Donna Brazile: I considered replacing Hillary Clinton

"The View" co-hosts discuss Brazile's comments about Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee.
3:21 | 11/06/17

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Transcript for Donna Brazile: I considered replacing Hillary Clinton
And we're gonna have a lot to talk about when Foreman DNC and Sharon Chan Donna Brazil joins the table tomorrow around. But yesterday she said that she was pressured to replace Hillary Clinton when Joseph Biden as the democratic candidate take a lot. That was on the tremendous pressure. Aston Secretary Clinton saying it. To have equal equal playing beat I don't want a plan B planning it was great for me supporting Hillary and I wanted her to win. But we run the press. From. I've taken enough that I was reading everything over the weekend I was watching art plant should Oliver cable there's obvious and George Stephanopoulos and she is saying that basically the election was rigged and taken away from Bernie it. That it's pricey the premise can be a primary the signaling from brain here here man. And dates I think she's saying about the internal workings of the Hillary campaign are fascinating the one thing and we'll sat right. Campaign manifesto is out losing campaigns. No matter who you are the losing campaign are full of its and a winning campaign we're all geniuses that's how it's perceived in the media and I have so many problems a sort of disgruntled staffers writing books if she is actually speaking truth to power which we'll find out tomorrow when we interview are. Then I'm open to wait but this sort of game saying besides. Fox News as saying that the winning the winners are geniuses. Everybody's like I've got a lot of it can't clean and oh yeah. At this. This group veterans group or geniuses the opposite well I think that they have freely Clinton saluted the amount of money she had for the kind of name recognition she actual reality television star populist phenomenon is historically unprecedented makes it she won by. Three million votes let's not forget that she did win three. You know I crescent bought here's what's really pissing him off about all of this. The DNC it was broke she Lana mining seven years it out she said listen Hillary Jack yeah. President I want to know who you're hiring I want to know what you don't want the money 'cause this a lot of money I'm unity it. Asking Tom Goss last becomes you know she says I'm gonna run is that and that he is burning in the a Democrat. Now OK so has he ever run as a Democrat before allies always run as an independent I think in the end it then why would use why would you with snow. That Democrats who want him ratio. When good morning they are not you not running game. You know you slim fit and we seen this you know we've had Republicans and Democrats who has shifted parties but I don't know what he thought. He was going to get. Though who wish that she had announced they know when she came missions on what is a lot of money. He is a lot of money to them so what does the bull fight him I don't get it back he lost us. Paul hope and your point that the DNC went. Point four million dollars and that's in have been happy hour eight years of pride out Obama said it's completely valid or having discussions about money and yeah exactly where they weren't in debt because of Obama. They would just did it Wednesday where maybe. I don't manage. President balance a budget when their campaigns are at her pick her up got preached to baby Jesus I have Bailey a very.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Brazile's comments about Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"50967061","title":"Donna Brazile: I considered replacing Hillary Clinton","url":"/Politics/video/donna-brazile-considered-replacing-hillary-clinton-50967061"}