Eisenhower: 'Psychopathic' Action Took Kennedy

The former president says the American people "are not going to be stampeded or bewildered."
3:00 | 10/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eisenhower: 'Psychopathic' Action Took Kennedy
I've gotten. Me. -- -- -- When the person. But right now. -- -- Definitely Kennedy -- and we've been. Purple. But that. If there's -- this hour. The American people of this. In the -- Terrible things. Aren't sure. And the -- going one. Right. -- -- -- And -- And thankfully. Behind me. -- people afterward I was betting. But readily. And while later. Quote and looking back -- We didn't know the was we did not know. -- -- -- -- -- -- And home. For a minute -- they equipped with a you know way. We can during the overnight security. You know I think they're -- -- Yards and it was. Born during two if anything. And -- couldn't make him. Is that people -- very common. And we're not going to -- -- he deserved to. The political course. Well quickly -- and fascinating. View of the president he went to a man with the red to Democrat. Johnson. -- -- Garfield I doubt that there was doing and equipment brought him you know Roosevelt. Of course have been other campaigns in the years. -- Growing threat Gordon -- life in -- affair broke people. -- moment remembered down and doing -- under certain. Road. Was. Ran a very grim. -- Anything that happened in the news team didn't put -- -- Because Americans are royal. And it. I think. Back apparently part of -- records and I I think we can do couldn't say anything. -- about how people will feel uproar from all your experience -- reminding me hopefully we can control. But I think we'll be here a bit bewildered that. And civilized countries of the world it doesn't happen. Girl. And remember. -- -- World War I. The -- the arch duke Ferdinand. Bill. Almost. One of the contributory. -- that war. And but here. That don't know. And it but we -- and I think that's where our -- Certain that the way that everybody -- Two I mean everybody is. My capable of doing it didn't read the political life on the line. I. Expect I don't -- -- an event that I have for tonight. Tomorrow I'm going immunity from my home and if -- wanted to -- -- purpose whatsoever. Of course you. -- -- I I know the American people will -- dollars. And they will not be campaign.

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{"id":20600931,"title":"Eisenhower: 'Psychopathic' Action Took Kennedy","duration":"3:00","description":"The former president says the American people \"are not going to be stampeded or bewildered.\"","url":"/Politics/video/eisenhower-says-psychopathic-action-took-president-kennedy-20600931","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}