'Duck Dynasty' Star at RNC: 'Trump Will Have Your Back'

Reality TV star Willie Robertson jokes about the similarities between himself and Donald Trump during the opening night of the Republican National Convention.
4:35 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for 'Duck Dynasty' Star at RNC: 'Trump Will Have Your Back'
No matter the. A thank. He's so my sound so honored to be here as zombie you know we end every episode about downstate. With a family prayer at the dinner table. A and I know we just said Guam and I'm Walt throw one more up at things with the way things go on this country father we're so thankful and blessed to be in this country have father tonight what do pray. But you keep us safe from mindful of my Brothers and sisters in Louisiana right now father be with them and their. Pain we Levy to Jesus and a man. A I've always said that may have mr. trump have three things in common. We're about a successful businessman. Although I flew commercial here some yes and he did. We've had hit television shows. And we both an intelligent love sewer much better looking then we are. RHM because relatively. It's been a rough year for the media and spurts. It must be humbling to be so wrong about so might us. For so long. An aide. About how they miss the drama surrounding. They don't hang out with the regular folks like us. Good luck to Hines. And fish and pray. And actually work for a leading. Okay. Hank I don't even know that they know how to talk to people from middle America. Funny when I don't amount of Louisiana they really start talking real slow and real loud. Let me take Robin on the trump straying from the beginning say when your from the south. And he broke with the red next. There are some are some occasional disagreements. Sometimes those disagreements turn and the best accounts. But any time I was ever in a bad spot always knew my Brothers would have my back. And today in a lot of ways America is in a bad spot. And we need to brands at the end who have a hard back. And I. And I can promise you this. No matter who you are Donald Trump we'll have your back. If you let your bread job. We're trying to grow a business like I am Donald Trump we'll have your back. Yeah. If your service men fighting overseas. Or a cop. Who is risking their lives to help keep us safe at home Donald Trump what I've your back. If you're an average American who fails like you've been forgotten. Neglected by far away leaders. That the deck is stacked against you and you just can't win. Donaldson rob we'll have your back. Okay. Now he may not always tell you what you want to hear. You may not always agree. And it may not always be politically correct. But when your Brothers dale Robertson I'm used to that okay. And I'll say this dollar trouble always. Always tell you the truth as he sees it. And that's while we can trust him to make America great again as our next president thank you god bless you. Am.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Reality TV star Willie Robertson jokes about the similarities between himself and Donald Trump during the opening night of the Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40682862","title":"'Duck Dynasty' Star at RNC: 'Trump Will Have Your Back'","url":"/Politics/video/duck-dynasty-star-republican-national-convention-trump-back-40682862"}