What Did the EPA Know About Lead Contaminated Water?

Marc Edwards from Virginia Tech talks about lead in the water in Flint, Michigan
4:36 | 03/18/16

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Transcript for What Did the EPA Know About Lead Contaminated Water?
Ms. Hedman said EPA had nothing to do with creating plan. EPA had everything. To do. With creating plan. Malfeasance at the US EPA from 2001. To the present. Has harmed cities all over the United States. An incredibly even as National Guard walked the streets of Flint distributing bottled water and installing filters on touts. Michigan and the EPA. Are able to say that Flynt has never failed to lead and copper world. And this is possible. Because he is effectively condone cheating on the letting properly monitoring since 2006. This is because EPA and other agencies. Cause a similar letter in water crisis in Washington DC from 2001 to 2004. That actually was pointing to thirty times worse. In terms of the health harm to children in Washington DC and they completely. Covered that opt for six years. And wrote falsified. Scientific reports. And it created a climate in which anything goes across the United States anything at all to cover up health harm. From lead in drinking water. Sense 2006. When we realize. That this cheating was occurring I worked with a small group of people. Who tried to. Expose these practices. To EPA. And we fail. We failed to get EPA to take. Let in water risks seriously. And because we fail I was not surprised. When Flint worker. I was expecting. A flat to occur. If a landlord. Word engage in similar practices. Into their negligence to allow even a single sought child to be exposed to lead paint risks. The EPA. Would argue. For prosecution. And incarceration. Yet EPA has allowed entire cities. To be on necessarily it's blows. Two elevated lead in their drinking water and they've covered up evidence of their unethical actions. I authoring these falsified its scientific reports and they never apologize. For what they did in Washington DC and incredibly to this day they have not apologized. For what they did in Flint, Michigan. No apology. From EPA completely armed repent and in unable to learn from their mistakes. I guess being a government agency means you never have to say you're sorry. Yesterday I have to say I was dumbfounded to read an op Ed. By EPA administrator. Gina McCarty. Did effectively absolve BP of any wrongdoing. Or any role in creating the Flint disaster. Aside from creating this climates. In which a plan was allowed to occur I purposely. Observed. Witnessed and uncover wrongdoing but this is it had meant that the US CPA. In covering up this problem. Ms. Hedman every step. Aided and abetted embolden the unethical behavior of civil servants at the Michigan department of environmental quality she allowed for its children to Bihar. And why should she not suffer the same or worse state. That a common landlord who does the same thing. Had Flint residents not far from the truth. Was that the assistance of compassion and outsiders. It's incredible the harms afflicts children. Never would have been exposed. Instead of quote miss McCarty is closing out that statement I do agreed whether. It's tragic it took a disaster of this sort. To get this issue the attention it deserves let's do something about it. Miss McCarty. You could start by acknowledging EPA's failures of the last decade. To enforce the provisions of the EPA learning proper role. This is a critical and necessary first step to make EPA once again. Worthy and deserving of the public trust and its noble mission.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Marc Edwards from Virginia Tech talks about lead in the water in Flint, Michigan","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37734697","title":"What Did the EPA Know About Lead Contaminated Water?","url":"/Politics/video/epa-lead-contaminated-water-37734697"}