Elijah Cummings speaks at the 2016 Democratic National Convention: July 25, 2016

In his speech supporting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Cummings emphasized unity and equal rights for all.
8:35 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for Elijah Cummings speaks at the 2016 Democratic National Convention: July 25, 2016
I stand before you today. Not as a congressman from inner city of Baltimore. But at that signed. Performance they're rappers. Who spent started on a farm. And no land to file Carolina. Would you know running Warren. No toilet. But who believed in education. And taught their children the value of helping others. My father the late Robert Cummings. A man who lapsed poll after the fourth grade. The problem the feels that depict the cotton. Is one of the smartest people. I've ever known. He states sign. The test of a man. Is not how much he helped themselves. The true test. Is whether he thought both that's fortunate. He would facetime. You go to goal. To get blacks. So you can blacked. And back the standard. I went he met in May growing up. And has suspended I would actually hope Mets amount don't. And if the fan but we Democrats use today. I stand before you because my parents. Saw promise. In their seven children. But my parents did not do it I'll. No one inducted alone. It without Democratic Party. That's what's opened the doors of opportunity for me. To put millions of children. All across this great country. It without party that fought for head start. And good school. And make college affordable. And yet again affirmative action N school desegregation. That that's something security and Medicare. That the president out mates and abroad. But while veterans back home. That protected the rights commitments and about workers. And that make the dream of home ownership possible. For million youth of American families. Yet. It's still days. Odd Democratic Party. That day at the end civil rights. And voting rights. And voting right. If we Democrats. Hopefully I understand. That what you type away. A person's right to vote. You take away their ability. That statement that time and now own death to be. And it wives. And it bears. I'll Democratic Party. That fights for women's rights. Gay rights. Down deep. Do rights. And I. A. Our body. Gets back doesn't have been really but I understand. That black lives a batter. But we also. We have no. Recognized that I couldn't. And now log book there it went back when networked together. The garden. Barney. Top body. No that's bad rep today he did not our problem what is a dominant. And that's why. Ready to dumb and that's why. Ours ours. If the party of unity. And not division. I'm proud. Then I'll product platform. Will help not the well street. Not that 1%. But as general it will help construct a little middle class. I'll working families that disadvantaged. And disabled. It won't help the less court today. Op rat Qualcomm expands. My father's death. And it has done so not by seeking common ground but that's trying to higher ground. Interim president Mason. What we do that million threes. Commendable way but we enact a minimum wage. In invented that they shouldn't. And what we let me make the depth revelry. Because we had Democrats. We value what every you know I hate black. YEK. Didn't every life. It and. Residents are make certain. What we do. Have to choose between him. Protecting the environment. And creating jobs. But we can't let we can defend our planet against global warning. Why the same time. Policies. That crossed a job creation. Instead of five do startups. And bring X ray today that dog back home. It invested the basin. Where every Tom can get a first rate education. And released Boyd quit. To compete in a global economy. It envisions an America. And what we protect a woman's right to do lose. Am. Where every wine. Can get them out there are they need when they need it. Regardless that bed didn't know. What circumstance. Because now there. In our country is not a privilege. It is now thanks to president Barack Obama. Our right as Americans. So I'm out of jail when I say. My prayers. At night. And I looked up to the happens. I see the stars. At that bad bets in my father. I know tonight he's mileage on all of and he like me this proud. Proud of our platform committee. Opportunity but wrecked a platform. And I'll break nominee Hillary Clinton. Now bodies bright future. And at my father. Any of my father. That brilliant man. With a fourth ready yet to taste it but I'm mind followed wisdom and common sense. We're standing here what box tonight. I don't know he would be proud of all of you. Ed he would say these words. That did feel accident is bigger than I don't regret and then again embodied that net is bigger than all of us. It's a crowd didn't write that yet unborn. And he would say. And he would say these simple words. You are blacks. So you can grandfathers. Go out dead bolts and don't stop lifting up the American people they got blessed by god bless America.

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{"duration":"8:35","description":"In his speech supporting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Cummings emphasized unity and equal rights for all.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66347552","title":"Elijah Cummings speaks at the 2016 Democratic National Convention: July 25, 2016","url":"/Politics/video/elijah-cummings-speaks-2016-democratic-national-convention-july-66347552"}