Elizabeth Warren suspends her campaign for president

Warren, once considered a front-runner, has not announced plans to endorse any of the remaining candidates.
1:22 | 03/06/20

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Transcript for Elizabeth Warren suspends her campaign for president
Mary Bruce joins us now from Washington Mary Moore is big thing was that she had a plan for everything so what's your plan now. What's essentially has two immediate options she could endorse Bernie Sanders or Joseph Biden should course is getting a fair amount of pressure from progressives are herded back Bernie Sanders but. It simply is not and giving even though bill is at ward of course is the other. The progressive in this race it's not a given that her supporters will naturally go to back Bernie Sanders in fact we've talked with some. Warren supporters who say that given Joseph Biden's comment on his support among African American voters. That they would actually prefer Joseph Biden now there's a third option which is instantly she did endorse neither one of them. She could wait and make a decision later once it's clear who the nominee will be the one thing that is clear is that right now. So their cards close to the best that's for sure and Mary late today Michael Bloomberg announced some plans of his own because he hoping to help the Democrats. Well everyone has been wondering you know he's already spent half a billion dollars on his own campaign now that that is in the rearview near he is that he plans to support Joseph Biden going Ford but how exactly is he going to do that how is he going to spend his. Vast amount of resource is. And now we know he's starting a new group it's an independent expenditure group that would allow him. Essentially to funnel those funds to help get Joseph Biden elected and also to help continue to hammer president trump on the airwaves I'm Jen sighed and is happy to have the help neighbors thank you.

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{"duration":"1:22","description":"Warren, once considered a front-runner, has not announced plans to endorse any of the remaining candidates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69422436","title":"Elizabeth Warren suspends her campaign for president","url":"/Politics/video/elizabeth-warren-suspends-campaign-president-69422436"}