Emails Link NJ Governor's Aide to Bridge Lane Closures

Chris Christie appointee seemingly connected to political payback controversy.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emails Link NJ Governor's Aide to Bridge Lane Closures
That's 21 of governor Christie's top aides to a plan to deliberately cause gridlock outside the GW bridge I would issues reportage of tourists is going to the -- through the emails and text messages to join us now with more information force jet and -- emails and text messages obtained by ABC news -- a troubling picture of what appears to be political retribution what some consider punishment. To fort -- democratic mayor who refused to endorse governor Christie's reelection bid the emails seemingly corroborate claims that lane closures in Fort Lee heading towards the George Washington Bridge all during the first week of school last year. Were ordered by governor Chris Christie's appointee at the Port Authority take a look. One quote time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee wrote -- -- -- this was just a few weeks before the start of school that was written to David -- the in the governor's top appointee at the Port Authority whose response is short. And simple. God it. And then in a text message to bill Moroni another -- -- forty point lead appointee. Fort Lee democratic mayor Marc Sokol -- again who refused to endorse the governor's reelection bid he pleads. For some relief from the traffic nightmare saying. Presently we have -- are very busy traffic lanes merging into only one tollbooth. The bigger problem is getting to school -- please it's maddening. One minute later there is this -- -- exchange. Is it wrong that I'm smiling I feel badly about the kids I guess and then they are that children. Of -- no voters' Barbara Waldo was of course Christie's democratic opponent in the race for governor. We should point out that David -- -- resigned following these -- the closing accusations he is scheduled to testify at a hearing intrepid tomorrow. About what happened and the Port Authority deputy executive director bill -- he resigned as well. As for the governor he has maintained all along that the closures were for traffic study.

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{"id":21463752,"title":"Emails Link NJ Governor's Aide to Bridge Lane Closures","duration":"3:00","description":"Chris Christie appointee seemingly connected to political payback controversy.","url":"/Politics/video/emails-link-nj-governors-aide-bridge-lane-closures-21463752","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}