What to Expect in the Sen. Jeff Sessions Hearing for Attorney General

ABC News' Josh Haskell tells us what to expect during Sen. Jeff Sessions' attorney general hearing.
3:35 | 01/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What to Expect in the Sen. Jeff Sessions Hearing for Attorney General
A everybody I'm on the spot in New York thanks for being with that it is Tuesday January 10 and today. Kicks off an avalanche of confirmation hearings to alone today many more in the days to follow. As all of the cabinet picks president elect trump. Head to Capitol Hill for a grilling by various committees we're gonna have live coverage for you here all day long so do stay with ask. Quick four box of what else going on on our other live channels right now we'll be here talking about the hearing and of course. We have a live feed as well. That first hearing starting at 930 senator Jeff Sessions is going to be taking to Capitol Hill let it happen on live channel two. On live channel five. You can check out the folks over at the heat institute they are having a press conference right now on the transition of power right here in the US happening off another weaker now. Unlike Tuttle fix. There is eight feet press conference he went in with happening in the world of sport head over to live channel six and finally. On live channel that and are different the Al pack who are out as went hiding in the background there over this start is their ranch. In collar rat you just need a break from everything head over alive channel that and act here in the studio we have a couple of very special guest minister and if he. Giving them insight and perspective on exactly what you're hearing over the course of the next torn or our with or without making so much your being here at the former mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings Blake. And the former Dallas police chief brown thank you so much for being here morning. That would that would have been that they are packed them yeah. If that we think it's that bad apple later. Senator Jeff Sessions is coming up first today he is mr. mr. Trump's pick for attorney general. What's cheek in your mind right now she to you earth would he want to hear from him. Well those obviously several concerns has been expressed. Difference. I'll hear I'm looking forward to hear him respond to. How he in business is Justice Department he envisions oversight of police organizations. And going forward what he feels about promote justice reform. Not just police reform the comprehensive. Cruel justice system reform he's got several comments that he's made in the past. A little bit of a mixed bag if you look through it I'm curious about how he sees going forward in neutral administration dealing with those topics. And that makes fact that you reference that's brought up problems for him in the past he's been through confirmation hearing before that he didn't make it through our federal judge has. I'm air would he want to hear from him what do you think he needs to make today. To convince members of the committee that he's the right person. So the chief is talking about that mixed bag comments it just makes me think you know when the real Jeff Sessions please stand up. Because he said some things about police reform. That have been concerning at the same time he says he's a proponent of community policing. As the former mayor of a city that's in the midst of establishing a consent decree. I'm very curious about what. That's going to look like in the future where's he going to stand on the existing consent decrees what is he gonna do moving forward to make sure that. Cities across the country but meaningful and enforceable. Police reform in place. And how will that. How will he encourage. The police departments across the country to work with the communities they serve. Those are the types of questions that I'm hoping he'll answer today.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell tells us what to expect during Sen. Jeff Sessions' attorney general hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44677781","title":"What to Expect in the Sen. Jeff Sessions Hearing for Attorney General","url":"/Politics/video/expect-sen-jeff-sessions-hearing-attorney-general-44677781"}