Exclusive: Inside the DNC War Room for Senate Confirmation Hearings

ABC News' Arlette Saenz reports from Washington.
11:21 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Exclusive: Inside the DNC War Room for Senate Confirmation Hearings
ABC's are allowed science and confirmation hearings for Donald Trump's cabinet are currently under way on Capitol Hill. But we actually just a few blocks from the capitol where that Democratic National Committee has set up a war room. To monitor and respond to these confirmation hearings under way and right now I'm joined by is active can't do. Is he director of the DNC's from war room and right now your team is actually watching. I do and work with the. Absolutely we. The DNC we have put together a really extraordinary team it's team that combines. Top notch communications professionals digital opportunity and end research. Individuals these are individuals who have been in the trenches over the last year. People who. Slot in the last campaign. Oh lead in Brooklyn as well as hearing being at the DNC these are people who have experience. On and built in knowledge and I Donald Trump. And who have spent the last several months collecting information dossier is. Past statements conflicts of interest history in preparation for these hearings. So that we can inform reporters as well as Americans. As well as I'm helping progressive groups who are mounting opposition to keep them informed of what they need to know. About why. News cabinet nominees are real problem for the United States. Today you guys are focusing on Rex Tillerson Donald Trump's pick for secretary of state yesterday you guys did something similar for senator Jeff Sessions the attorney general nominee who else are you going to hire these warriors got apps work. Sure so the democratic leadership has very publicly said that they had eight priority. Cabinet nominees. And I think having hearings in there eight of them right here. We have sessions which yesterday a Rex Tillerson exit Abbas. Through its four EPA Posner was for labor. Nothing means when the Tom price for health and that her HHS. And mediation effort for treasury and so this week next week working in he hearings go on you know yesterday said. He pushed back poster potentially February. So we will be here and we will be rapidly respond in the future orders are up to speed. On what they need to know about the past statements histories conflicts of interest so that they can three accurately reflect. Why we think that these pictures so dangerous for America. If you look behind us we'll have our camera pan out a little bit. There's about a dozen people who are here and listening closely they collected. Passed information about Tillerson Addai and Donald Trump what what else goes in talents what so how does this work if I. The stuff that's just how. Bend. Today. It has been in the works for months and so we have a research team which is led by do you really extraordinary Lauren and who was in Brooklyn for the last part of a campaign news agency research to director. On who has led one he most talented researchers who's one of the largest teams resurgence in the city. Putting together materials and tossing on each of these nominees. And so the preparation. That goes into an operation like this cannot be overstated in cannot be created overnight on and so it is really important. I think that the DNC has said it's important and they need to invest and and they had invested in over over time. And so what happens is we have these documents. You know hundreds of pages and it's and we figure out what we believe the senators are going to be talking about. During the during hearings in we go through all the information and we think like them that's a pretty big deal you know for example. Tell us. His connections with. With who yeah. Very likely going to be an issue that companies hearing today to and we prepare emails trying to distill that research. Into ways and reporters to digest it and then can can can report it and all we're doing is just backs is not message it's nods. Steven Nissen anything it's simple facts we want reporters be able to know and be able to cite. He publicly available information that Rex Tillerson. Received one of the highest awards from Russia from Vladimir Putin is ultimately be rewarded where French at the 2013. That he opposed US sanction is. Against Russia not because he was good for America national security. Plant he hires. It. It undermines patent and halted a potentially 500 billion dollar deal that his company was making its platinum food and so we're just making sure the information. That reporters have that information here it. And are able to I've used it into a in the reporting. Freely so we're sending out dozens and dozens and dozens of emails. With this information. And as the hearing goes on sort center brings the sanctions reporters weekends and email in the inbox. We just facts. But what they're talking about so they can report accurately. This hearings been underway for about an hour and a half now and you guys are you have blasted out what are some of the items that you. Fact check Tillerson honor are trying to flak for people on the things that we're seeing any Rex Tillerson. Unequivocally denied. ExxonMobil has not being. Partners in his absence that a lot. It is documented in news article after user. Where in the process of sending those pieces out. Two reporters to show that he just lied and here we're talking. He made news. Saying that secretary it's state. By item on. You don't ever discussed. Anything to do with Russian anything to do theory. These are two global hot spots in. In the world right now and be the year. I'm not sure what's more troubling years that. You not have talked about Russia or Syria. We're that they did refuse here but he has talked about us. I think we want to take a look at. How your operation actually works with what actually happens in the war rooms and we'll let what does he can ultimately answered her with. Absolutely no reason and he'd. Pool so it'll be happy time. Long. Oh that's great. And change. And to reducing. It is. The John Ward yeah. He. Perfect he. Her thank you there. Right. Well. They wanted to check Campbell I'm talking about it when we miss him. Anything. I. Here yeah. Is it me. He here. He. Nature of these things. It's. Flurry of activity and something centers. Just a lot of ran a lot of waiting and watching for the next thing happen tomorrow things himself within you know sessions yesterday. In lotteries and people who are here. I we sent this to this war room in the same way that we way. Paying. Campaign debate work. And that's certainly yours used to winning in those cases it's. You know each candidate with with lines of there project and -- times faster and it comes in the company coming from them and then you know in your job. Two when your in the camera is to back up your candidate and again and debunk the attack that the others are doing. That happens and it really fast pace. At the longest hearing and the longest to paint. Between Hillary and and trump last time is about an hour and half and producer. The sessions here yesterday it was like beaten half to ten hours. Really it's here. Incidents of the pieces. A lot this is preemptively. Preparation comes it comes to play. I the time it is. Preparing to activists being. Sent. We're a whole concept of being a war room come do you now. You can. It. And democratic there are any operative in in this city and mail mystery that word comes around. The one that I hurt the most most frequently I think it's probably true in that. Bill Clinton. But Clinton Campaign in in in an interview in 92 campaign sent out. This story wore them. Documentary which our public and Stephanopoulos. You know it's very famously in there so I'm gonna. I'm gonna go past and the Republicans say it. And now living hell you been doing its rapid response. So. This is happening campaigns for ten years. Now. Hillary Clinton's campaign in two. Teens. But I've been sending out campaign style Warren's. Communications. For the last ten years and multiple. Certain buoyancy. Last week in two months until. Chair that's coming right. In March at Windsor excited about this work is too important. We're just two months. You. Can process. To make sure that these individuals. Here those with interest past statements. Here exposing and working its there is massive conflicts of interest to expose his actions. Ration. You know we're going to protect president Obama's priorities. And Republicans are talking about it. You know. Hold on here are gonna make sure that just reporters. What that means and who loses out on the American people as well and you know this team. Very experienced it being able to go. I'll let you get back to work the thank you so much slack for having you here. And again we're at the DNC and they are trump war room where their monitoring. All of the cabinet hearings I think you guys have gotten a good look at about the dozen. Folks here you are listening closely to Rex Tillerson and it ready to fact check in and highly maybe potentially differences with Donald Trump. So stay tuned to ABC news digital both on abcnews.com. And on our FaceBook pages horrible have more live streaming in throughout today. From the confirmation hearings that are under way today on the capitol thanks for watching.

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