Eric Cantor Upset in GOP Primary

Virginia congressman and House majority leader delivers concession speech.
4:58 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for Eric Cantor Upset in GOP Primary
Congressman in America can't. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank thank you thank you. -- -- obviously we came up short. And there's so many people -- here a lot of frank. Person volunteering on the line if Diana. Whose son put up put up with me in elected politics now. For twenty some years. -- In the process raise their kids one of whom is here tonight the other two -- working. My mother Lama mother Brothers thank because it all starts with family we know that. -- -- -- -- And then to all of you so many of you who not only today is -- endless hours in the heat. With Europe undying loyalty and effort Allan thank you for -- well. And -- -- absolutely. It's not only. The hundreds of volunteers here it's also. You know my team. Both my team and there have -- the constituents of the southern district both here in the district office. Have been continue to serve his seventh district constituency in Washington think Culpepper. But also my political team. They have put in so much extraordinary work to try and win this campaign but have done so. For the last decade or more so I want to thank them. And -- Serving as his southern district. Congressmen and then having the privilege to be majority leader has been one of the highest honors. Of my life. And you know what I set out to do and what the agenda that I have always said we're about. Is we want to create -- -- in America that works for everybody. And we need to focus our efforts as conservatives as Republicans. On putting forth our conservative solutions. So that they can help solve the problems. For so many working middle class families. That. May not have the opportunity that we have. We can also put our solutions to work for the most vulnerable. -- -- a lot of time on charter schools and education opportunity. To make sure that everyone in America can have access. To -- American dream story with the quality education. Here we talked about you know -- search a lot in my office and in our campaign. And in congress. I'm really proud. DiCaprio Miller -- its first research. -- it says as conservatives that we don't believe you ought to spend taxpayer dollars. On political conventions. -- in fact it's probably better. To help cure disease because not only. You can ultimately solve the federal deficit problem by bringing down health care cost. The kinds of things -- will continue to work on. You know I know there's a long faces here tonight. And it's disappointing -- But I believe in this country believe there's opportunity around the next corner for all of us. So I'll look forward to continuing to fight with all of view for the things that we believe -- for the conservative cause because. Those solutions that -- are the answer to the problems -- so many people are facing today thank you all very very much.

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{"id":24082324,"title":"Eric Cantor Upset in GOP Primary","duration":"4:58","description":"Virginia congressman and House majority leader delivers concession speech.","url":"/Politics/video/eric-cantor-upset-gop-primary-24082324","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}