Elizabeth Warren on impeachment trial of President Trump

The senator and presidential candidate said witnesses should be called because “American people have a right to know.”
6:01 | 01/24/20

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Transcript for Elizabeth Warren on impeachment trial of President Trump
We just heard Lindsey Graham take up. The challenge it basically that Adam Schiff laid out their for every senator put themselves in the shoes of Joseph Biden. Lindsey Graham said yes everybody should do that in Joseph Biden should in fact be investigated anyone who did what Joseph Biden is Stanley did. Should be investigated he indicated that something he's gonna pursued your response. They're not nice try any distraction Wednesday but this is an impeachment trial we are here for only the third time in American history to consider articles of impeachment against the president of the United States. I'm a hand who clearly. Dangled foreign aid and a visit to the White House in return not for something that would help the United States not that would help Ukraine fight the Russians. But that would help himself personally my throwing dirt. On one of his political enemies come on we know what this is about and we know that the Republicans are trying to say look somewhere else. Is there anything that bid the president's team can say when they starving their presentation tomorrow they could shake your. Conviction on this impeachment. Sure they can stand up and say we'll give you the witnesses and we'll give you all of the documents because we are so confident. That trump is Ryan that he did nothing wrong that were actually willing to have evidence in this trial. You know there has never been an impeachment trial in US history. Not just for president but also for four federal judges that have been impeached but it didn't have witnesses that's what trials are rebel. You have witnesses and you have documents so the Republicans really want want to get all the democrats' attention. Say this is it we're an open book let's call the witnesses unique let's get beat the documents in or out. I'm ready to listen do you see any evidence from your rep for Republican colleagues that they're ready to respond to that we have a new poll out right now actually 66% of the country. Want says witnesses that's been pretty consistent over the last several weeks and several months but everything I'm picking up in the last 2448 hours is kind of a hardening. Of their position saying. Nothing we can hear from those witnesses gonna change results and decides it's gonna take weeks months to finish and we and the senate can't be stalled for that long. Don't but it took which should look at just have to say. So they think they know exactly what the witnesses would say they think they know exactly what the documents would show the what do you freak out. Bring it on out there you think they'll still vote for Trump's acquittal find just put the evidence in front of the American people. At this trip I think the American people have a right to know. And as president of the United States you know what I would do on the very first day I will reveal. All of these documents that are being hidden by the tribal administration. The American people have a right to know it's there government I guess they should be able to see these stock. I Sonny made that proposal edit any concern that a new thank you become president. Next year we need to be trying to pass a big agenda you're gonna need the country to come together. Around that agenda the looking back at the pass would actually make that harder. No I think it's about making this government clean and transparent. Yeah that's what this whole morning or afternoon has been about. It's been about the Coen were option it's been upheld how that drags a government down. And how it shakes the confidence of people but the central question in this area impeachment. It's the eruption of an administration. That says government just a private play thing. You can use for a name shoot you can use a shooting war against Russia. To try to leverage a country. Into throwing dirt on your political enemies. In fact. Another part of this is the tale of the two ambassadors. We've got one ambassador if it's a career ambassador. She's opposed to corruption and so what happens Donald Trump's hands along with his buddies let's get rid of her. And I know the guy who needs to be right at the heart of this. It's the guy who paid a million dollars. To Donald Trump's. Maria what his inauguration. A million bucks and ordered yet named as an ambassador what kind of an America do we want to be. Do we want to be the one that says ambassadorships are for sale. It's all about money power and gold trades right here in Washington. For do we want to be a government that is transparent and it actually works for the people. I'm running for president can think I was the one that actually I was just gonna ask you about that challenges you to get back to Iowa. You know I'd love to be an Iowa I'd love to be out talking to people that's what truly gives me hope in this process. He's people show while they take care about our country. I take as you know I do town halls I take on filtered questions anybody can ask anything they want. And they can conjure a self employed and ask anything they want and the questions people ask are truly. The ones about how we build a future they ask about still on dead and they ask about child care and they ask about my wealth tax. And he seemed real hope they ask about expanding Social Security which is a big part of what I want to do I got a great plan for that. They ask about the plans and they also ask how to we bring this country back together and I do my best to talk about we have to be an American pulls together on these issues she now. Born and raised in Oklahoma got three older Brothers. Once a Democrat two Republicans. But my going none of us want to see this corruption in Washington none of us want to see the billionaires in the giant corporations. Getting away with paying no taxes none of us want to see an America where Social Security is some shrunk up. That people can't retire with a little dignity let's build on the things we agree on that's the America that we can. Senator warned thanks for time this afternoon. Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"The senator and presidential candidate said witnesses should be called because “American people have a right to know.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68514999","title":"Elizabeth Warren on impeachment trial of President Trump","url":"/Politics/video/elizabeth-warren-impeachment-trial-president-trump-68514999"}