What to Expect in the GOP Debate

Fusion's correspondent, Akilah Hughes tells us what to expect in the last GOP debate before Super Tuesday.
13:54 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for What to Expect in the GOP Debate
We are still focused on politics at the moment and that they GOP debate tonight. And more on that we are joined live here in New York by Nanette Ann Healy here the are at risky scenario so then so that it learned a thing. Looking at a news yes I did see as well as Aussie Aaron ABC news that is though. What is your role would you most excited about tonight that the debate is happening this book Easton but candidates that want front runner up. We know rubio crew got to try it and don't count on it thought. Yes I mean I'm so excited to see where you know Donald Trump goes with this I think. Man we've heard from him and we've heard you know sort of very divisive speech and I think the GOP now. Sort of as a unit passes you know talk about what that means for them and what their future means so. I think just his act existence. In the debate is going to to be interesting I have to think Adam you know it's sort of make or break night for the other candidates and civilians so act. I'm excited I think that'll be interesting. Talk a bit about their messaging about what you've seen so far when you watch the debate and hand and add everything else that's out there right now because you went moderator of the ground black presidential forming had a chance to talk the democratic candidates and about some of the issues he has so what do you think there on the Republican side I think that they've they focused a lot. On international news editor national sort of politics. You know ices man. More. That so I asked if security is they're not speaking about it is necessary affecting young people issues that are acting. People who are in this country aside from you know immigration and even there there's not really a plan right that makes sense so I think you know what I think most people looking for what I'm hoping that they can cover. Would be it is more. United States. Plan. And that's the economically education I think that we just sort of let that slide beacons he of the Republican Party would talk. One of other about it and there was some wild wildlife strains growing protest outside the university in Houston. Let you buy anything nice tonight nine Houston. People holding signs and all of it seems to be to do dispenses. That review crew drummer taken on immigration some of is that the news if you go taller now minimally. But there is but it's false it's about past use tools immigration need you wonder if you look at these images of these growing protest and you that it is safe from becomes the nominee quality now if that is just a micro calls when a kid every social. Is growing. A protest that just a microcosm of Walt reaction might that be two more people like them to trump actually being and Albany. Well yeah I mean I am convinced that there will be. You know. Not necessary riots in the street but I do you think that there's enough thick and exactly at night but I say I assumed that. There'll just be incredibly loud voices. Dissenting against him I think that we're going Republican voices as well I think that they. They already tried to think that really work Alice into the palace when he nobody does it changed. They back again I think in general I mean that's in the case I just that the GOP is however hat candidate this radical. And so it's really hard to say. You know if they would back that they would support that I. I think that they're definitely they've been a party over. Sort of progress. In the past and so I do think it anyway. You know they probably do it well this is our our running you know this is our candidates I guess after. An actuary hear from them the leaders hate whoever the nominee it. We will support witness. Who has never liked it and the Republicans. Believed to think. They won't all go yet but god hasn't helped him. I mean and now the young Republicans I've spoken to the ones that are active online. In general he's not their favorite you know candidate in this race and it is sort of spread across the board so I don't now. I would hope that they went. Nazis so. I guess romantic about their party and to sort of you know further support behind the money tree disagreements. Light and then I think that that's sort of and that across all politics in America right now where the other. If the court as his running against the rest of the pack integrity and the party and easements if party leader that seat. Of course we can't predict how the voters will act this is why we have political coverage but. That the democratic. And Athens and the actions that you are most important that. Folks that you report for so if you can't sit down with the Republican candidates what if you're lottery tonight. Eight. That's accurate but you on what would you what would you when I'm here. I would definitely want to here in lake. I know that the rules are different for but for the forum got a full half hour each candidate ranks individually individually and so we were able do deeper. I think it would be important to asked the candidates were knocked out from what act Donald Trump would mean as a candidate and what. His do you sort of I mean let's call it is hate speech. Represents for their party. I think the facts something he would say no I mean estimate right actually he wouldn't recognize you the way he would not estimate that's what was happening but I do you think. You know Republicans have spoken out against what you've said and you know well respected Republicans John McCain's support you know keep all the Muslims out of the country each and so. I think you're talking about sending eleven million illegal immigrants but that exact question was real not. That slot and examine that policy. Never let anything that would in this and I had some of the essentially this but has to be but if they owe him you know yes. But we know that some of them have been in America and fifties they may have children who like 59 different schools that's the community native and they've made go back to the venues and all. What happens when they say enough that they'll something's gotta go of his plane they things why does the State's. Drive them out of that houses is not well I don't think about you know academic. Exactly amien in you know historically speaking. And I can only talk about. You know 2005 until certain now because that's at believe sort of the influx. Immigration in America in terms of what from Mexico specifically. But I will say that it it. It it hasn't worked I think deporting people in general has not been successful I think it does it would make a lot of sense. Especially for you know children who are born here. I'm even he says weapons from obstacle was about that just that yeah amusingly logistically it doesn't make sense but economically it doesn't make sense. At how do you have an economy where eleven million people are now removes right and you think that things are going to be okay on even an international trade level on a local level. It's just. Eight to me it's silly right it's it's. It's just at it's like a swipe at logic credit where it's like welcome to get rid of these people not want you to that point when the candidate you supported that idea specifically went when mr. come with us about it how logistically do you do something like that. He doesn't really have a specific and not an I mean and I think that that's sort of in the hindrance for the Republican Party up until this point is that. And examine animals but what is the good to extend the logic of the idea. But you put pull kids out of school play one wasn't companies and hopefully I think it's because when you say things that are so outlandish and lake. It's at will what angled even examine it for I mean I think and a general sense people who are realistic and you know educated about. The economy and only that logistics of even getting into America is much less a leaving. You know that. We get asked Donald Trump but he would just the right now your theater your you know you're just taking a protest. Fact of the matter is that deportations do occur there is great that they are carried out when immigration officials do read the most violent and not on Madden you can ever accidentally on our nation when at two we're talking a lot about. Immigration from Mexico courts the debates and is co hosted. By. Our friends over at him when though so we know that going to be a lot of focus on Hispanic populations on and that kind of integration but I'll be eleven million undocumented. In America right now huge amount of their Asian Americans in the 12% actually the largest number of immigrants now coming in are from. So excellent and you don't even really talk. RA in a I think that that's also may be reflective. Just something that we've neglected in terms of question that debates I think at because. It's easy for Donaldson to say they're all of these Mexicans coming into our country and really in their you know what. Coming up at the most disgusting stereotypes about them. It feels closer to home and so I think that's part of the reason like if he had raised that point it would be a lot less popular rate and singling out. A demographic. Fat. You know so close to us and I think. Often scapegoated for the issues in this country and that's for you know decades. It I think it's popular to say that it's least deport all the Mexicans are going to be popular discussion without practicing that we should go to court. You know while black people are all Asian people are you know whenever lobby. Happy here you and if you take on the democratic candidates as well I think we can bring up some picture. Over on a couple of other live streams we do have both well actually siting in the state has the Clinton stumping for his wife in South Carolina. That's online three if you want to dip into that speech and listen to them lot but you take right now on Clinton persist Sanders. Where we are after the first four while the fourth early staple happen this Saturday at living it is Super Tuesday. Where do you see that recently you know it's so Tate Adam it's honestly very hard to say like personally I'm an undecided voter and I'm young's of people are waiting that he. My young I genetic. Yeah. Fifty. Yeah. But I definitely think it's hard. You know I I base my vote on facts and I think a lot of this quietly use. The election has another sport you know this is my team and snow and turns. You know what will. It come down to you at its. Layout a plan for the future there's been a lot of and I would say this coming from the candidates but there's been a lot discussion on them voting record of think he sent his firstly and our pac. And they haven't been saying those things that's not what they're running on and so I think the best plan for had hired. The person you can you know talk openly about police brutality issues that are plea today. You know that's what's going it's in it has been surprisingly accurate as one. Ugly I hand them. It. Obstacles. Rain but. Well I think about them is. Did well we've Hillary. You know by rights campaign in poetry and you governor rugs. What have I wrote that's an you you could argue that suppressing the ones being pragmatic. Thank god it's not healthy I think yes is. If this victory is coming in poetry. But he is making great big grand promises that we shall keep the Republicans who control congress when he says. We're just gonna have a single. In oh Pekovic rhapsody everybody ran it probably from the point of view of that support has a look we think. But he's never explains how it actually make it happen right. And I have noticed Ian even when we did them black and brown for an Iowa when he was asked about. You know sort of these grander promises free education or higher education for everyone. And he sort of defers to you. The well that's not unrealistic you know it's unrealistic it like the banks like fat doesn't solve the issue like that number answer to the question. And so I do think that part of his appeal is that he is saying on everything we wanna hear. I keeping fat and young people specifically but at America can have a very short memory. And so it. You know we remember being excited for Obama and 2008 and thinking that he's going to have you know all of the power in the world to do whatever he wants. I think that about what congress. Not what people think about the presidency. That's a common mistake that I think almost all candidates. Play this site. The president is that it take that they app now with what they call Betsy. Yet there also have checks and balances on the but if it's a fascinating right and it's an exciting right begin to speak I think tonight over the right. 9 o'clock yet what should trump technically humanity's vanity. Want to go out swinging punches punches whole city just sit back. I think. Am upward in the second to bait for him was he was. Consistently on the offensive right everyone knew he was the candidate to be and so. I think it made him look stronger to not half says ever be defenses. That said it's like I hope he's defensive I hope he's not grade. It of giving advice it on rails like I had to get an invite me. Old and. And the the it is an. Honor. But we batted. Him.

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