Scott Brown Says He's Leaving Dysfunctionality

Massachusetts senator concedes the race to Elizabeth Warren.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Scott Brown Says He's Leaving Dysfunctionality
Honestly very very well tonight folks. I'm -- on nice run -- -- -- -- guys can chase me around thinking about marriage. I will never ever ever regret. Helping people that could not help -- themselves. Those people. Those people are hurting through the -- -- parents through government regulation and and and just just falling through the scenes and those wonderful stories that. That we heard in the letters that we have on our walls of our problems resolved for people island never ever forget those. Those opportunities to help those people. Long as people are all right. Many of you know in -- lives poignant life. When you take on challenge. And you do something that -- in Everett you can achieve that you do the very best you possibly. And you leave everything. On the table. Whether it has sporting event you'll leave everything on the court when he ran up but suddenly very on the field -- -- and battle and you leave everything in the battle. Let me tell you something I have left everything in this battle. And -- -- -- I just want to thank you for the opportunity and whatever. Whatever that at all I -- -- fortunate and to be all right and I am -- points and. Very very fortunate. I am very if -- them. Need to thank you. The very boisterous and enthusiastic I love that they got. Thank you -- theorized that. -- -- -- I'm I'm. Fortunate to have opportunities -- -- very fortunate. To return to replace that I -- more than anything in the world. So thank you for that opportunity as you know we set out three years ago to accomplish something. -- all of the more -- because it was so hard. And we did it together and we did just that and you and -- -- witnesses to the truth that ideas effort and strength of art. Can accomplish when we put our minds to it. -- Davis in closing. Let me just say this -- closing. I want to say this in closing. -- -- -- We have a tremendous amount of challenges. And I am looking forward to going back to the United States senate as dysfunctional and as it is. And we're going to try to do the people's business until January. And then I'm gonna turn over the reins and and that somebody else take a stab at that this functionality. And we have given I have given. You have given three years of independent representation in the senate and -- three -- more than some states yet. -- -- -- -- -- We radicalize. It deserved and received all that we can give informed me. From me it was an -- to carry Europe -- even -- for a little while. And I thank you -- people of Massachusetts.

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{"id":17659983,"title":"Scott Brown Says He's Leaving Dysfunctionality","duration":"3:00","description":"Massachusetts senator concedes the race to Elizabeth Warren.","url":"/Politics/video/election-2012-scott-brown-leaving-dysfunctionality-17659983","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}