Obama's Race for the White House in 5 Minutes

The president won a second term after defeating GOP candidate Mitt Romney.
3:00 | 11/07/12

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Transcript for Obama's Race for the White House in 5 Minutes
Have come. -- borrow. -- -- The change we -- -- the afternoon here. He's out of ideas. He's out of excuses. And November 6 you're gonna put him out of office. In the private sector and I understand where jobs are created. He is the worst -- problems in that car. To put up against Iraq -- -- -- any other Republican in the. Picture and -- had a Republican in the country. -- -- it's simple what I like to do have to win win win plan that best years. View of effective leadership with results please stop because you're killing us. -- with ideology tickets and -- -- in Iraq and -- education. And they. What's third and let's. Please we'll have -- first. Days. Tonight Mitt Romney will be able to celebrate it will be official he has -- the bottom -- He needs to become the Republican nominee. His choice. Are running Paul Ryan. After four years of getting -- run around. America needs a turnaround and a man for the job as governor Mitt Romney. No one will care more we are here. -- president. I've got mr. Obama sitting here. It's getting serious -- to the list. I'm not gonna shut -- -- An exuberant president to. To go to school. We looked -- months ago -- on the find the final sprint. And break this election -- life. Good evening. I understand that there's a a video of this -- Internet there -- That leaked video -- the Romney campaign. Can President Obama -- the opening without stumbling himself. But the Romney camp not tonight for sure that the 47% comments would come on here tonight and -- a very close race just got a lot closer. Bernardin says 47%. Of the American people are unwilling to take responsibility lies I know we are under a lot of arrests to make. Bill viewed did build it this was not built by government. No surprise he remember and remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow. -- as hilarious. Stop the subsidy to PBS. -- the stuff for the things like PBS a lot of big bird who also bluntly I might not accept mr. Karzai himself speak at a you'll get your chance in a moment I'm still speaking -- and the answer is I don't believe people -- -- the -- -- I -- I -- -- -- -- question and the question was how much -- at the moment and -- -- -- -- We -- hormones and one nation. As one people. Experience. Terrorists through the trials and tribulations the last four years. Each of -- comes from very different backgrounds. Of each of us has chosen to walk a different path -- life we are united in. -- -- really -- overwhelming passion. We love America. Leave them. I will work with all my energy and sold to lift our eyes to a better future. We love -- from our factories and we learn from our mistakes -- children deserve our nation and hands on it. -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The president won a second term after defeating GOP candidate Mitt Romney.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17662345","title":"Obama's Race for the White House in 5 Minutes","url":"/Politics/video/election-2012obamas-race-white-house-minutes-17662345"}