What to Expect from President Obama's Speech at the DNC

ABC News' Terry Moran tells us what we should expect on the third night of the Democratic National Convention.
7:29 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for What to Expect from President Obama's Speech at the DNC
I'm not here in the Booth down to the floor ABC's Terry and Iran is making its way the delegates out there Terry take it lacked. Weller at the drama in this convention has been a lot more than we expected and it has been really thrilling to be down here on the problem. Unites and witnesses it it's a political draw. A people of differing opinions differing candidates. At first kind of locking horns and trying to show their passion for their side. And gradually coming together and certainly did with Michelle Obama's speech and then last night with the roll call of the states that remarkable here. Expression by Bernie Sanders at the end please come through I don't wanna get your latter part please do no problem that promise so. It what's gonna happen tonight what's next while you guys have been talking about President Obama. Is who's coming next. And that he is a special moments is really his last major political speech as president he'll give a farewell address to cut through the differences based. Did Democrats. And we're here in the Virginia delegation part because Tim Kaine is often here. I wanted to. Turned out to some Virginia delegate. And asked if there anybody who was here with Barack Obama in 2008. You both times I'm Terry other part marching about a hundred billion. There. But I want to ask about your feelings about the president coming up here you joined. The Obama movement I guess what you call in 2008 good evening but I did first of all is my sick but. This by six Democratic Convention and dollars is right in 2000 when I heard president Barack Obama and senator Barack Obama camp that. Give a speech and I thought why it would be great foundation and who can give us you know they're sure enough for his that it becomes president. And here we are eight years later breaking another area so we are now they see that diversity. That's where you're from and then what to do what what what brought you. Sure all I must say it wrapped in Virginia reps say India Northern Virginia Fairfax County ties there have animosity here as a member of the dead allegation. But from a bigger question is are you going to Korea and raised receives second the unit's fourteen year old teenager with the same dreams of American dreams they have been out. As for me to be with the likes Hillary Clinton being nominated and also the father of a daughter was born in America I think her cancer is limitless. Well let me ask is have. Barack Obama is going to be standing up there's going to be looking very different lot grayer as he points look more line delayed have zones all but perhaps especially to presidents. And there's something emotional that a little bit is that there that all that he's struggled throw his days ups his downs achievements these. His lack of achievements of its well. What are your feelings as you look at where these last big speech here new democratic. Well obviously it's bittersweet. But that it that this would. We were off that the Bill Clinton was the last eight it was about fifty years ago who gave back you have to you have to immunity you know we have the future for mr. Obama look. Obama you think he's a possible candidate why now she blew as a reminder of the art with that kind of a speech she could ought to be the next woman presently after Goldman and he doesn't like politics we hear. That's done that thank you very much. Audience I think recovery. Anybody else courtesy. Let's walk this way. If he can now gonna try and keep it down has been made. This gentlemen. Hello. I'm Terry. I'm. Right time to Greg where you Obama 08. As the president makes. This farewell speech really Democrats while he's present oh it's great I happen not to like about a he's had a great great eight years and what's at stake. Given the historic nature of 2000 data campaign that you participated in. And now Donald Trump really. Neck and neck maybe even a little bit ahead of Hillary Clinton at this point. How do you describe the stakes for people like you and so many Democrats here who signed onto the Obama candidacy so early. What's at state well at stake is continuing. Is the democratic leadership. Opposed to problem there is an even Republican leadership it's it's you know from some other world. I'm gonna let you watch the movie here but let me just ask you where you from and how is Virginia gonna go in you do in your judgment. I think I think we'll be a good heart Biden Hillary will win. Sixty Wednesday. If she wins Virginia there's prompts path becomes almost impossible for us thank god. Good luck to you thanks very much for talk at this. And we lost our life here the film was going on soft toss it back up to you. Terry it's married you're you've now been on the floor or third day in or out how the mood down there compared to what we sought Monday Tuesday. What I. I I describe it last night. As if the convention was drawing a breath was. After all the drama of day one and then the roll hall there was a kind of intake of breath everybody exhale relax to listen to Bill Clinton and I think what what this is as emotional tonight that journey of Barack Obama so many of them wore on with him and his legacy. At stake in a way that it wouldn't be with any other Republicans really and Donald Trump is a repudiation. Of everything Obama stands school and he makes no bones about it so. That crusade if you will or that yeah. Campaign today joined so many of them years ago. It continues in the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. I think that's what you feel this. This need for Barack Obama the lift them up and send them into battle as he did in 20082012. Dictionary you doubt they're dark they're for a few days Edwards got up here at that of sixty years ago. President crop looked at each federal prop up a basic nobody alcohol. Puppet of the democratic Spitzer. And it got inspire speeches that he hurt states out or take your credit record. Typed out there hadn't talked to people who are leaders prior to actually alters or want for higher office itself passes transform people. Absolutely I mean there's no question that the door that President Obama. Kick builds in with. That's what we're braces as he does. Inspired all things defeat preliminary I think you walk around the halls of this convention and Cleveland. And you meet. A lot of people it's inspiring who believe in policy you know receptive ineffective cynical laid. You've come to the floor of the convention Democratic Convention Republican Convention it's unique idealists. You meet people believe. You know in the constitutional system in the democracy participate in it and if you also meet people who believe they will be. A senator a governor eight resident. And they always give their cars I've got a collection of about fifty cards all hang on to another one of them we'll probably. That's good sorts it's right there. Hang on nothing I think that's eat your neighbor ran. Live down there on that it adds Laurie here in Philadelphia flat and there.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"ABC News' Terry Moran tells us what we should expect on the third night of the Democratic National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40938889","title":"What to Expect from President Obama's Speech at the DNC","url":"/Politics/video/expect-president-obamas-speech-dnc-40938889"}