential we have greater than ever before so. Out. So I want to thank everybody I love you all. Again. That we will never forget you we will that get you. We run that began at South Carolina we will never forget great it is we love our volunteers. Run that have yet. Well let the people that have helped us how much my family and sucks. Let's go let's have a big win in Nevada let's have a big win at the SEC let's put this thing away at let's make them.

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{"id":37087852,"title":"Donald Trump's Victory Speech in South Carolina","duration":"13:59","description":"The Republican presidential candidate's family joins him on stage to thank supporters for his win in the South Carolina primary.","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trumps-victory-speech-south-carolina-37087852","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}