What to Expect From Day Two of the DNC

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Matthew Dowd recap highlights from the DNC and preview day two from the convention floor.
8:56 | 07/26/16

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Transcript for What to Expect From Day Two of the DNC
Hey let's have everybody and what I mean good morning good morning air. U like the winner in the living room. Exactly what that does living here but let alone let's cheered the only ones here and that slowed. It's too early we cannot get enough sleep I wasn't thinking ahead two hours. Look at that and it looked like that all of these immigrants in the it's. Dates here at the DNC. This is hybrids that men like to call. And yes because a lot happened incident is there at Everett a hole in the night for the deaconess it started off with the news. Every time Hillary Clinton name was mentioned certain things in England and inspired the chair of the convention. Also that right developer ice can only happen after Big Apple and the whole drama hopeful act. But after that just give me not to let happen as a kid and at becoming a little bit more unit but he and well. Obviously going into the convention was held Saturday conflict and destruction what with the very people gonna do I thought it settled down a bit but you still felt something had happened. But adds I thought as soon. As Michelle Obama got them it basically unify the audience everybody loves are no matter where you come from and partners Anders persson. Progressive or moderate whatever happens to be. She unit by the crowd and she did I thought hers was the best speech of the last two weeks of both. It's everything right she's okay she had the best speech yes and you think she was turning by I think she turned it. And I actually felt her speech is good because one it was the shortest of all. Primetime speech let's just Mariette we do and audiences like sort speeches I don't understand like it figured that out the fifth and second she was able to indict. Donald chop yeah with a smile in down and away without ever mentioning his name. It was impressed yes is perhaps even more impressive important active and attacked. Then Elizabeth Warren I thought it was much media attacked. I felt bad for those at war because she came after Michelle Obama. You could tell the image either room gap but I also thought that Elizabeth Warren just can't didn't hold the audience. In the light Michelle Obama did or even Cory Booker did it was earlier in the evening Vioxx that the capital to much yelling you know. Yet the oil giant is waking up with it really sort this New Hampshire Big Ten treatments for its economies atomic unit talk about love you need to do it in the comparable CDT. Yeah we are talking about yeah. We're gonna let me answer any perfect view one sentence to quick reaction discovery during an airtight security tightened concise. For the first time in his career he's been written in let's get these speakers that violence some of that. The war. Givers C plus. I thought she she had a she had. Important things to statement democratic percent of them happen at that was done that way it felt old. It didn't feel like the audience was about and it's like you received lots. How that Sarah Silberman. She was funny and I especially thought when they were trying to fill time it and a moment of convention last night. It looked like Paul Simon was ready ahead of time and that's when she said that Bernie or bust people get over it right singing it to get your name ridiculous. About that was really. Funny moment she's buying did not go over well now it'd. But he she IQ and you could tell she enjoyed the moment there's a voluntary. And it I was eight plus plus eight plus. Everybody else now is can compete with what that was I you know summit told me last night she's now had the opening. Speeches at both conventions because of what heavily maligned that your previous beach. It's because I know it's funny Tripoli of that free it's your speech everyone was fleeing or. It is quitting it's a bodies that would be needed to say but it also felt like the 762. Stump speech that we heard many many many many times for. The most interesting spread his speech he obviously fully embraced Hillary Clinton monster and he did that which is important to do in the courses. It also was I think. Important to see that he said the revolution isn't going away it's not over and it doesn't depend constantly getting elected to office. Meaning it elections come and go this revolution state about that was important if he's not leaving centerstate. Most importantly to me and I am Cuddy. She did fine I think those of us Hollywood thinks there I think only sort of interest. Correctly your five favorite. I have no idea. I'm. An ugly People Magazine this morning's their roster. Whatever else. She's a talented person. I daughter loves her. Now I'm it to keep talking. They'll always has moved to somebody out voicing an investment like June Carter cancers. Qaeda or renal and there. And it's an apartment at the 103 years. Voicing an opening night just a whole thing different kindness and I'm mr. I missed it I missed it. We'll do it you're happy that your enacted you're gonna talk about that I did all the words tonight that Libya bill this is. A moment of song moment. Yes we're Stacy they're standing where in Arkansas Tennessee and Arkansas. Mr. there itself where. Bill Clinton. To meet the fascinating thing about them this who beat Bill Clinton's. Tenth consecutive convention speech is given every spoken every convention since 1980 as a record. Nobody's ever done that or how easily and he's the cal Ripken but a political conventions. It's an amazing thing that he has been that unspoken 848892. In its nominee nice excuse renominated. 2000 for Al Gore 2004 for John Kerry in 2008. For Barack Obama now he's doing it. Try again another first for his wife. I think it's an important speech. If I were giving it nice taking. Such things I would. I I think he should instruct the speech basically saying this is that person. Mileage and resilient gone through a lot overcome things and one of the things she said it was I put. If he says anything he can make it very personally I think he should say I've put her through alive and she's managed have come through with respect and dignity in all of that but. Basically not apologize to basically admit to. What he has put I think Libya powerful moment here's the challenge for someone like Bill Clinton was I was such a powerful. Or this. How'd he do that and not. Outshine your spouse has the ones actually well I think it's a benefit in a maintenance purposes you speak Tuesday she's not speak to others to. And she has another president speaking before her which is Barack Obama mean that's a fascinating thing the Republicans didn't have a single. Former president as they wouldn't show because there aren't supporting now Japanese you're having a former president. Speak her husband and then got current president who she worked for a secretary state so they the next three days they have a pretty good platform to speak. A lot happening and I think streets here in our guests coverage starts mainly to live there and in any really anxious may be his last maybe the streak ends tonight. Maybe. Now thanks Katie theories as to hear that that would ticket it's pretty I can't remember yours. Adler now that we're hearing arc is not really good seats that they have rights. Homeless just the well the only one batter. Union and New York. And Virginia which is the as we sat yesterday. Where. Hillary Clinton is from and where can cain's where you can. Opt. It. Good morning and we if they world news tonight later the and then it's ABC news special report that's probably. Hi. Not far from you. Economic that right on the mall you have that it for you had better food I notice that every vote was coming argued that I'm Berkeley county. We had better stocked we. Senator Kuester here. Rightful red. We elements. Red ball. I come on all cylinders this. Any higher and higher pay last at least it's. The sting this need in the name that's what he did the is eliminated. Advocates and it actually went something used captain Eric yes that's T. Yeah before this is not completely hate to and it's nice. 5:30 eastern terrorists are a woman here at the convention. Now it's amazing Cooper proposing anything someone write this down. Thanks for joining us check back check back with us I think tonight. FaceBook also an ABC news digital platforms or this where where a lot of times thanks guys with you later.

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{"id":40885918,"title":"What to Expect From Day Two of the DNC","duration":"8:56","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Matthew Dowd recap highlights from the DNC and preview day two from the convention floor.","url":"/Politics/video/expect-day-dnc-40885918","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}