Senate's Historic Workplace Discrimination Bill 'DOA' In House

Despite bipartisan support in Senate, many believe GOP-controlled House will not pass historic bill.
5:44 | 11/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Senate's Historic Workplace Discrimination Bill 'DOA' In House
This is a special room. Hello anti Hernandez in new York and this is an ABC news digital special report. After reading a program of a filibuster proof majority last week the senate. Is voting to pass the employer nondiscrimination act or and that a lot of ban workplace discrimination against gay bisexual and transgender Americans. It is expected to pass today. And that bill will be on its way to the house where -- prospect. Are -- -- -- and we're joined live all the latest from Capitol Hill by ABC's are let signs are let what can you tell us about the scope of this bill. -- -- -- this legislation basically is going to banned discrimination in the workplace. Against. Against people who are lesbian gay or transgender. Meaning in that you can't be fired you can't not be promoted because you're OK some people might be surprised but there's no legislation that currently the Texas group -- now. And this piece of legislation is the first major piece of legislation regarding gay rights has been considered since Don't Ask Don't Tell passed congress in 2010. In 1996 they tried to pass a similar ballot as but it failed on both sides but today it doesn't like it's gonna pass the senate. But it's basically dead on arrival in the house okay let's just take a step back and talk about the bill itself. At this point 22 states and DC. Have something like and in place on a statewide level but in many other states across the country you can outright be fired -- not given the job for the reason of your sexual preference. What arguments -- opponents of the bill in the house and senate. Happen -- of what arguments have again. Will the opponents are actually Republicans and what they're saying is that people like house speaker John Boehner has come out in opposition to it. And he says that unnecessary. And he's worried -- it's going to cause costly lawsuits. For businesses there's other conservative groups are saying that it's anti family and a lot of people are also concerned about the religious groups sport -- some people believe. Are going to be forced to hire and gays and homosexuals. Even though they may not believe it. Now today the so called to -- amendment was put forward by Pennsylvania Republican Pat -- but it was defeated what was his proposal. Just Pat -- proposed something he won in an amendment that would expand the group's that would qualify for the religious exception. That failed yesterday senator Portman had an amendment that actually passed by voice note. That prevents state and local governments from retaliating. Against groups who are claiming his religious exemption. These two amendments we're basically they voted on them because Democrats wanted to sway a few Republicans who -- on the fence about the -- As they promised them -- -- this amendment in order to get them to go ahead and vote for an outlet I just wanna take a minute to mention here that and has officially passed the senate when you look at the senate floor. Doesn't look like much is going on but they have in fact passed this bill and I mention the very -- point. Time. At this bill. Is DLA when it gets to the house so what is the -- of this process. Just really a big moment for civil rights is -- a lot of Democrats are arguing and there's protections the workplace for women. For African Americans Latinos everything on race for religious people that this is the first time -- that if this were to pass all of congress. And that I gays lesbians and trans -- would also be protected. And it's just a lot of people are arguing that its civil rights that we have this argument back. In the 1960s and 1970s and now it's time for of the LG BT community to also be include an. Senate Democrats already beginning to put some pressure on house Republicans to pass the bill. Well house speaker John Boehner has basically -- -- he's not going to bring this up for about. And it's going to be very tough to try to get Republicans to put pressure on hand. To how of that evidence and some people are thinking that Republicans might try to attach it to the defense authorization -- A slip -- in there. But it's really doesn't look like the house will be swayed by -- you -- issues like immigration where there even Republicans in the senate like senator Marco Rubio. Who signed on to that. And they were hoping that Republican support would help convince more Republicans in the house to sign on to immigration. And that's just not working at all so and this bill and is gonna need a similar fate probably as immigration is currently happening in the house. And KABCs. -- let signs thank you so much for joining us once again. -- historic legislation and it to end discrimination against gays and lesbians and transgendered Americans in the workplace has passed in the senate. But it is considered dead on arrival in the house house speaker John Boehner saying -- not. Take up this bill. For a vote -- Hernandez in new York and this has been an ABC news special report.

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{"id":20821182,"title":"Senate's Historic Workplace Discrimination Bill 'DOA' In House","duration":"5:44","description":"Despite bipartisan support in Senate, many believe GOP-controlled House will not pass historic bill.","url":"/Politics/video/enda-bill-passes-us-senate-historic-workplace-discrimination-20821182","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}