Elizabeth Warren Projected Massachusetts Senate Winner

Democrat will likely beat incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Elizabeth Warren Projected Massachusetts Senate Winner
This is a projection we can make in the state of Massachusetts. I would say. This is probably the most. Closely watched senate race in America perhaps the most expensive as well it's Elizabeth Warren who were projecting is that we -- she's a Harvard law professor. She beat the incumbent Scott Brown who. Really shocked the political world when he was elected in 2010. In a special election there he is he was electing a special election take over the -- Vacated. I think Kennedy after he died. He shocked the world once and now he has been beaten a a Harvard law professor. Different I know you've been watching this race particularly socialists I think is it's the speaks volumes this one little core. Scott Brown won union households in Massachusetts in 2010. Very independent guy he's a very appealing candidate drove a pickup truck as his symbol. Ran against a rather. Middling. Candidate. Elizabeth Warren according to musicals is when -- union households 6130 non. And one of the things I think that's -- -- that her economic message which was you know break up the big banks. Very much. A kind of populist. Too big to fail banks -- too -- to just had residents and that notion. That should be. An incumbent who had by the way pretty good approval ratings you know for incumbents have over fifty well over 50% approval is usually -- -- that you're gonna win.

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{"id":17659239,"title":"Elizabeth Warren Projected Massachusetts Senate Winner","duration":"3:00","description":"Democrat will likely beat incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown.","url":"/Politics/video/election-2012-elizabeth-warren-projected-massachusetts-senate-winner-17659239","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}