How Did Donald's Trump Performance Affect His Standing Ahead of NH Primary?

Matt Dowd and LZ Granderson chat with ABC's Tom Llamas on how business mogul stayed above the fray at the ABC News GOP debate.
5:43 | 02/07/16

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Transcript for How Did Donald's Trump Performance Affect His Standing Ahead of NH Primary?
Just talk to god I was that Donald Trump felt incredibly competent. He tells me hoping this last week asked when New Hampshire is solid spoke about he said learned a lot about senator Ted Cruz tonight because. Recess in the at a campaign trouble standing next whom he wouldn't attack don't from face to face it from says that says more about wrong that were freed from. No that we deal with and you're dealing with the real character. He was incredibly happy bucket of Gary united says one. The debate according to Twitter much of athletes but it definitely says get a good night it's being in the polls here we don't know you New Hampshire store. Polls are all over the place we don't know how how accurate those are. But he's feeling competent he says that camp out here he's staying in a hotel in New Hampshire not a trump hotel because it's very clean and open and we. Back but I I agree we actually agree with him I don't think he I don't agree affect I don't think you want. But I think when you go into a debate with a double digit lead he led seventy street polls in New Hampshire and you come out of it in your main rival was bloody. That's a good day for you. The Google map this sort these are people who would do surgical. Based on the candidates they own these are currency excerpts from Marco Rubio was leading cancer and I think I was leading in New Hampshire. Wasn't a positive I would note I agree with that its relative to protect the tank eight tag protect received it yet repeating itself Tom atomic Davis cricket teams tomorrow. That might work in in group views favorably were not because they have. Credible web videos out there when Marco what is best athlete that they helping the question is how people watch this debate tonight. And will that affect their vote we haven't seen the debates really have a huge effect in the hole we. Mike this time as were two days off from New Hampshire and a lot of those New Hampshire voters from making up their minds right now rule you couldn't really. Where it ended a lot of campaigns tonight at had a strong debate is like these guys are fighting for their political lives right now. And I think people really watch this debate it has an impact is we single longer well and I think what it with the big part of what he did was he resuscitated camp. Because it can't speak team are watching if the state we can't leave it to this guy we're gonna keep going. The question is the money go if you you're gonna need the money to go after South Carolina and that Super Tuesday as other states alike as don't have that money was at the super pac money but his own money at seven million. Cash on hand. At lap at the last I think Casey catalyst got a strong second absolutely gets money secured digital these tunnels in New Hampshire this is state. Tonight I thought he did well I actually thought because I think what people were looking at that weight New Hampshire voters look at this thing because there's a lot of independents. They want somebody they think okay the adult in the room the measured where you talk. It is not in the middle of all these fights I'm just gonna do the job that I'm supposed to do actually think for New Hampshire voters who aren't looking for the passion. They're looking for that that guy that can do it I think he actually comes out of this thing very well. I would disagree with that they were definitely moments on State's rich. Here at the extreme right disagree with what is the Satan record here that don't saying that's sensible solutions that took. That's as you point because a lot of conservatives and some of the strategies different campaigns are saying that the arguments they're attacking group you'll want be at least two pro life. We even except that he's too pro life. They're seeing that's gonna hurt the Republican Party and then and other states and keep we're despite her New Hampshire if the other obviously what approach which Republicans here guys like Christine. Even Jeb Bush had at times. That rubio has been so hard core pro life that they think in those other states what's Kristi comes out what's chip and that year. Degrees as an attack ads that they're not as well liked maybe movies music and it. And this is the at least eight people think about New Hampshire live free or die. This is the least conservative primary of the entire a primary dealers number of people per capita Mexico church. Uses half though for for for guys like governor Chris Christie or case I don't figures have to act in New Hampshire I think Chris Christie did less helpful himself. And work. Decimation of ruby I don't think you can begin to be jumping they get a few points I think Casey has the path. If it's doubts from. And whoever's if its giant case expectant. And it takers and Marco Rubio a third and fourth and I think you've got to. He's got at least eight legitimate act any have a difficult time it's at Carolina but then we move into states like Ohio Michigan. Place with Scott to places like that we're Jack Casey will do well there which he doesn't it starts to act. Which is the reason why he remains a very so we were talking earlier about who couldn't get this to be VP choice for a basic execs to remains a very strong beat tourist regardless whoever gets to nominate. Yeah I mean you get a I have right. You pretty good right there it'll South Carolina is in your it has to be great South Carolina beings and as well. Who used a lot of establishments or in South Carolina evangelicals come back so crews could get. You know a second wind comes right now we don't want an Iowa you'll see the momentum he saw the moment with more regulars crowds getting bigger. People were excited about you here and crews you'll he's left that libertarian vote. After rim Paula Jones. Dropped out of the race he's really been hammer that home so called. Strategic also got a ground in action when I did what things and I don't think people understand evangelical voters in South Carolina. It's very dipped different jail local caucus that India in Iowa. Very different they're driven there by the whatever home schooling their Cuban thereby that particular issue. An evangelical it's OK I think I'm an evangelical. But I'm and a vote. Detect them and vote on our area that's less so than caucus Goer. And the other if it victories it is that. I mean why would anybody could Iowa caucus aggregate he becomes. Huckabee leads to about that they I would becomes less relevant Republican. Spend money there but you mean they are you willing were all Smart people in that state they were gonna wrap makes they give his right. I did get right hey another trash fell below bright.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"Matt Dowd and LZ Granderson chat with ABC's Tom Llamas on how business mogul stayed above the fray at the ABC News GOP debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36768636","title":"How Did Donald's Trump Performance Affect His Standing Ahead of NH Primary?","url":"/Politics/video/donalds-trump-performance-affect-standing-ahead-nh-primary-36768636"}