Long Voting Lines in NYC

Voters wait up to three hours to cast their ballots at polling sites.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Long Voting Lines in NYC
Here in East Flatbush the mind to vote stretch through the hall and up the stairs but wait there's more. This whole auditorium of people is the line to get -- line. They are not happy is horrible the -- and it is not doing her job. -- gosh had to do was asked what happens in fact some volunteers were trying to help. And it would move around in and out of organized the rain. So -- he's no kill us. -- -- -- -- Denny's no kill -- yes so -- it's outrageous. It is outrageous people fighting could -- be insurance tempered the Psycho -- Nader tells us it's because there are now three districts in this polling place. Instead of two and decimating its. Just too much work for one person. This investment they -- that -- it would deliver -- they need me meanwhile at a whole bunch of holy places -- East New York things weren't much better. But for different reasons PS 72 for example had no voting machines for 3 hours this morning. So for three -- analysts to even though they couldn't -- The biggest concern that some who left won't be back in some locations like PS3 06. There were no machines and no secret ballots and -- for the first time. This the first -- -- -- happened. As for the voting lines and right now this very moment we want to go and check in with. Shannon -- she is in news copter seven government hands upper east side channel what -- -- looking -- now we see down there. -- weren't -- that aired it. This is the polling place that is at 228 east 76 street not just couldn't have kept him in the NB. We'll does sport a little bits -- that I can show you exactly what they are doing to keep appearing as you guys said. People are determined to go out and vote and that is what this line is showing us as we come to the street side of the polling places located on 76 street but the entrance. -- -- 75 street here now sits -- over the scene. We haven't seen it ebbs and flows for awhile -- -- 75 people in line here. Just waiting to get inside the building so that they can get in the line that would take him at the roof -- building. Wrap around outside of the building and in that back in -- again and they'll obviously they'll find on the sidewalk. His -- down just a little bit there's not as many people here but this line. Has grown significantly. Longer so we're seeing a lot of people here several hundred people at least in line is we're seeing a good. Hundreds of -- fifty just on the outside of the school here but several hundred people in the line. -- tap their right to vote and they are utilizing in today's a lot of people but you know one everyone's calm everyone's just sort of waiting in line so that they have -- piece of history.

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{"id":17655773,"title":" Long Voting Lines in NYC","duration":"3:00","description":"Voters wait up to three hours to cast their ballots at polling sites.","url":"/Politics/video/election-2012-long-voting-lines-nyc-17655773","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}