Election text tidal wave

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on how campaigns have turned to texting to try to drive voter turnout during the pandemic.
8:22 | 11/03/20

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Transcript for Election text tidal wave
As homestretch of the trying trying campaign's is are your cell phone has been hit by an unprecedented wave of political text messages especially. If you live in a battleground state. In the cold air when door knocking is unwelcome in phone calls can be annoying text messages have become the trusted tool politicians trying to get your intention. Soared to wired takes a look at what's behind the texting tidal wave and if you choose what you can do to stop them. The political text messages. Heating like a tidal waves often you get text messages from a political campaign. Every day. Record number inundating voter cell phones in the final hours the 20/20 campaign. We've definitely seen this year that more people more can't teens are using hand. And that is happening and it an impacts I think people are getting a little frustrated. The billions of messages from Democrats and Republicans eclipse seen door knocks as the go to voter outreach because of cold did nineteen. So we have a texting party at my house six women around the table. We had some wine and cheese and crackers and I gave them a little script to get them to encourage their friends and family to get out. They get out the vote push is being propelled by special political text dean apps. How do you get the phone numbers. Though it did voter my own telling you registered about that it's public record. The phone numbers are automatically teed up for armies of volunteers who sent prescriptive messages with a tap of a thumb dozens per minute. You had maybe a hundred text messages this nineteen year old and he just click send it. And it fend off the mass bids and you send it to the next person and then you could spend and the extent it's everywhere and so. Every time you push that green button the new name wolves and that's a new. Person a new stranger. A lot of people might think it's a robot is totally united say humane it's a volunteer. C could be seen you know watching them flags just hang in now it. Most robocalls and robo tax are illegal without your consent. But the FCC says campaign outreach initiated by a real person is exempt from the do not. Call list text messaging. Unit you don't answering east a look at it still don't read it. Professor Melissa Michelson to scientific research shows text messages have a direct positive impact on getting people to vote. Per bottle it's a very powerful. And it. He won big at fax. Or not to do those other tactics. Those other tactics involve real human contact like Kim the scene something Democrats have. This weekend will have over 100000 doors knocked. Well over 500000 calls made me Wear before appreciative still you know at this time of day happy isolation that that we got you want to hear their voices out the door. But text messaging is still dominating on bulls sides. And we're asking men. Not only will you vote for what you help your friends in your family it's about are there three people. You can support do you forget any gas Seagram's back. I think I am bet overwhelmingly it's positive. The onslaught of text expected to the very end of the campaign I'm late yellow and one way to get off the lists. Tex stop in reply. You could just wait for the silence that will come after November 3. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to DeVon for that record it's easy with so much uncertainty here at home to lose sight of the fact that political turbulence is not limited to the United States unprecedented times right now in Thailand. Tens of thousands have been taking to the streets demanding the resignation of the retired general who led a military coup in that nation and major changes to the monarch. That's second point is a big one because it has been forbidden in time cultures speak ill of the king yet plate with so much. Things have changed in 20/20 james' long and has more. They cool Thailand the land of smiles and the behind the facade and heavy crackdown is playing out. Celebrated in lights the king is always to gold in his own country. He's lived in Germany for years until its embassy in Tynan has become a focus for protest as. Angry that a largely absent moment and an out of touch government. It's an astonishing an unprecedented cool for reform. Has been going on for months are tens of thousands of protestors in Thailand to mobilized. Led by the young at times clashing with police. And demanding the resignation of that prime minister formal me chief he seized power in 2014 to some perhaps more remarkable. According to coat the Keisel for a team. OK yeah. In the. The monarchy is the mastermind behind the politics. No matter how many governments we go to you at the monarchy is still pulling strings from behind it the country on not develop any further. Thailand has one of the strip tease world information tools in the world speaking negatively about the moment he can carry prison sentences but to fifteen years. Which means these young people up playing with fire. Purchases have incorporated the three fingers civic from the Hunger Games film franchise show of resistance against the authoritarian state. The government cracking down founding public gatherings and arresting three high profile protest is one of whom appeared to be unconscious as he was being omitted from police found. Okay. I know I don't know. Yeah. But the threat to arrest hasn't deterred this new generation hungry for change. Many will first time boots in the parliamentary elections last year their upset by the results saying he was of government seeks to stay in power. It's Harry government does doesn't. Does she came in it can be salt palace is 22 year old content rights. She's been rallying students she says she's got friends who have been detained out. So how does it make you field tonight that this is what's happening in your country that there had arrests of young people like that's. Is mainly through angry because. You know that they are throwing sees big government they take Halcion just they'd take. And they attend Alfre don't yeah. Catchy tune hasn't been immune from the response. She was summoned for violating the ban on demonstrations. GAAP to report to the police. And how you feeling about La. I know what I'm David let's. I didn't know what's gonna happen next but I've been seeing. Felt about but I think my friends and I have going to be say it but still. An adamant no lay's death. We were with she turned herself in it was his second run invitational wound down. But let me gotten from the men's big in this country every ten exercise might be sick great I get summoned an unnecessarily complicate life. And then when his parents and charges against me just to state the police are the states represented. The State's Teddy is funny case against. Consumer reports that police again later this months that I'm not afraid not al-Qaeda in Bangkok and other cities across time and the young have been vocal and unafraid it's what makes these protests different from those of the cost. But a surprising me is that a young good generation app here. I'm not it's there I'm happy get currency today said that they believe that they move fears of us who did and it kind of opportunity written to grow up. An effort to save face the Thai king a paid in front of pro royalist supporters yesterday. We have this message. It was once we spent about the king and the government. Has now shall take in the streets. But his ministry regime has to tread carefully. Thailand's reputation as a welcoming and friendly nation is in the parlance. These young Thais hope that if they make enough noise the world will Kia and force the change they need. James omen for ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on how campaigns have turned to texting to try to drive voter turnout during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73985111","title":"Election text tidal wave","url":"/Politics/video/election-text-tidal-wave-73985111"}